Love the one you are with…errr..or the one that’s new

I have a terrible tendancy to love the very last thing I’ve seen or bought.  I intend to make things, buy yarn for the project, and yet that yarn hasn’t seen the light of day in years.  Why?  Becasue before I can start that pattern with that amazing yarn – I’ve seen another pattern or yarn that I had have – and so I push the first one aside, get everything I need to  for the new project….and then my wandering attention sees something else…and then I start the whole process over.  Case in point:


Sure, I have a pair of socks on the needles.  And yes, I also have a shawl that I have to get done.  And the other shawl that I’d like to finish.  Or the fair isle vest.   I have 53 sock patterns in my Ravelry queue.  I have 112 different types of fingering weight yarn in my stash. But the blue yarn – so pretty!  New!  Had to see how it knit up!  And there I go, starting a new project (just a basic toe up) , with a new yarn….while all the beautiful yarn in the stash sits and waits in the dark.    And you know, I think its time I started to do something a little different.

Today, I’m going to be going through my stash.  All of it (sigh).  I am going to look at every skein I have and make sure I have it posted in Ravelry.  I’m going  to ask myself if I ever will use this yarn (there are some I know I won’t – for example, I have a KnitPicks Fair Isle cardi kit that I know I’ll never make).  That yarn will be posted on Ravelry for destash.   For the yarns I’m going to keep, I’m going to pull out those yarns or patterns that I want to make this year.  Sort of like the Personal Sock club – but not limited to socks.  I’m going to put the pattern and yarn in a freezer bag (so I can see what it is – I hated not knowing what I got last year and I think its why I stopped doing it – you have to be in the mood to make certain things!) and put it on my shelf.  And I will commit to making them this year.  I’ll still going to make the impulsive, spur of the moment projects with the yarn I just bought, but this way I’ll finally use that yarn to make that shawl that I planned to do 3 years ago.    So I’m not going to have 100 bags – I was thinking 12 projects – shawls, mittens, hats, sweaters, scarves and of course socks.  The top 12 patterns that I’ll be very happy to finally do.  I can’t even tell you what they are at this point (well, Citron with Madelinetosh Prairie is one), but I know they are all amazing projects.  Since I’m a little late starting this, I’ll have  to get two done in one month along the way but that should be ok, and I’m not worried.  I know I had a lot of fingerless gloves and hats I wanted to make and those don’t take long. 

So there you go – that’s my plan to manage some of my stash, and to stop the feeling that I don’t really accomplish a lot in my knitting.  I can’t wait to dig in and see what I’m going to put in my bags.   I’ve been sort of blah about knitting lately – which is why things are taking so long to finish – and I’m hoping this helps me jump start it.  I do know that I need to spend a little less time on Ravelry, and a little more time knitting. 

I had the experience of participating in someone else’s crafting obsession yesterday.  My sister started quilting a year or so ago, and she’s obsessed by it – she makes the most beautiful quilts, and she is so passionate about it.   She’s made me a couple of table runners in the past but nothing big.  I was telling her a few months ago that Larry and I are going to redo our room, she offered to make me a quilt.  So yesterday we went to her quilting store and picked out materials and a pattern.  What an amazing place!  It  was really crowded, and had so many beautiful quilt samples and all that fabric!  Overwhelming!  I had the paint chips of the paints we are going to use – and someone from the store helped us put it all together.  She had me start with one bolt of fabric that I loved, and then she helped build the quilt – we ended up picking 15 fabrics.  It was so much fun – and so hard!  I think picking yarn is so much easier.  I wish I had taken a picture of the fabrics – but I just didn’t think of it.   We are planning on getting the room all done by May/June so she has some time, but I’m so excited about it and hope she starts soon so I can see how the fabrics come together – I think its going to beautiful and I’m thrilled she’s making this for me.    It was funny, though, to be in another crafting store and listen to the people be just as excited and passionate about their craft as knitters are. 

OK, I better go – I have to go grocery shopping and Larry is sitting here staring at me.  Guess that’s a sign he’s ready to leave.    Have a great Sunday, keep warm, and check out my Destash page later today – you never know what I’m going to let go!


16 Responses to Love the one you are with…errr..or the one that’s new

  1. Janet says:

    What colors will your room be? I love quilts but don’t think I could do quilting; I can’t seem to cut fabric very straight. The first paragraph of your blog was a perfect description of me!!

  2. Denise says:

    It’s okay to just knit for the pleasure of knitting, or to enjoy the color and stripe of a yarn or just looking at what others are knitting. Goodness knows there are enough “Must Do” things in our lives that we need to balance it with “love to do” things. Just knit more!

    I had a real knitting epiphany this week on the day it got so cold, realizing how many loved ones were probably warmer for wearing something I knitted, and glad for it.

    PS Quilters are much more demented than knitters.

  3. Rachel says:

    Recently I have similar issues with my stash, I want to get rid of it and start buying yarn per project like I did in the past.

    I wish you luck with your 12 projects 2010 club!

  4. I SO identify with your love of the new and backlog of stash! I love your idea. I don’t think I’m up to going through my whole stash, but I’m going to bag up some yarn & patterns and try to finish up some projects that have been pushed to the back of the closet!

  5. brokeknits says:

    Wow, good luck going through the stash! It should be a pleasure, not a source of guilt or uneasiness. Hope the destashing goes well …

  6. Cookie says:

    Good for you!

    I’m at the point where I need to move my stash around and part of me wants to get rid of the stuff I’ll never use.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the quilt. Ever think of giving it a try? It can be a lot of fun.


  7. hakucho says:

    Funny I went out earlier today and bought 4 plastic containers to try and get my stash in order. It’s very out of control right now. I really like your idea of putting the yarn in a bag with a pattern…ready to go. I may just copy your idea when I start to go through my stash…hopefully soon.

    Love the blue sock yarn…I really can see why you wanted to start on it right away 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

  8. Valerie says:

    Oh you should have told me that.. now I have to go check out your ravelry page – I know how much lovely yarn you have that I’ve coveted!

  9. Kim says:

    How brave of you! I just can’t seem to part with most of my yarn stash. Something about taking it all with me…

    You are actually enabling the rest of us because I just had to check out what you were putting up for destash.

  10. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I am also a quilter- it’s a whole other world of creativity.

    I feel exactly the same about my lack of productivity with knitting, but if you look back, you have accomplished quite a bit. OTOH, I love a good purge.

  11. Steven says:

    I love your plan — well thought out and do-able. I wish you success!

    I, too, take great joy out of others’ crafts and their passion for them. My grandmother, mother and aunts were/are all great quilters. I need to get my sister interested…Heaven knows I don’t need another obsession!

  12. rebekahsyarn says:

    Well I’m very happy about your destashing :-).

    I tend to do that too, I’m so close to finishing my bomber jacket, and I totally got sidetracked by the Knit Picks New Traditions AFghan kit that arrived Friday when I got home from Kansas City. I can be so fickle.

  13. misa says:

    Picking fabrics for a quilt is definitely the hardest part. Afterwards I usually end up weeding a couple out too and going back to the store for something else. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more selective and not fall for every shiny new pattern I see, so I’m right with ya.

  14. Kim says:

    I don’t even catalog my stash. I have two bins (and an armoire), and it sort of sickens me a little. I’m trying to use more of what I already have, but you know how that goes….

  15. Your plan sounds like it’ll work really well. Stash management seems to be the bane of every knitters existence.

  16. rhoda says:

    can i tell you that you are not alone? i think we all have moments when we wanna use our most recent purchase before we use all others. it’s okay. we’re only human. i love the way your sock is knitting up! don’t we all have 50 million projects in our rav queue?? lol. funny. i did the same thing with my stash but couldn’t let anything go. 😛

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