Rushing by

Doesn’t it just seem like time is just rushing by?  I can’t believe its almost the end of January!  Where did this month go? 


We took a break from reality last weekend, and went up to Vermont for the long weekend.  We had an amazing time – it is so good to get away from real life sometimes, isn’t it?  We stayed at the nicest B&B, The Maple Leaf Inn (look at that snow!  We got more the day we left – so pretty!).  I would highly recommend it – the rooms were gorgeous, the service was outstanding and the food – wow!  I keep on asking Larry where my three course breakfasts are now….but I don’t think I’ll be getting those anytime soon at home!   While we were up there, we did a little shopping, ate a lot of good food, and took a class in making bagels at King Arthur Flour.  The class was so much fun, and we made bagels that …looked like bagels!  And tasted like bagels!   Larry and I have been doing more and more baking (ok, well, Larry has been doing most of it) and we want to do it together – sometimes its very easy to get caught up in our different lives and activities and we are going to use baking together to make sure we regularly spend some time together doing something fun and relaxing.   

We really had a good time, and loved Vermont.  It was so quiet and peaceful where we stayed, and the area was just beautiful.  Very rural, and we didn’t have cell signal most of the time (which was sort of nice).  People in Vermont were really friendly.  What is up with that?  I’m from NJ – people just don’t say hello to you for no apparent reason!  It took me a day to stop being startled by it – and to respond with a friendly hello back rather than a suspicious “hello…?”.    Sort of funny how the NY/NJ “don’t make eye contact, or talk to people you don’t know” thing is so ingrained. 

Of course, since I can’t just go somewhere and not check out a yarn store – we went to the Whippletree yarn store in Woodstock, VT.  Very cute store, really friendly people (and a dog!  A big dog!  Every store up there had big dogs!  Dogs that would eat Penny as an appetizer!).  Anyway, really a very nice yarn store – one of those yarn stores that you wish were your yarn store because it looks so nice and a great place to sit and knit.  I didn’t get anything though (I’m still kicking myself in the ass – they had a really pretty sock yarn – and I can’t remember the name of it…sigh) because I had gone to a yarn store the day before and bought a little bit.

What yarn store did I go to?  Webs!  We went on Friday, on the way to Vermont, and I’m so glad we did.  I’ve wanted to go to Webs for a long time, but its a little bit of a drive so I’ve never done it.   My initial impression was that it was a lot smaller than I expected.  The front store is big – but not bigger than some stores I’ve been to.   Nothing amazing – at first.  The warehouse is big, but I didn’t get anything in it – I didn’t see anything that I really liked and to me – it was full of the type of yarn that I bought when I first started knitting – sort of meh yarns at cheap prices.   Updated – I thought about what I wrote while I was taking a shower this morning – and I had to correct myself.   The warehouse isn’t full of meh yarn – it actually had nice yarn.   But it had packs of yarn – and the majority was for sweaters.  I typically don’t buy a lot of yarn for sweaters unless I know what sweater I’m going to make.  So I tend to skip over things like that – I don’t buy 2000 yards of worsted on a whim.  So to be fair to the warehouse – if I had been looking for larger quantities of yarn, I would have found something – and probably would have received a great price.  I mean, you could have opened the packs to get a ball – but it was just sort of plain vanilla yarn.  OK, I’m going to let this go because I sense at least two more incoherent paragraphs about this. 

I picked up a couple of things in the front store, but I was really sort of disappointed  – they really didn’t have a huge selection – so weird since they have a lot online.  I mentioned it to Larry and pointed something out to me.  I’m not going to explain this well, but hopefully you will get what I mean.  In most yarn stores, the yarn in the wall or cubby is all the same – and typically they have the same type of yarn in the cubby’s all around it.  So most stores I’ve gone to have Cascade 220 in different shelves/cubbys all around each other.    So you see Cascade 220, and you don’t necessarily think that the yarn in the shelve right under it will be anything but that.  But at Webs it was.  So I was skipping over shelves because I thought it was more of the same yarn – but it was different yarn.  I said to Larry that it was weird that they didn’t have Madelintosh worsted since they had sock and lace – he said “oh, here it is”  – and I had looked at the shelf but just blew by it becasue I thought it was something else.  So you have to look very carefully at Webs!  In the end, there was so much yarn there that I just got sort of overwhelmed by it.    I probably could have spent another hour there but we wanted to get back on the road (we left late so we were at Webs late in the afternoon). 

But I’m pretty happy with my purchases – and the 25% discount was outstanding!  I had forgotten all about that – which is good because I probably would have gotten a little bit more (I really wanted to buy Pearl by Lorna’s Laces – so pricey, so beautiful!). So what did I get?

2109 2105
2107 2103
2106 2102

Row 1:  Berroco Lustra (to make a Springtime Bandit for me), Malabrigo Sock in Stonechat
Row 2:  Trekking Hand Art in Tundra, Madelinetosh Prairie in  Thunderstorm
Row 3:  Poem Sock, Socks that Rock Lightweight in Gingerbread Dude

These have been sitting in a bag waiting for me to blog/upload to Ravelry.  As I was pulling them out of the bag this morning I fell in love with them all over again.  All of them are so pretty – its going to be hard to resist casting on with all of them.   Larry picked out the Trekking and Poem yarn for socks for him – he’s lost several pairs lately to holes so I think I’ll start something for him next – but I can’t wait to use the other ones.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to do all the knitting, use all the yarn, that I want to do.    I’m thinking of Citron with the Prairie – and I may be starting that as soon as I finish my mother’s shawl (almost there on that – I hope to get it done this weekend!)

OK, I should get going – I have a busy day.  Some errands this morning, and then I have knitting group this afternoon, and after lunch with the group, I may be heading across the street to see a knitting exhibit at a local art museum.    I’m looking forward to knitting group – hopefully I’ll finish a sock so I can start a new pair (I’m only finishing the first sock but I decided to take a break and start some new ones and go back and do the second one later – sometimes you just need a break, right?)

Have a great weekend, and I hope yours involves a little yarn!


21 Responses to Rushing by

  1. Rachel says:

    Isn’t Vermont so very lovely? Sam went to college there so we visited quite a few times and I loved each and every one of them

    Your new yarns look good!

  2. Valerie says:

    Vermont looks beautiful… all our snow is ugly and dirty and melty now.
    Love the yarn – ALL of it!

  3. hakucho says:

    Glad you had such a nice time up in VT. The Inn looks awesome. I’ve always wanted to go to webs too. It’s a little closer to me than you, but it’s still a trip across the state. One of theses days. I’m glad you described it though, so when I do go I’ll be prepared and know what to look for. All of your yarn is sooo gorgeous…you make me very jealous 😉

  4. Rhonda says:

    Sounds like an awesome trip. Wish it was me. Nice haul you got too. I’d love to visit there sometime.

  5. Your Vermont trip sounds perfect with an adorable B&B and Webs. I don’t buy sweater yarn unless I know what it’s destined for, either. I have enough of a stash as it is! Webs store (with discount!) sounds really nice. I think you did very well there!

  6. rebekahsyarn says:

    What a lovely looking bed and breakfast, in fact it reminds me of a show when I was growing up with Bob Newhart.

    Webs! I’m jealous. But I do find stores webpages often have way more. Of course if they kept everything in the store that was on their webpages, at times they’d need a yarn store the size of a Wal-Mart…..oh the thought of that. Knitters would walk in and explode I think!

  7. What a fabulous getaway. Snow, scenery, food, knitting! Sounds perfect to me.

    I tend to freeze when confronted with an overwhelming amount of yarn choice. I’d have to go into Webs with a list of projects so I knew exactly what I was looking for. I’m not good with just buying yarn because it’s pretty!

  8. Chris says:

    I love Vermont and that B&B looks so charming. The yarn looks so nice! I know what you mean about being overwhelmed in a yarn shop – it’s really does sorta stop you from seeing everything they have.

  9. weezalana says:

    That is postcard pretty! I’ve always wanted to visit New England in the fall/winter. So picturesque!

    I’ve only ordered from Webs once. I ended up returning a bunch of stuff (I was a newbie and ordered without thinking!). The volume discount is great, but the shipping costs cancel out any money you save!

  10. Kim says:

    boy oh boy, what an ideal weekend. The Inn sounds lovely and the yarn stores outstanding. I am so happy you made time to get away and enjoy.

  11. Stephanie says:

    What lovely new yarn! And it sounds like you had a great getaway. Vermont sounds like a very comfortable and inviting place. 🙂

  12. brokeknits says:

    What a lovely break! I love Vermont and agree: the first time I visited WEBS, I was kind of like: “hmm, well I was expecting more.” Somehow, though, it rewards return trips. There is so much there, it just takes some looking ….

  13. misa says:

    What a great weekend. I’ve never been to Webs, but I can imagine that I might freeze up too. You still came away with great yarn.

  14. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Vermont looks amazing- did you see Bob Newhart?

    Webs reveals itself slowly- it can be very overwhelming. But you did get some lovely swag.

  15. Oiyi says:

    Omg, what an awesome trip! The B & B looked beautiful. And I am super jealous that you got to take a class at King Arthur Flour!

    I went to Webs for the first time in November. I went armed with a list of projects to make, so I had a great time choosing yarns because they had so many choices to fit each individual’s budget. I think they group the yarn by weight. I remember seeing a baby section that had all the yarns for the baby knitting. My friends spent more time and money in the back warehouse. I think I only chose 2 skeins of yarn from the warehouse and the rest came from the front.

  16. Steven says:

    Look at all the lovely yarn you bought! Vermont sounds just wonderful — I hope I get to go myself some snowy day. My cousin’s wife is from NJ and she also reported being freaked out by strangers saying hi to her as a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. But she, too, quickly got used to it.

    Have fun knitting all that stuff!

  17. Shea says:

    If you decide you don’t need that Trekking, you can throw it my way! 🙂

    That b&b is gorgeous! I’m jealous, I need a trip away so badly!

  18. donna lee says:

    Webs is someplace I’d like to go eventually. And how perfectly the snow suits that B&B!

    I greet people on the street all the time with a “good morning”. It’s different here closer to Philadelphia. People are ‘looser’ than in northern NJ. I remember thinking that when I went to school up there.

    Having separate hobbies is a good thing but so is having one you can share. My husband and I don’t cook well together. Too competitive! We do both like estate sales and like to get up early on Saturday mornings and head out looking for treasure, though.

  19. opal says:

    what a fun getaway! the bagels sound heavenly and that yarn haul is delicious as well.

  20. rhoda says:

    the inn looks absolutely charming! how fun that you learned how to make bagels! how nice to hear how friendly everyone is there. the whole don’t make eye contact thing transcends to certain parts of california too. lol. well, now you know for next time, that you need to make two trips to webs to get the full experience!

  21. That inn is beautiful, so serene in the snow. Your stash additions look great, Larry’s comment makes a lot of seance. The baking section of the supermarket is like that for me – nut in particular.

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