Miss me?

Have you missed me?  I can’t believe how long its been since I’ve blogged  – I’ve never taken such a long break before and I was worried that I’d never get back to blogging.  But I’m in a break between busy and thought I’d check in and let you know that I’m still here, and that I’ll be back (that also means that I’ve been away from reading blogs too and I’ll be catching up on those too – promise!).

As I mentioned before, the last month has been really busy and crazy.   Dan moved out, we had painting, repairs and what seems like a million things going on at home.  But now the rooms are painted and the last of the inside repairs was just finished tonight and things are starting to calm down house-wise.  Isn’t it stressful when you get out of your routine and things are all over the house?  I hate it – I always feel better when everything is it its place, and my routines are kept.  Anyway, all is back to order for now – next month we are going to start painting again, but for now, its quiet.

We also have had a visitor for the last couple of weeks – my Mom has been visiting from California!  She stayed with me a week, and I took  some time off work, and we had a really nice visit.  Lots of talking, knitting, shopping, and a little cooking.  I have had a recipe book since I was a teenager and it contains all the favorite recipes that I’ve come across since that time.  My mother and I were looking through the book and came across two of her fudge recipes (maple cream and divinity).  I commented that I had never actually made the fudge but remembered it from childhood.   We decided to make both – and I have to say – yum!  I can’t show a picture of the maple cream since it went really fast, but I did get a picture of the divinity before everyone ate it.


I must say – it’s a good thing that she was here when I made it.  When she gave me the recipe, she gave me the abbreviated version that she used – she had been making the fudge for years and just skipped over steps when she gave me the recipe to write down.    She hasn’t made either recipe in at least 20 years, and we muddled through the maple cream, but when we made the divinity it didn’t set – so we tossed it and tried again.  And then I wrote down the steps!  Both were very good, and it was so nice to spend the afternoon in the kitchen with her, bringing back some memories.    I’ll be making both again – so good!

Mom spent last week with my sister, and went up to Boston for my niece’s graduation.  And this week she comes back to me, and we are heading down Thursday to see Andrew.  He’ll be graduating from the University of Maryland, and we are very proud of him and I’m looking forward to watching him take the first step into the next phase of his life (I’m getting a little emotional about this!).   We are planning celebrations for him, and last night I finally came up with the perfect gift.  I don’t want to write what it is because sometimes he reads this, but I can’t wait to give it to him.   

There have been so many changes lately – house stuff, kids moving out, graduations – its been hectic and so busy.  I haven’t been knitting other than when my Mom was with me – work has been busy and between sleeping on the train and working on the train, I just haven’t had a lot of time.  And to be honest – I was missing a little knitting mojo.  I have been working on socks, but it just felt like a chore. 

But yesterday I got news that has totally given me back my mojo!


My nephew and his wife are expecting their first baby – and I am so excited.  The minute I heard I just had to cast on for a cute pair of booties to say congrats with – and I’m planning a couple of other things to give them.  It’s so exciting and I love knitting these little things.  I’ll post more on this when I post the completed pair – I’m already on the second one, and just need to find some cute ribbon for it.  But they are so cute that I can’t wait to make more.    Next I need to find some nice yarn for some sweaters, more booties – maybe a blanket.  And maybe this.  I don’t want to get too crazy about this – but I have to say – knitting for babies is so much fun, and I think I’ll have a hard time resisting!  Do you have any favorite baby patterns that you think I should make?

OK, I’m off to get ready for the week.  I promise that I’ll be back soon, and hopefully will have picture of some finished socks.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to – I’ve missed my blog reading time. 

Have a great week!


20 Responses to Miss me?

  1. Christianne says:

    I was just thinking – wow Jeanne is really taking a long break! Glad things are starting to calm down – the fudge looks yummy and the baby booties are too cute! Congratulations to Andrew – it is so emotional to see them reach those milestones.

  2. Denise says:

    The best baby stuff I ever knit was from an old Dale of Norway book, here is a link to one of the projects:


    This was hardcore knitting, so hardcore that I DIDN”T EVEN GIVE THE GIFTS TO THE BABY. I kept them. I figured maybe someday Emily would have a baby, but I am not sure I could part with them even then.

  3. Valerie says:

    I was just thinking that you hadn’t blogged for a while!
    Welcome back!

  4. Rhonda says:

    Wow, you have been busy. Baby stuff is the best.

  5. Yes, I missed you! I’m glad you were busy with happy stuff. Welcome back!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- We did miss you, but how nice that you are visiting with your mom.

    When my house is out of order, that means I am too.

  7. Rachel says:

    Terribly! 🙂

    I am glad I am not the only one to disappear for an extended period of time.

    Baby thingies are the best.

  8. weezalana says:

    I know exactly how you feel – I painted our office/guest room a couple of weeks ago, and felt out of sorts the entire week while the room was under tarp.

    Glad you’re back! And congrats to Andrew!

  9. Cookie says:

    There you are!

    You’ve been so busy!

  10. Shea says:

    Divinity is so tricky. If there’s the least bit of humidity, you can kiss the whole thing goodbye ’cause it isn’t going to work. The area that I live in is miserable with the humidity. I had an aunt that could make divinity in a rain storm though. The only person I know that could make divinity whenever and wherever she pleased. I adore divinity. That’s why I try not to make it often. I would never get away from it.

    That’s such great news about the baby! How exciting.

  11. donna lee says:

    I have never had luck with divinity. I’ve always loved the name but have never had it work. It’s always runny and a mess.

    (so what’s the secret?)

  12. brokeknits says:

    You have been busy! Enjoy the baby knitting … very exciting!

  13. Elspeth says:

    You are killing me here! I’m trying not very hard to be on a diet, and I love divinity! Love the white themed post!

  14. Elspeth says:

    BTW, See’s Candies (California, but you can order online) has chocolate covered divinity. It is so good!

  15. rebekahsyarn says:

    Well my favorite baby item is making blocks that spell out the baby’s name. Its very personal and fun. Although sewing those little blocks together isn’t too much fun.

    Nice to have you back, for a while!

  16. Oiyi says:

    The news of a new baby often strikes a spark in the knitting mojo department. I haven’t been doing any knitting. The weaving for my class has kept me busy and I am often just plain tired from Melody.

    Congrats on the kids moving onto new phases of their lives.

  17. Steven says:

    Good to hear from you. Totally understand about being busy.

    How fund to get to bake with your mom. I’ve been trying to make my divinity taste like my grandmother’s for years, but I just can’t get the swing of it. I did learn from my other grandmother than hand-beating with a wood spoon toward the end of the process increases your chances of success. It works for me, anyway.

    Blog when you can — and don’t stress about it!

  18. craftivore says:

    Wow, that’s fudge?! I thought it might be marshmallow. Sounds like a lovely time with your mom. I would like a baby to knit for too, something small and fun.

  19. Kim says:

    I HAVE missed you! So happy you had such a nice visit with your mother. My mom came and stayed for a month, never cooked a thing…
    That pattern from Mason-Dixon has always intrigued me too!

  20. rhoda says:

    it’s been a busy time of year for many it seems. glad you had such a wonderful time with your mom visiting. 🙂 life will finally settle down (at least that’s what I keep telling myself!!).

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