Winding yarn

Sometimes it’s so easy to wind yarn into one nice ball and sometimes….


you end up with three small balls.  Is there anything more annoying?    I’m not very patient about this kind of thing, and usually Larry will wind my yarn for me (yes, he really is a great guy) because at the first hint of a problem, I am ready to throw the yarn out (I will admit to being a little dramatic sometimes).   But Larry has a cold today, so I thought that I’d do it for myself   – but I had to go get him to help me finally because the minute I cut the tie, the skein exploded and I had a mess on my hands.  At least it wasn’t laceweight.   So we ended up cutting the yarn to get the tangle (and the second and third tangles) out.  But I got through it, and now I’m ready to start a new project – Citron.  The yarn is Madelinetosh Prairie.  It is gorgeous – black with the occasional hint of blue.  Perfect for this shawl – and its one of the 12 projects I put aside for this year, so I’m pretty happy with it.

I finished the Springtime Bandit shawl last night, and I’ll block it this weekend so pictures next week.  I am going to see my mother next weekend and will give it to her then – I love it, and really hope she does too!

I buy a lot of my online yarn at the Loopy Ewe, and I belong to the Loopy Groupie on Ravelry.  There have been some posts recently about the Valentine’s Day kit the store puts out, and I was lucky enough to be working from home on Wednesday when the kits were posted – I was working but had the browser open on Larry’s computer to check it occasionally.   I saw the kit get posted, I ordered it as quickly as I could – and it was mine!  And it got here on Friday (really – I can’t recommend this store enough – amazing yarn, and the fastest shipping that I’ve ever seen).  

I love this kit!  It came with yarn, a project bag from 3AM Enhancements, and a little post it note holder (with post it notes) for my knitting notion bag.


The yarn is Fiesta Baby Boom and the colorway is Chocolate Strawberry Ganache.  


Doesn’t that look just like what you’d think that colorway would be?  It is so soft, and so pretty – and I love it.  I’m not sure what to do with it  – socks would be nice, but I’m wondering if a scarf wouldn’t take show off the amazing colorway.  So pretty!

And look at this cute little bag….


It really is so pretty, and very well made.  Fully lined, and seems really sturdy.  And cute – its tiny – just enough for a sock project.  Perfect for commuting!

I’m pretty pleased with it, and I’m very glad that this happened on a day that I was able to get to it before it sold out.  It made my day, and getting it on a Friday was just the perfect way to end the week.

We got a little snow here today – not as much as they were hyping up all week (why do people get so hysterical about snow?) but enough that I decided to stay in, and just take a snow day.  So I’m going to knit, watch movies, and relax.   Aren’t snow days fun?

Have a good weekend!


14 Responses to Winding yarn

  1. Denise says:

    That Madeline Tosh is beautiful. I am off to the Knitting Nation sale in Nyack today with a bag of money.

  2. Oiyi says:

    I am so jealous of your V-Day Kit! I am such a sucker for kits. It could be anything and I am all over it.

    We barely got any snow in NYC. It’s a bit anti-climatic with all the hype on tv. So silly.

    I am drooling over your Prairie Yarn!

  3. Rhonda says:

    What a nice little gift for yourself. Love the Loopy, too.

  4. hakucho says:

    That’s a great name for your new yarn…good enough to eat! You really lucked out this time 🙂

  5. Rachel says:

    Your citron yarn looks oh so nice and your kit looks yummy too, have fun knitting all this faboulosness (is this a word I just made?)

    Have a great rest of your weekend too

  6. Anna says:

    I love the shawl you’ve chosen to make with that gorgeous black yarn – I look forward to seeing your version! And the Valentine package is just lovely – what a nice end to your week!

  7. Chris says:

    Very pretty yarn – too bad about the knots, but I’m sure it will be worth it to knit up that MadTosh.

  8. Valerie says:

    That’s great new yarn – and those bags come in so handy – they are just the perfect size!

  9. Stephanie says:

    Snow days are great, when you can just watch movies and knit! (Though I’ve been doing a lot of that without the snow day excuse – oops!) I’m getting really frustrated with winding yarn lately, too. I’d be ready to throw it out if I got 3 balls of yarn from 1 skein. How does it have to be so complicated?!

  10. donna lee says:

    We’re in for another whopper of a snowstorm on Tues/Wed. I’m not sure if I’m enthused or not.

    I am not good with the winding. I am blessed with a husband who will wind or untangle a mess for me. I put the messes back into the yarn tub but he’ll take them out and detangle and wind them up. I don’t have the patience.

  11. Steven says:

    That really is beautiful yarn. Those colors are right up my alley. I’m one of those people who will sit for hours with a knotted skein of yarn until every snarl and tangle is undone. I’ve made us late for events more than once doing that!

    Looking forward to seeing your mother’s shawl!

  12. rebekahsyarn says:

    I’ll have to keep that place in mind! Although I’m determined not to buy yarn again until next January. 🙂

  13. Kim says:

    Sweet score on that kit! I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Prairie in person. Citron is in my queue, though and I am anxious to see your photos.

  14. rhoda says:

    i’m speechless. your madeline tosh prairie is gorgeous. i’ve never even seen this yarn before!! must. resist. and you’re turning it into a citron? oh, i can’t wait to see it!! oh, i’m a bit of a drama queen myself when it comes to yarn that isn’t in one perfect skein so you’re not alone. i wish to hurl the stuff across the room myself from time to time. 😉

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