As soon as I cast off Ishbel, I cast on for another project.   I had mentioned that I was looking at the Ulmus shawl – I was sort of meh on it when I first saw it, but after I saw a few completed ones on Ravelry, it started to grow on me.  It takes two different fingering weight yarns – I looked through the stash, but if I had two yarns that went together well, they just didnt have the yardage.  Isn’t it funny how no matter how big your stash is, you never seem to have the right yarn for a project?  Anyway, I looked around for yarn online – I was leaning towards Malabrigo Sock, but couldn’t decide on colors.  I went over to Etsy to check out some of my favorite places…and I saw the perfect yarn at Fearless Fibers.   Deb was so nice to work with – I really liked the colorway Midnight Passion and wanted to know if another color would go with it.  Deb was great – she sent back suggestions of yarns she thought would go better than the one I had suggested.    I picked Sloth and   I ordered the yarn on a Saturday and it was here Monday when I got home from work – amazing!  Gorgeous yarns, very good experience.  Can’t wait to order from her again!

So I cast on for Ulmus, and after one false start (it really pays to actually read the key to see what the stitches are), I am clipping along


I think this is very blueberry looking – as I’m knitting it, I keep on thinking about blueberry pie, blueberry turnovers, tarts, buckle….I think I’m hungry!  I really am enjoying this – the yarn is gorgeous and the pattern is easy and its making such a great material.  I’m going to use the light blue on the edging lace, and I think this will be a beautiful shawl.  So glad I found the perfect yarn for this!

If you will remember, I bought a little bag from Stellar Babble Creations for my knitting tools.  I really love the bag, and wanted to buy some of her DPN organizers – so last week I bought the organizer for Sock DPN’s…my DPNs are all over the house, and I think that there is a good chance that I’m knitting with two different sizes.  So I think that this organizer will help!  Each sleeve is for a different sized DPN – I think they fit up to a 6″ – but they seem very roomy.


Once I have them all filled, they pop into the bag, and I will no longer have to hunt all over for DPNs when I start a project!


Cute, eh?  I think next month I’ll get the Hat/Mitten DPN organizer…

One of the blogs I read is Wandering Cat Studio  – she is very creative and makes gorgeous things.  Very recently, Valerie and her Mom opened an Etsy shop – Wandering Cat Yarns.   Very nice yarns – I have to admit that I couldn’t resist and ordered laceweight (I’ll show you when I get it – its gorgeous!  I’m thinking a nice lacy cowl for the winter).  Valerie is having a contest at her blog – so head on over, make a comment and maybe you will win some very pretty yarn! 

We finally sat down, figured out all of the college tuition and housing payment plan for next year (it is really a drag to have two kids in college!), and it looks like we will be able to squeeze out a vacation!  We are going to go to Cape Cod the first week of August – well, hopefully.  Everyone has confirmed with their work except Larry  – he’s working on it because the person that covers for him will be out that week.  But hopefully he will figure that out today.  We have a couple of houses that look like good possibilities – so I’m hoping to get it all resolved by the end of the week – then I can just look forward to it.  We haven’t been to Cape Cod in about 10 years  – it will be great to go back.  And having a week away is going to be heaven! 

OK, its time to get to work.  I hope you are having a great week!


23 Responses to Blueberry

  1. kristin says:

    Those dpn bags are ridiculously adorable. Love them!

  2. Your dpn bag looks like such a great idea. Your Ulmus colours work really well together, isn’t it great when someone on the other side of the monitor will help?

  3. Denise says:

    Looks great together. Are you going to do the solid color border? I’m not loving that in the picture of the original pattern, it seems too light a contrast.

  4. Valerie says:

    It does look like blueberries! I fell in love with Ulmus the the first time I saw it…. I can’t wait to see yours.

    I have knit with two different size dpns… no I keep my needle sizer on hand at all times.

    Thank you again for entering the contest and buying some yarn. I can’t wait to see what you knit with it!

  5. Kim says:

    I LOVE those DPN bags. And Ulmus is looking very nice. Very blueberry which is good cause blueberries are in season right now.

  6. Walden says:

    The Ulmus looks great, I love those two colors together.

  7. Rhonda says:

    You’re a naughty girl. Now I want one of those cases. I’ll see your Ulmus and raise you Aestlight. (I’m working on it now and I’ll put up pics soon.)

  8. Chris says:

    I like your Ulmus and that organizer is too cute! And speaking of Blueberries…shoprite has the flat of them on sale this week – I just happen to have one sitting on the table waiting to magically turn into Blueberry Crisp!

  9. Chris says:

    and yay for Cape Cod!

  10. Mmmm, blueberries! Now I have to go out and pick them. And finish my blue knitting…

  11. Rachel says:

    Your Ulmus looks great, I am glad you enjoy knitting it and the colors are really nice.

  12. I also have two in college — and it is a struggle! I keep saying that I’m going to go on the world’s largest spending spree when they graduate.

    The blueberry shawl is lovely. And I am coveting the DPN bags.

  13. katie m. says:

    So pretty! I bought some blueberries yesterday after reading your post … coincidence? I think not. The dpn bags are super cute! You’re a queen of knitting bags.

  14. weezalana says:

    Those DPN holders are adorable! Almost makes me wish I used DPNs again. Almost. 😉

  15. Anna says:

    I love your Ulmus! I keep seeing this pattern around in various colourways, and all of them are gorgeous – very inspiring…

    That’s great news that you can have a holiday this year. We had one of our best ever family holidays in Cape Cod – I look forward to seeing some pictures when you go 😉

  16. Kathleen says:

    I had fun catching up on your blog. Great projects, love the blueberry ulmus.

  17. Robby says:

    Your blueberry Ulmus looks, um, tasty? You need to hop over to Smitten Kitchen’s blog and snag her recipe for ‘Blueberry Boy Bait’ (I kid you not). It would make a lovely celebratory treat after ulmus is done.

  18. Steven says:

    Mmmmm…blueberries! It does put one in mind of these. And you week at Cape Cod sounds fantastic! I hope it works out!

  19. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- (covering eyes but peeking through fingers) I can’t look- I can’t look at etsy anymore.

    I would love to hand out in Cape Cod- I hear there’s a nice yarn store there.

  20. misa says:

    Very cute needle holders, hugely tempting. But more importantly, hooray for a vacation!

  21. hakucho says:

    I LOVE the effect of the two different shades of blue together—gorgeous 🙂 I have never seen an organizer like that one…pretty cool 🙂

    Where on the cape will you be going?…just curious as I’ve spent a lot of time at the cape my whole life 🙂

  22. Opal says:

    these DPN organizers are awesome! thanks so much for posting them! these are -exactly- what i need!

  23. rhoda says:

    i love deb from fearless fibers! 🙂 ulmus is looking good. hope it survives!

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