Next project…

OK, I do realize that I currently have a lot on my needles. I really need to finish the shawl, and Larry’s sweater, and all those socks. But the other night I was reading the Art of Fair Isle Knitting, and I think I came across my next project once all of this is done (this in no way replaces any other next project I’ve previously said I want to do).


Forgive the poor picture quality – I couldn’t find a picture online so I took a picture of the book. This is the Brae cardigan, and I really like it. I can really see myself wearing it. I really enjoy doing Fair Isle, and I think this would be a lot of fun. (I also have the Palette Fair Isle cardigan pattern and yarn from KnitPicks which is another “next” project).

It calls for Jamieson & Smith 2 ply – no problem – I found most of the colors available (except one that had been discontinued but had a replacement). But it also calls for MacAuslan Shetland in Winespark (burgundy heather) and Katrine (salmon). Apparently this yarn has been discontinued for years since I can’t find anything on it. My problem is that without seeing pictures of the original colors, its hard to find a substitute….any ideas?

I’m clipping along on the Kimono shawl – I really enjoy knitting this, and I don’t want to knit anything else.


The pattern is easy (although I haven’t memorized it), and I think I’m on the 4th repeat (only 21 to go!). I should have this done by Christmas (unless I start one of those pesky next projects).


Pretty, eh?

We are having some work done on the house this week, and it should be finished today. I will post pictures – I’m very excited about it. In fact, I’m working from home today so I can be here when its done. I love working from home – so much nicer than commuting. I have a lot to do, so it will be good to work without interruption.

And…just to brag – its been just about 2 weeks since I’ve bought yarn. So see? And everyone doubted I could do it! I am looking for a knitting bag/purse, though, but I don’t think that counts. Chris just got a Namaste Jetsetter bag, and I’m looking forward to seeing it tomorrow at knitting group. It looks nice, but I want to see it in person before I order it.

Have a nice day!


4 Responses to Next project…

  1. stitch-dom says:

    First – congratulations on 2 weeks of yarn sobriety. Step 1 is acknowledging the problem Step 2 is realizing that buying yarn doesn’t actually cause harm unless your guests are being smothered…but I digress. That Kimono Shawl is just gorgeous – I want one! I am coveting your shawl. (I am also coveting your socks, that fair isle cardigan and many many things…)

  2. Terri says:

    You’re a braver woman than I taking on a Fair Isle project. I’ll just have to watch and drool over your progress. :o)

  3. Yarngirl says:

    I like your reverse yarn diet – no sock yarn, but all the sweater yarn you could want! And that shawl is even more beautiful in person -just saying.

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