California break

I took a little break from winter and it was so hard to come back…


California was beautiful – they have had a lot of rain recently and everything was green – I’ve never seen it so pretty.   And it was so warm and sunny with flowers everywhere.   I wore light clothes, had lunch outside, knit outside, drank wine outside, and it was just so nice.   And when I was coming home, and flying into Newark, the plane broke through the clouds, and I looked out the window and saw the grey sky, white snow and total absence of color – and I just wanted the plane to turn around and take me back.   It was completely depressing and all day I couldn’t help but think about how nice it would be to live somewhere that is beautiful and warm and sunny all year round.    But I am grateful for the little break, and can’t wait for the weather to turn here!

It was very good to spend time with my mother; she’s had a very rough time of it lately, and needed some help and some company.   We spent the time getting her a little more organized, and cleaning things out.  It really made me conscoius that I need to go through my house and get rid of things I don’t need or use anymore – we just have too much clutter in our lives and I think we are going to work on it this year.    But I did enjoy being with her, and we spent a lot of quiet time talking and knitting (and eating chocolate) and I was sad to leave.  But I think she’s going to visit us this spring, and spend a long visit here – it is hard to have her be so far away normally – but it’s very hard when I know she needs help and when she needs a little company.  Or when she needs another knitter go to yarn shopping with.

Because I have to admit we did a little bit of that.


Isn’t that beautiful?  Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Superior.  A cashmere/silk blend.    It is so soft, and so beautiful.  But its not mine!    My mother goes to church every day, and one of her fellow church goers knit a scarf for her.    She wanted to knit something to give back to the woman -something special and lacy.   So we went to find just the perfect yarn – and I think this is it.  We shopped at her local yarn store – Yarn Lady – this store has been in the area for a long time, but recently went through a change of ownership and location.   And I think both are changes for the better.  I had been to this yarn store numerous times in the past, but never really liked it – too many synthetic yarns, too expensive.  But the new shop (in a smaller store) had really nice yarns and a great layout and I think most of the yarns were reasonably priced.    They had so many samples and it was very tempting to buy more (in fact, my mother was tempted to buy a pattern/yarn to make an entralac sweater!).      She picked this yarn because they had a sample shawl knit up – so soft and pretty.   She asked me to make it for her because she can’t knit with lighter weight yarn any longer and I was happy to say yes!  In fact, I’m kicking myself in the ass about not picking up a skein for me!    So as soon as I’m done with my current project I’ll cast on something for her (although I suppose I have time since its spring there now).    I was thinking about a Fishtail Lace Scarf – but I need to look a little bit more to make sure I find just the right pattern for this yarn.

I had a long day today – first day back from a break is always hard, and I didn’t sleep well because I was in California just long enough to get messed up on time zones.  But I came home tonight to my family, and my pets (including the bad dog Penny who ripped off the bathroom wallpaper while I was gone – bad dog!) and a little treat that came in the mail to cheer me up…


Woolen Rabbit Oasis – a blend of silk and camel!  Isnt’ that gorgeous?  Check out the link of a better picture of the color – the colorway is Pumpkin Patch and its just amazing in person.     375 yards and enough to make my sister a shawl – I saw the color and just had to get it for her.    I got this yarn on Lorraine’s recommendation- Lorraine always has amazing taste in yarn, and when she said it was nice, I had to try it.    And I’m so glad I did – I can’t wait to use it.  I also got the Knitters Hand Cream and I love it already – my hands get so dry in this terrible winter weather.    Thanks, Lorraine!    I have used Woolen Rabbit yarn before – and she’s an amazing dyer – next up on my list to try is Kashmir – I just can’t decide on color – Cherry Bomb?  Cape Cod Blues?  Oh Ruby?  Too many choices…

I did a lot of knitting while I was at my Mom’s and I’m just about done with the 5th repeat of Citron.  I was going to stop there (that’s all the pattern calls for) but Kim just finished one and said it was a little small – and that maybe a couple more repeats would be best.  I have the yarn, so I think I’ll do seven.  I’m loving the yarn and the pattern – but damn – those rows with 444+ stitches take a long time!    I also finished one of Larry’s sock, and I’m half way down the foot of the other so I should have the pair done next week.    I love having so much knitting time!

OK, off to knit and watch the Olympics – have a great Friday!


12 Responses to California break

  1. Oiyi says:

    That is such a nice blue. My friend knit a Pretty Thing (Yarn Harlot) with Filatura Di Crosa Golden Line Superior. It was so soft!

    Pumpkin Patch does look amazing!

  2. Rachel says:

    I love your pumpkin and those kashmir colors,,, I must not go to her shop, seriously 🙂

  3. Christianne says:

    Pretty yarn – so light looking. I’m waiting on my skein of Kashmir to arrive, should be any day now. Glad your trip went well.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Aw- Jeanne- Actually, YOU are the one who enables me on many an occasion, but if anything can further the cause on Kim’s yarn, I’m all for it. I think I need to have that one too!

    So nice that you enjoyed your time with your mom and got some sun. Spring will be here soon.

  5. rebekahsyarn says:

    Normally I love winter, but even this year I’m ready for spring and summer. But I would definitely miss changing seasons if I lived somewhere warm and sunny all the time.

    We are decluttering this year as well. I’m determined to not let this year slip by without becoming more organized.

    Good luck!

  6. Valerie says:

    I wouldnt want to come back either! Love the orange yarn

  7. hakucho says:

    Glad you had such a nice visit with your mother. Too bad she doesn’t live closer. Would she ever consider moving closer to you? I bet it would be hard leaving sunny California….

  8. socksformum says:

    Thanks for giving me a glimpse into your life. I enjoyed reading this post! It is hard when family needs help a they live so far away. I’m in the same boat. And, I can also understand the desire to go back to somewhere warm. We will be cold through May but at least we have our brilliant sunshine and blue skies inbetween snow storms! Lots of gorgeous yarn in this post!

  9. brokeknits says:

    What a lovely trip! And lovely yarn to come home to …

  10. Steven says:

    That blue laceweight is so, so pretty. I know you’ll enjoy knitting it — and so nice of you to do that for your mom. Glad you got to spend some time knitting with her in the sun. And don’t worry about returning to the snow and ice. It all has to melt sometime!

  11. Leigh says:

    Thanks for the sympathy. That Oasis is gorgeous!

  12. Mr Puffy says:

    Hi! I’m just around the point (Dana Point) in San Clemente 🙂 Except when I’m in Topanga – LOL

    I love that Superior yarn and am trying to find just the right pattern too ~ and I’m glad you were able to see California when it was actually green!

    BTW, I love Wandering Cat Yarns too 🙂

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