back on track?

I may have mentioned that I usually check the destash group on Ravelry once or twice a week (or once or twice a day!).   Sometimes it is very easy to resist whatever it is people are selling – but sometimes its a bit harder.  Last week, I saw some beautiful Manos Del Uruaguay Silk Blend.  Very reasonable price, nice color – so hard to say no.  I had used this yarn to make a Forest Canopy Shawl for my mother, and loved how it came out.  So when I saw this yarn on Destash, I had to get it to make one for me.  The color is really off in this picture – this shows the shade of green a little better.

I know, I know – UFO August.  What happened to that?  After the Ulmus fiasco, I had to do something that would be fast, but would restore my good knitting vibes.  And I just couldn’t resist the yarn.


Of course….I should have remembered that my knitting mojo is really out of whack, and that perhaps I should really pay attention…

The arrow on the bottom right shows how the pattern should look at the top of the diamond (leaf?).  The larger arrow on the top left shows where I am right now – oops!  looks like I actually forgot what row I was on and just started somewhere – somewhere that obviously isn’t right.  Sigh.  This is what I get for not writing down where I am, but just assuming I’ll figure it out when I pick it up.  I’m going to try and rip this back about four rows – hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the stitches and just move on.   I am very relieved I realized the mistake – I’d be really pissed if I had kept on going and saw it when I was done.  Note to self – get notepad and write down row numbers!


If you haven’t made one of these shawls, I’d highly recommend it.  Its a very fast shawl, and not too difficult – but not completely mindless and boring.    And it really is a nice, warm, beautiful shawl done in a DK weight – I think you could probably do a laceweight or a worsted and just add/decrease repeats.  The instructions are really well written, so its a good first lace project.

We had a mixed bag weekend – some issues with one of the kids, but then I had knitting group, dinner with my sister and floating in the pool to offset.    We bought paint samples for our bedroom and started making plans on how we are going to redo it, and ran errands.  Very busy, and yet lots of relaxing time, a margarita or two, and lots of good food.  I think the look from Duncan sums up how we ended up feeling at the end of a very nice Sunday.


Have a great week!


13 Responses to back on track?

  1. Shea says:

    So good to know that I’m not the only one that has knitting mojo problems and issues with kids! Love, love, love the dog! How old is he? He looks so sweet.

  2. melanie says:

    I love the colour – I’m guilty of checking the Destash pages (not only yarn, either….) a couple of times a day. Usually, I can restrain myself. Usually.

  3. brokeknits says:

    Oooh, such pretty yarn shouldn’t be ignored! At least it’s a minor mistake … I hope it’s easily fixed. (Why are the minor ones more infuriating, though?) Hope your week is off to a good start!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Welcome to my world, one big kid issue. Thank goodness for knitting!

    Sometimes, the easier patterns are the ones that trip you up.

    Duncan is sweet.

  5. CP says:

    I just did the same thing. I started the Gail (Nightsongs) shawl on ravelry and realized I had messed up 10 rows ago and had to rip back and redo. I had used lifelines, though, so that helped big time. Probably not a good first time lace project.

    I’ll have to check out that destash group. Sounds exciting!

  6. Valerie says:

    I’ve been admiring the forest canopy shawl for a while, but there are so many nice shawls out there its so hard to choose… plus I’m not caasting anything else on until I finish something

  7. I’m a big fan of the row counters that sit on your needle or cable. You just click the dial on it. If I write on paper, I lose the paper!

  8. weezalana says:

    Hey, sometimes you need something comforting and familiar and fun to restore the mojo!

    I use the Kacha row counters to remember where I was when I left off. And the clicky sound makes me happy. 😉

  9. Kim says:

    What a wonderful gift for yourself. I love Manos silk blend and have some that I can’t quite bring myself to knit. You’ve given me an idea on how to use it though.

    Love the puppy!

  10. Rebekah says:

    Sometimes you just can’t say no. Its a law of physics I’m pretty sure.

  11. hakucho says:

    Good thing you spotted that mistake. I had a hard time seeing what was wrong…looks fabulous 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the shawl!!

  12. Steven says:

    That’s one happy Duncan! Glad you treated yourself to some yarn for a shawl for YOU! Here’s to getting one’s mojo back.

  13. rhoda says:

    i like screen shopping on the rav destash boards too. i’ve been meaning to make this forest canopy shawl for a while now but just haven’t got the right yarn in my stash for it–at least I don’t believe that I do! lol. hopefully ripping back 4 rows was enough. Maybe you should always end on the same row before setting it down? UFO August..who cares! It should be U (Do What’s Right) Fof You August. How about that? 😉

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