A little stash enhancement

I’ve been pretty good lately about not buying yarn – its not that I don’t like buying yarn (obviously I really do enjoy that!), it’s just that I think I need to start using some of the great yarn I have in my stash.     But I just could resist a couple of skeins….


Isn’t that nice?  Its Madelinetosh tosh sock (colorway is Tart).   I bought it at Angelfire on Halloween because I just had to go see it and of course, once I saw it, I had to buy a skein.  I love this colorway – this picture is a little lighter than it really is – its a nice dark red, and I think it will make a really pretty small shawl.  I’m thinking of making the Multnomah shawl with it (I heard about this shawl on the the Manic Purl podcast (Ravelry group)- which I really enjoy).  Very pretty yarn though, and I’m glad I got it.


I got this at the same time I got the tosh sock – this is Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Zauberball.  I love this yarn – I made a pair of socks for someone for Christmas with some of this, and really liked how it knit up.  Great colors, and the yarn is so soft and wooly.  I had to get another ball so I could make myself a pair!

So the next two things I didn’t buy – but received as a birthday gift from Chris (I’m so bad about blogging lately – I got these last month, and they’ve been sitting patiently waiting for their turn in the spotlight).  First up is some very pretty yarn from A Touch of Twist.   This is a silk/merino blend, and very very pretty.


I think Chris got this at Rhinebeck – I know I’ve bought yarn from this seller at Maryland, so I think she probably was at Rhinebeck too.  I have 600 yards – enough for a lacy cowl or small shawl.  Very pretty – such a subtle color and I know I’ll enjoy working with it. 


Chris also gave me some roving – so pretty!  This is from The Thylacine – its 100% British oatmeal BFL  (I know no idea what the oatmeal means).  Its so nice, and I love the colors.  I haven’t spun in so long, but this is going on the top of the fiber basket, and I hope to get to it over the holidays when I’m off work.  Thanks, Chris – what great presents!

I had last Wednesday off (Veteran’s Day), and spent a really nice day.  I was the only one off, and I had lots of time to do just what I wanted to do.  I ran to the yarn store for yarn for a holiday gift (as a side note – all of this holiday knitting is really bad for blogging since I can’t put anything up for family members that read this blog – sigh.  But you can always see what I’m working on on Ravelry – assuming I get all of the projects up!).   After the yarn store, I met Larry for lunch, and then had a nice relaxing afternoon to myself for napping and knitting.  I must say – having a day off in the middle of the week is sort of nice every once in a while! 

Larry and I went to Maryland yesterday to visit Andrew – it was a long day,  but we had a very good time.  We went to the UMD football game (they lost), and then went out to dinner at PF Changs – which was located in a mall in Rockville.  We went through Lord & Taylor on the way back out, and I got a great down coat for an amazing price.  I can’t wait for it to get cold here so I can wear it!  It was great to see Andrew, and spend some time with him – I miss him – its so hard when kids are far away.  

I’ve been feverishly knitting away on my holiday projects, and have just about three done –  then I’ll have three to go.   I think I’m in pretty good shape, and don’t expect any last minute pressure/craziness  to finish – I made sure all the projets are small and quick!    And I’ve been very good about not starting anything else.  Except today I saw that the winter 2009 Twist was up  – there are some amazing patterns that I immediately put into my Ravelry queue.   But this pattern – Cambridge Cables – made me start pricing out Madelinetosh Tosh Merino.    I was so close to buying – but then I closed all the browser windows.  Stupid holiday knitting.  But isn’t that pretty?     I’ve been losing weight, and though that perhaps I’ll buy the pattern and yarn as a reward for myself once I hit my next milestone.  I think that will be a good motivator – and it will delay this long enough for me to finish what I need to finish!

OK, back to the holiday knitting grind…have a good week! 



14 Responses to A little stash enhancement

  1. weezalana says:

    Wow, nice haul! Such lovely stash additions!

    I LOVE the Kung Pao Chicken at P.F. Changs. I don’t even pretend to consider ordering anything else when I go there anymore!

  2. Valerie says:

    I’ve been seeing more and more of the Zauberball and I think I like it… I’m definitely going to have to look at getting some.

  3. The Madelinetosh is beautiful! Friends who give fibery gifts should be cherished. It sounds like you’ve been really busy.

  4. Robby says:

    I really liked that Twist pattern, too. And although my stepped up workout seems to be helping, the thought of decorative anything drawing attention to my backside made me decide it will need further consideration.

  5. rebekahsyarn says:

    Every girl needs a little stash enhancement now and then!

  6. I’m with you on the holiday knitting. I really do want to give special people hand-knit gifts. But it does take discipline not to start something new for me@

  7. brokeknits says:

    Good luck with holiday knitting! You managed to find some mighty pretty yarn!

  8. misa says:

    Mmm, yarn pron. I’ve almost pressed the buy button on Madelinetosh Worsted myself a few times. I’m much more susceptible to impulse buying in person though. I’ve been doing gift knitting and I’m getting the urge to make something for me!

  9. kitkatknit says:

    Sigh…I know how it goes to have a kiddling so far away! The good thing though is it gets cold in Boston so I get to knit lots of warm things for him!

  10. Christianne says:

    Great minds – I just printed out Multnomah myself – but I don’t know when I’ll cast on for it. Great yarn, and I’m glad you like the fibery gifts! I guess I better get started on some holiday knitting if I’m going to do any!

  11. rhoda says:

    oooh, madelinetosh! her yarns are so great! the silk/merino yarn from chris is beautiful. it is nice to get a day off in the middle of a week..but it also makes it a bit harder to go back to work! good luck with your holiday knitting!

  12. Denise says:

    Very nice. I haven’t been to Angelfire yet, I am definitely planning a visit now.

  13. kim says:

    Ooh, that grey is droolworthy! I bought some of that at Rhinebeck last year. But… Where is Penny?

  14. Opal says:

    that madelinetosh is sooooo purdy!!

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