Ten on Tuesday

August 3, 2010

I signed up for Ten on Tuesday a month ago, but always seem to miss doing this on a Tuesday – but I had to do this week’s topic, Ten Things to Bring on Vacation, because I’m really ready for a vacation!

  1. Knitting.  No matter where we go on vacation, I bring my knitting.  Usually a couple of projects or three or four.  Like socks, shawls, sweaters – just in case I get a burst of knitting energy and finish 3 projects.    This year I think I’ll just bring one…well, maybe two.
  2. Golf clubs. Since I started golfing a couple of years ago, we always bring our clubs and try to get one or two games in.   This year we already have tee times booked, and I’m looking forward to it!
  3. Books.  I always bring one book with me because I don’t read as much as I’d like to normally, and vacation gives me a little more time for it.
  4. Clothes.  As in too many.  I always overpack.  I hate the thought of not having enough clothes, and enough options so I typically have way more than I need.
  5. Shoes.  See #4.  Same thing.  Always have to have options.
  6. Money.  We like to eat out and shop on vacation, so I always bring a little extra.
  7. Names and addresses of local yarn stores.  I know, but I can’t help it.  I always find out what is around and plan a small side trip.  See #6.
  8. Snacks.  I also like to bring snacks from home for at night, the drive or just whenever.  Not too much – and generally something that isn’t heatlhy.
  9. Alcohol.  Speaking of unhealthy – we usually bring a little wine or martini fixin’s.  This year we will bring both!
  10. iPhone.  This probably doesn’t count because I always have it with me, but I can’t imagine going on vacation without it.  I keep in touch, look up things and keep in touch with the kids.

When I was thinking about what I bring on vacation, I also thought about what I’m not bringing on vacation this year…the kids!  Larry and I are going on vacation alone this year – I wasn’t sure initially, but it just worked out that way.  It is the first time haven’t  had a family vacation, but although I’ll miss them, I’m ok with it.  We are going to Williamsburg, Virginia, and I’m looking forward to having some down time with Larry.  We are golfing and I can’t wait to go to Colonial Williamsburg – I’ve always wanted to go.  We are going in three weeks, and I am counting the days already.

I’ve been knitting a bit this week – I went back to a pair of socks that I had started months ago.  I had finished the first one, and had started the second but just stopped knitting them.  Its been so long since I made socks that I forgot about the heel – so I just kept on knitting and knitting – and now they are too long  and I think I’m going to have to frog them back a bit so that they match the first one.  Sigh. I’m already unmotivated about them because I don’t like the pooling that is happening, and now this – I feel like ditching them and starting something new.  We’ll see – I hate to not finish a pair and they are for my sister but….

I got a package in the mail today that I thought I’d share…


Isn’t that pretty?   Wandering Cats Slinky Cat which is a merino/silk blend.  The colorway is Peacock and I just couldn’t resist.  This is 870 yards of fingering weight, and it will be perfect for a shawl.  I’m not sure what pattern yet – but I can’t wait to start it!

OK, I guess I’ll go frog my socks – have a great week!