No knitting content today, and if you are tired of puppy posts, then you shouldn’t continue on.  But I had to do a post about Penny because I just had to share a little bit…

We picked her up yesterday on the way home from a family wedding in Indiana – she was really overwhelmed at first in the car, but finally settled down in Cieara’s fleece blanket and took a nice long nap.  We stopped a couple of times for her on the way, but she just plopped in the grass and didn’t know quite what to do.  When we got home she explored everything and everyone.   She’s been chasing Ruby (Cairn terrier) and even wanted in the pen with Duncan to sleep (Duncan is in a playpen recovering from surgery).  She got tangled in the fireplace tools and ended up with soot all over her leg.  This morning we bathed her and she looks a little bit better now (and smells much better!).

She is such a cutie, and is such a lapdog when she finally stops playing.  We had a great first night we her – she went in the crate next to our bed, and passed out.  Larry took her out once in the night, but that was it.  I don’t expect that we’ll be that lucky any other night, but it was good to get at least one nights sleep!   We took her to the vet today, and she weighs 5.5 pounds and everything was ok. 

She is so much fun – and very smart.  She learned how to play fetch today (I’m thinking that teaching her this so early is going to mean that she will be an obsessive fetch dog just like Ruby, but its too late now!).    Its sort of like a baby – so cute and playful and cuddly that you want to wake them up from naps to play with you some more! 


She is going to be one spoiled dog – everyone is playing with her and petting her and I think she’s going to adjust just fine (of course, we are making sure everyone else is getting attention too!).  She’s a little young to housebreak (2 months) but we are starting to do what we can.  If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

I got a lot of knitting done on the car ride – I finished a sock and started another.  It was so much continuous knitting time that I sort of got tired of knitting (I really got tired of being in the car!).   I’m working on the second sock now, but considering starting another small project.   The socks are sort of eternal (large feet!), and I think it would be nice to break them up with a hat or cowl.   Or a dog sweater (do you think the name is a sign?)

OK, off to play with Penny!  Have a great week!

30 Responses to Penny

  1. Cookie says:


    So cute!

  2. Rhonda says:

    She is absolutely gorgeous. And the sweater is a definite YES!!!

  3. Rebekah says:

    Okay she is absolutely adorable, I really want to snuggle her and play. Oh potty training, boy, we were so fortunate with Abner. He “got it” by the time he was 10 weeks old. Django came pretty much trained, but he was 9 months or so when he came home.

    I can’t wait to see more and more pictures of Penny! Who cares about knitting when you have a puppy in the house!

  4. Christianne says:

    She really has such a sweet face – and it sounds like you’re all really enjoying each other. We potty trained our lab when he was 8 weeks old – granted, he still had accidents, but it’s never too soon!

    You totally have to make that sweater for her….and a matching one for Ruby!

  5. I’m not generally a dog person, but I’d adopt Penny in an instant. The pictures show how sweet and adorable she is. Lucky you! (And lucky her; she’s in a great home!)

  6. weezalana says:

    She’s so cute and fluffy!

  7. Suzanne says:

    She is really cute!!

  8. Stacy says:

    Oh, she’s adorable!! I love puppies!

  9. That is a seriously cute dog. And I’m not even a dog person! But what a sweet face!

  10. Kerry says:

    She is a cutie.

    We found the best way was to use the puppy training pads on the floor and gradually move them nearer to the door and eventually outside. It’s something to do with the scent on them. It worked for my two.

  11. brokeknits says:

    What a cutie!

  12. donna lee says:

    Oh my. She is adorable. That would be difficult face to ignore……

  13. Shea says:

    I love these dogs! My Mom’s westie appears on my blog from time to time. They are definitely intelligent and can be very vocal, or at least hers is. My boys adore her, she’s so fun to play with.

    I made the Penny sweater for my chinese crested when we first got her. It’s a pretty good pattern.

  14. Walden says:

    She is FAR too adorable!

  15. tiennie says:

    She sure is a cutie!

  16. Kim says:

    Penny is adorable! She looks a lot like our Darby did when he was young. He came from a breeder in OH, did Penny by any chance?

    On housebreaking: take her out the same door often and consider a ‘go phrase’ like ‘hurry up and go’ or something like that. Both of mine can now pee on command! I read that pups only remember for around 6 seconds and then forget so maybe take a treat out for her when she does go.

    Umm, we have a Westie breeder in town and you’ve got me yearning!

  17. kim says:

    Oh, my gawd! That face!!!!! She is so sweet. You are going to have so much fun! Good luck with her.

  18. Robby says:

    She’s cute as a… (P)penny! Maybe you can teach her and the other obsessive fetcher to throw the ball for each other???? Enjoy@

  19. Steven says:

    I love your bright, shiny new Penny! What a doll — and what a lucky dog!

  20. Ren says:

    penny is SO adorable! sounds like she’s going to be a great addition to your family! : )

  21. misa says:

    AH-dorable!! Enjoy every minute of puppy madness.

  22. Opal says:

    what a darling! i’m so glad to hear your first night with her went well!

  23. She looks like such a sweet doggie!

  24. rhoda says:

    ohh, i wish you had taken a pic of her covered in soot! lol. she’s adorable and we all know that adorable usually equals trouble..

  25. madalyn says:

    Ohmygoodness, Penny is so cute!

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