July 31, 2009

You know how the week before vacation just crawls and you think that you will never get there?  Usually that’s the way it goes for me, but this time it didn’t happen to me – this week just flew by!  I had so much to get done at work to wrap everything up so that the person covering for me wouldn’t have to actually do anything.   But at last night at 4:45 I sent my last email, uploaded the last contract, and set my out of office on my email and phone.  And then I went out for drinks with co-workers and we sat outside on a muggy NY night and it was a really nice way to start my vacation.

We are leaving tomorrow for Cape Cod, and today is about getting ready – packing, laundry, getting a hair cut, getting the cars ready.  I’ve started my packing ….


I’ve been thinking about what knitting to take with me – we have a 6 hour car drive, so that’s great knitting time.  And all that beach time for socks, and night time for shawls.  I was just about ready to put Ulmus and Nefertitti in my bag, along with the two pairs of socks I’m working on.  That’s not too much for a week, right?   I started to put it all in the bag and then stopped – and I remembered last vacation where I didn’t actually knit too much because we were spending time doing things, seeing things, playing games.  And I remembered that I hauled a bunch of projects up with me, and then hauled them back home and never touched them in-between.   So I’m just taking Ulmus and a pair of socks.  And I think that’s just the right amount, don’t you? (And if I run out of things to knit, I’m pretty sure I’ll find a yarn store on the Cape that can help me out with that problem!)

I bought the book about John Adams a month ago, and have been holding it for vacation – I am really looking forward to getting time to read.  And the golf?  Well, there are a lot of courses on the Cape, so I think I’ll get out once or twice – we all golf except for Cieara (we can’t convince her to try), so golf has become part of all vacations.  We just need to do it in combinations so Cieara isn’t by herself – so when the boys go, it will be a good time for Cieara and I to get pedi’s!

I have been working on my VanDyke sock this week on the train – and I know I’ve said this before, but I really like toe up! (sorry about the pictures – its a cloudy day here)


I started this using the larger number of cast on stitches – and ended up ripping it back and doing the smallest number and I love the way these socks fit.  A lot of my socks are sort of loose and I have been trying to get them to fit better – and these fit me like a glove. 


Look at that heel!  Perfect!  And so comfortable.  This is Neighborhood Fiber sport weight and I love this yarn – amazing color, and its just really nice yarn.

For the first time ever, we are taking our dogs on vacation.  After Maggie died, Duncan was really sad and depressed (they were buddies) and it just seemed mean to leave him behind because he’d be alone for the most part.  The house we found accepted pets, so it seemed like the right thing to do.  I’m a bit nervous about it – I’m not sure how they will be in a strange environment for a week, but I know that they will like being with us, and will like all the strange new places to walk (our house is on a bay so I’m sure Ruby will be in the water – she loves running through water…smelly dog).  Ruby has her own bag of toys to bring, and we bought them new dog beds for the ride….and Ruby has been testing hers out (she’s sleeping with a ridiculously huge stuff raccon that Dan gave her – its as big as she is and she loves snuggling with it).


OK, I’m off – I better get going if I’m going to get it all done.  I’m not bringing a computer with me – I need to disconnect every now and then.  And I’m going to try very hard not to use my iPhone to blog/Facebook/email.   And I’m going to try even harder to get everyone to put their phones down, stop texting and just be together.  We’ll see how succesful I am in any of that, but I’m hoping!

Have a great week and happy August!