Indian Summer Beret

I’ve had this finished for over a week but I finally bought a button yesterday and sewed it on last night.  So this is officially done  – and Cieara was nice enough to model it for me while she ate her dinner.


Pattern:  Indian Summer
Yarn:  Black Woods Farm Alpaca Sport Weight
Started:  September 30, 2009
Finished:  October 2, 2009

I loved this pattern – very well written, interesting to make and I love the button.  This is a little big on Cieara, but fits me well.  I really enjoyed the pattern, and am already planning on making another one.


I used alpaca sportweight that I bought on vacation in Maine a couple of years ago – its very soft and was very much like handspun.  It was really nice to use stash yarn – I’m trying hard to do that, and love these small projects that help use one or two skeins of special yarn.    I think I was supposed to block the hat, but I don’t see the point – it never holds and I think it looks ok without blocking.


All in all, I am really pleased with the hat – cute pattern, great yarn – and a very fast knit.  And it couldn’t be better timing – we are heading to Indiana this weekend for a wedding and its supposed to be cold – so I’ll be bringing this along!

I love fall – this is my favorite time of year, and we had a great weekend.  We went apple picking  – I’ve never been and it was amazing!  If you haven’t gone, you should.  We bought so many apples we will have them for a while, but they are so good it was hard to resist.  We tried a lot of varieties, most new to us, and it is amazing how different apples can taste.    Larry made me an amazing cake – if you like chocolate cake, I recommend this recipe – it was gone by the next day.

And Cieara made something today…little mini cupcakes!  I can’t wait for dessert tonight (and I’m going to have to walk every day to work it all off!).


I’m just about done with the cowl – I was really busy this weekend, and had less time than planned for knitting.  But I’m just about done – and already bought the yarn to make another one as a gift.  Great pattern!

OK, off to knit – have a good week!


20 Responses to Indian Summer Beret

  1. Valerie says:

    That hat is so cute!
    My favourite apples are Paula Reds, but you can only get them for a short time around here, so mostly I just stick with macintosh and granny smith

  2. misa says:

    Ooh, that looks like a nice soft hat. Alpaca is so delicious. Cake, cupcakes, apple picking… sounds like a great weekend.

  3. Rachel says:

    Lovely and very soft looking hat and your family baking look really yummy.

    You didn’t tell us which apple you preferred, I think I like the Mccoun the most.

  4. Rhonda says:

    Cieara is definitely at hat girl (just like Valerie). Very nice.

  5. Great hat, and I like how it’s a bit slouchy on Cieara.

    It’s so suddenly, definitely fall here! Need some woolies to wear, right now.

  6. weezalana says:

    Lovely job on the hat!

    I’ve always wanted to go apple picking!

  7. tiennie says:

    That is a sweet sweet beret and cupcakes are one of my favorite desserts!

  8. Christianne says:

    Really nice hat! We haven’t gone apple picking in a while, but it is so much fun – we usually just get a big bushel of apple from up the road……yum.

  9. Steven says:

    Here’s to fall — and apples. The hat turned out awesome — and such a gorgeous model!

  10. Rebekah says:

    Cute hat! I’ve never understood the purpose of block hats, socks, or mittens. That being said, I often don’t block my sweaters. I think I’m blocking lazy.

  11. Denise says:

    Pretty hat, I am going to make one for Emily. You are a great pattern picker – I found myself consulting your Rav queue looking for inspiration.

    Are you going to sheep n wool at all this weekend? Originally I was going to Stitches, but I’m going to Rhinebeck instead.

  12. stacy says:

    Great job with the hat. And, the cupcake looks delish!!

  13. Opal says:

    cute hat and the mini-cupcake is adorable! your daughter has got talent!

  14. kim says:

    What a pretty beret and a lovely model. I hope you found a dress! Have a great time this weekend.

  15. Cookie says:

    So cute! And it’s a nice hat, too. ;^)

    Love the cupcake!

  16. rhoda says:

    the hat looks great!! ever since you shared the pattern i’ve been wanting to make my own. 🙂 oh, who cares if you took some time to get a button. my sesame and my something blue are all still waiting! haha. i’ve never been apple picking either.

  17. Cieara is a fantastic model – even when she’s eating 🙂

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