Pretty little thing

Well, this really isn’t a good picture, and it doesn’t look like a pretty little thing…but its done and I wanted to get it posted.


 My normal model, Cieara, is being completely uncooperative.  I have no idea why she doesn’t want to model things for my blog at 5:00 a.m.  She’s up, right?  She was very grouchy at the suggestion, and suggested that I use a cat (I thought about it but this is cashmere lace – I don’t think that’s something that should be combined with cats).  So sorry for the bad picture, and hopefully I’ll be able to post something next time showing it in the daylight, and on a model.

OK, for specifics:

Pattern:  Pretty Thing
Yarn:  Jade Sapphire Silk/Cashmere 2-ply, colorway Blueberries and Plums
Started:  October 8, 2009
Finished:  October 13, 2009

This is a great pattern, and I really enjoyed it.  The pattern is interesting, but this is still great TV knitting.  I’ve already bought more yarn to make another as a gift this Christmas.  I like how its pretty close fitting – the other cowls I have are looser, and I think it will be nice to have something that fits a little more snuggly.    I love the yarn – I’m so glad that I have enough to make something else with it – I think I probably have about 350 yards left.   I also think I”ll be buying more of the yarn – it was so nice to knit with, and I love the finished product.

Larry just walked by with a suitcase – I think that’s my cue that its just about time to leave.  We are driving today to Indiana for my nephew’s wedding.  It should be a long day – and the forecast is calling for snow across the region.  Super.    I’ve brought two knitting projects with me (fair isle vest and socks), and I think I’m going to get a lot done! 

We pick up Penny on the way home on Sunday  – we are very excited and looking forward to the chaos a new puppy will bring to the house.   This is the last picture we got  – she is so cute!  We’ve been giving the other two dogs a lot of attention, but I think their world is going to change drastically – no more sleeping all the time!

10-7-09 002

 OK, I really should go – gotta pack the car and get the grouchy model moving.  Have a great weekend!

12 Responses to Pretty little thing

  1. Kerry says:

    It looks lovely.

    Enjoy your little break before the puppy arrives. It is very fresh in my mind how much havoc they cause.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Penny is so adorable, you’re going to have so much fun.

  3. Wow, you’re fast! Didn’t that pattern just go up? I’ve queued it, so I appreciate the review!

    What an adorable puppy. I’m sure she is going to shake up the other dogs.

  4. brokeknits says:

    So pretty! Have a great weekend — and good luck with the new puppy!

  5. Rebekah says:

    I’m hoping to get lots of knitting time on my vest this weekend as well, I just can’t put the thing down! But I also must clean Basil’s room.

    Ohhhhhh pupppiiieeeessss. I can’t wait till you get her.

  6. vickiknit says:

    Penny has such a cute little face. I hope the adjustment time goes well.

    I really like the color of the cowl, very pretty!

  7. donna lee says:

    Penny looks like she’s going to give the other two a run for their money! What a cutie!

    The cowl came out beautiful in that yarn. I’ve never made a cowl but I really like that one and maybe I’ll make it my first……

  8. Cookie says:

    Another Westie?! :p

    Couldn’t you get Larry to model for you? I’m sure he’s less cranky at that hour than your teenager. ;^)

    Lovely cowl, btw.

    Happy Weekend!

  9. weezalana says:

    I like the idea of Larry modeling it for you. Hey, it’s blue – that’s a man color, right? 😉

    Penny’s such a cutie!

  10. Robby says:

    I’d baby-sit that cute little face very happily. Too bad I live several hundred miles away. Eagerly awaiting more puppy picture (knitting ones are nice too).

  11. Susie says:

    Love the colors and that beautiful cowl pattern! Have fun with Penny.

  12. rhoda says:

    pretty little thing is definitely gorgeous!! hope the wedding was beautiful. 🙂 oh, penny is so adorable!

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