Spinning again

OK, this is a little rough, but it has been a long time since I’ve made yarn


but I like it!  It felt so good to get this off the bobbins  – I had started this over a year ago – and bought the roving two years ago!


The roving is 100% superwash merino from The Dyeing Arts and the colorway is Goth Chick Duo.  The roving was  2 oz’s of two different colorways – one with black tones, and one red/pink.   I spun the red/pink first, and the black was a bit of a chore – sort of boring which is why I think I stopped spinning it.  But once I started spinning again a couple of weeks ago, I was so happy to get back to it that it just flew, and I was so excited to get to plying that I finished it in one sitting.  Not the most even yarn – definitely thick and thin but it’s about 250 yards of sport weight, so I think I have enough to do something – maybe a cowl for the winter.  The colors are pretty, and its very soft and I’m looking forward to using it (there is something so satisfying about knitting with  handspun!)

Once I finished this yarn, I went back to another project that has been on the bobbins for a long long time.  This is a merino/tencel blend and I finally finished the single last week.


I haven’t plied this yet because I want to Navajo ply it to maintain the color stripes – and I have only done Navajo plying once and I think I need to gear up for it (for those of you that don’t spin, Navajo plying is when you take a single yarn and ply it to get a three ply/cable ply).   Kim sent me a great video so I think I’m going to sit down this weekend and give it a try.  I love the colors in this yarn and the sheen is amazing so I think it’s going to be a beautiful yarn when it’s done.

Since I’ve been back to spinning, I had to also get back to buying a little stash enhancement!

2511 2512

Pretty, eh? The one on the left is from Gale’s Art – it’s a combo of dyed light and dark BFL (blue faced leicester) and it’s just really amazing.  I’m spinning it now, and I’m really enjoying the colors  –  the dark BFL really adds a good depth and mix to it.     The roving on the right is Perchance to Knit and its 100% Polworth – I’ve never spun this type of sheep fiber, and it’s so soft and I’ve read good things about it –  I  think the colors are beautiful and I’m definitely looking forward to it.  It is so much fun to get new things to spin up – and so hard to resist starting it.

So there you go – now you know what I’ve been up to fiber-wise!  I haven’t knit in days – wow!  I just realized its been almost a week  – I can’t believe how long its been!  It has been very very busy at work, and I haven’t had a lot of downtime.  I’m really missing it though – I have so many things I want to get to!  I just found out today that a co-worker is having twins – it’s a high risk pregnancy so I’ve been hesitant to knit for her, but she had some tests recently and it looks like things are going better so I think I’ll start knitting her up some presents.  Definitely booties – maybe some blankets.  I was thinking about trying some of the new Loopy Ewe yarn because of the pretty colors.  Any other thoughts on nice baby yarn?

OK I think I’m going to go read some blogs and sneak some knitting in – just a couple of rows would make me so happy!  Have a great week!


18 Responses to Spinning again

  1. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Your yarn is amazing- and you get the fun of knitting with it too.

  2. Valerie says:

    Beautiful yarn!
    I miss being able to knit at work too!

  3. Oiyi says:

    Awesome! The yarn looks light and lofty! The n-ply one is going to be gorgeous as well. I messed up badly on my first n-ply and I just couldn’t get it. I threw the whole thing away. The next day, I started with some fresh singles and it clicked. I love n-ply.

  4. Oiyi says:

    Btw, where will you be taking weaving lessons? Any schools in NJ for that kind of thing?

  5. opal says:

    your yarn is beautiful! i can’t wait to see how the n-ply looks! 🙂

  6. Steven says:

    Your spinning skills are amazing. How cool to make your own yarn to knit with? And I love the name Goth Chick Duo for a colorway!

  7. donna lee says:

    Nice spinning! I only recently sat down at the wheel. It’s been too hot too think about touching fiber. I am feeling the need for a little stash enhancement as well. Maybe this weekend while my husband and daughter are camping.

  8. Robby says:

    I had a chance to see the new TLE line in person a couple of weeks ago. The colors are just spectacular. I think baby items would be perfect for playing with some of those little skeins. Have fun, and best wishes for your colleague.

  9. Kim says:

    oooh, very pretty yarn! Love the new stash, it will be beautiful spun up. Baby knitting is the best, so satisfying to have those tiny things fly off the needles.

  10. rhoda says:

    goodness i love the look of handspun yarn! it’s gorgeous! and the roving you picked up from gale arts. va va voom! 🙂

  11. kim says:

    That is amazing. I am always so impressed by those who can spin and weave. It’s gorgeous.

    Hope you’re having a nice weekend/Summer.

  12. Denise says:

    very nice, love all the colors.

  13. Louise says:

    Your yarn looks amazing. I love the colours! Doesn’t it feel good to use up some of the stash? I see it didn’t take you long to replace it, lol!!

    I think knitting for the twins would be a great idea. It sounds like Mom and the babies could use some extra positive thoughts right now 🙂

  14. brokeknits says:

    Rough or not, that is some very pretty yarn.

  15. knitsnnature says:

    Beautiful yarn 🙂 I live in the area are you still doing a knitting club? If so when and where?

  16. Punkin says:

    Beautiful and inspiring.

  17. Emilee says:

    Your yarn is just beautiful! I really love the colors! I wish I knew how to spin…one day 🙂

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