Quick one


Just a quick post today – I don’t have a finished anything to show you – almost there but still working on the hat (on the crown decreases now!).  I’ve only been working on the hat this week – my poor Citron hasn’t been picked up since I got home from California -and that was over 2 weeks ago!  So I wanted to pop in here, post a random flower picture (because I’m craving spring) and to tell you about a contest.

I’ve mentioned Wandering Cat yarns before – Valerie and Rhonda‘s wonderful Etsy shop.   This mother/daughter team dye up beautiful yarn, and I’m a huge fan (check out Aurora – I have a skein of that on its way to me right now!).   They recently hit 100 in sales and they are celebrating with a contest.  All you have to do is go to their store, check out their stuff, and then go to one (or both) of their blogs and tell them which one you like.    Details are on their blogs here or here.  Full disclosure – I’m getting an extra entry by posting this – but I did want to share with you guys since I like sharing nice yarn with you! 

Busy weekend – we have errands to run, patio doors to look at, painters to talk to, pantries to clean out, dogs to walk.  Its going to be 50 degrees here – heaven!  I think all of us are ready to be outside – Larry was wondering if the snow had melted enough off the golf courses to go play a round.  I think we are all getting spring fever!

OK, have to run – have a great weekend and I should have a finished hat for you by Monday!    And don’t forget – blogiversary is coming up next Thursday so come back and check out my contest….


12 Responses to Quick one

  1. Rachel says:

    Have a sunny happy weekend!

  2. redfear says:

    great tip on Wandering Cats Yarn, thanks!

  3. weezalana says:

    Such a gorgeous flower! Is that a ranuncula (sp?)?

    P.S. Thanks for the link to the Wandering Cat contest! Their yarn looks lovely!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oooh a flower! oh sorry, there’s something to read here too… 😉

    Thanks for the contest details! Even if you get an extra entry it’s good to hear about it.

  5. Kim says:

    Oh, that’s weird. Three posts just came in at once to Bloglines. So, I have not been ignoring you; just never knew you posted. Hmph. That blue Superiore cashmere is fabulous. Enjoy the nice weather.

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend! I hope you have some time to relax!

  7. Oiyi says:

    I love contests!

    It was so warm today in Brooklyn. We took Melody to park for her to run around.

  8. Lovely to have flowers blooming now!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Thank you for the flower pic- just what is needed at this time of year.

  10. Steven says:

    Love that shot of the flower. Perfect for this dreary day. The peach and pear trees started blooming down here in the last few days and a bumpercrop of wildflowers is predicted for central Texas this year. Here’s a to a lovely green spring!

  11. opal says:

    omgoodness. i would freeze my ass off in 50 degree weather. LOL

  12. rhoda says:

    pretty flower! now where is that citron that i’ve been dying to see???

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