Wednesday Rambles

Much to my relief, this version of Ishbel is behaving.  I’m just about done the second A chart (so I’ve done A, B and most of A again)…so just C, D and E to go – I’m almost there!  If I continue to not spend a lot of time online at night I should be able to finish this shawl this weekend.  I’m still enjoying it, and am glad I switched to the heavier yarn.  I usually don’t repeat knit patterns, but I could see doing this one again – its just so fast!  This pattern is very close to the Wool Peddlar’s shawl, but for some reason, that shawl’s stockinette section took forever (I’m actually not done with it) while Ishbel’s went very fast.  Anyway, I do love it, and I’m enjoying this knit.


I’m working from home (Wednesday, yay!) and just saw a blurb on the Today show about the heat elsewhere in the country.  It isn’t hot here – in fact, I think yesterday was the first summer-like day we’ve had so far and it was in the high 70’s.   Looks like the whole middle part of the country is just cooking – and if you live there, I guess you know that.  I know that its probably too much heat, and that its miserable…but I wish we’d get a little bit of that.  I’d like to spend some time outside without being cold. 

OK, sorry – got sidetracked, back to the blog.

Thanks for the thoughts about our dog.  Maggie is 13, and we’ve had her since she was a puppy.


She doesn’t look like this now – she’s an old, cranky lady – but defnitely a member of the family!  She’s had medical problems for months now, and we thought it might be time.  But I couldn’t do it and we decided to look at our options.  (Maggie didn’t mind the indecision since she got donut holes this weekend!)   We are going to take her to the vet tonight to see if there is something we can do that would make her comfortable without putting her through all the tests, procedures and surgery the vet had wanted to do.  We don’t want to put Maggie through that, and I want to focus on palliative care rather than putting her through all this in an effort to cure what can’t be cured.  But I appreciate all the thoughts –  we know that eventually it will be time to let her go, but I want to really make sure its the right time before I do that.    Please cross your fingers for her – I am really hoping that the vet can find a better solution.

I’ve joined a couple of -alongs on Ravelry, and thought I’d share in case you hadn’t seen them…

Did you see that Tour de Fleece is starting?  Cookie had mentioned it on her blog, so I went over an joined Team Crankypants (definitely my kind of team!).   There are lots of teams, prizes and fun – so if you spin, give it a shot!  I’m looking forward to having a motivation to sit down and spin – I’ve had the same stuff on the bobbin for a while, and I’d love to finish it.  And I have some beautiful roving that’s waiting for me to get to it. 

How about Summer of Socks?  This has been going for a couple of years now, and I think I’ve always been in it – even if I wasn’t too active a participant.  I like seeing what everyone is up to, and having some motivation to crank out some socks.  (Speaking of which – just about done the latest pair and looking forward to picking another personal sock club project). 

What I like about both is that they are both very low pressure, low stress.  I like joining these things so I can see what people do, have a place to get inspiration, and have a little fun.  I’m not big on the KAL’s (or SAL’s) that are very high pressure, too structured and have a million rules.  I deal with all that in my job – I don’t need it in my hobby. 

I should really not be doing this – since I have a bunch of shawls going and really should go back and finish one – but I’ve been looking at Ulmus lately – and wondering what sock yarn would be good for it….when the pattern first came out, I was sort of meh on it – but its grown on me lately, and now I want to start one.  Malabrigo Sock?  Socks that Rock?  Enchanted Knoll?  Hmmm….

OK, well, I guess I’ll stop my stream of consciousness rambling!  Its time to “go to work”.   I hope you have a great week, and hopefully the next time I’ll be showing you either finished socks or a finished Ishbel!


13 Responses to Wednesday Rambles

  1. Stacy says:

    The shawl looks great. Good luck at the vet’s tonight. I’ll be thinking of you.

  2. I hope you and your vet work out a good plan for Maggie. Your Ishbel looks great, that pattern is easy and addictive but I have no idea why either.

  3. weezalana says:

    I’m normally not into KALs either, but I did the STR KAL last quarter, and am diving into the next one on July 1. Three months to finish, no pressure, and a great group of knitties!

    I’m sure the vet will come up with a good plan for Maggie’s care. She was an adorable puppy!

  4. donna lee says:

    I was thinking of joining the Tour de France kal again but I think I need a deadline free summer. I love the colors in your ishbel. Just gorgeous.

  5. Rachel says:

    My fingers are crossed for Maggie so it is hard to type.

    Nice Ishbel is building there and Ulmus is a real fun knit, I just finished my second one a few days ago. Whatever yarn you choose, if you like the lacy edge in one color, make sure you have more than one skein or a very big skein of that color. Even with 440 yards of quite a thin sock yarn I had to use my second color for the last 2 rows and the cast off of my second Ulmus (I need to put in the ends, block and photograph it still).

  6. Valerie says:

    I’ve considered joining a couple KALs but I’m just not disciplined enough… I always get sidetracked.Maggie was a beautiful puppy! I kinda wish my cats had stayed kittens…

  7. katie m. says:

    Good luck with this Ishbel! I hope it all turns out well in the end.
    I’ve also been wondering about the Ulmus shawl recently — it has grown on me.
    I hope your sweet dog is doing okay. Ours is getting older, too, and it’s so hard to know that a time will come when the tough decision will have to be made. Best wishes for finding a good compromise.

  8. tiennie says:

    I hope Ishbel continues to behave for you. I’m sorry about Maggie. Pets really are a part of the family and we hate to see them in pain.

  9. rebekahsyarn says:

    I hope you are given some good options tonight at the vet, all 8 paws in the house will be thinking of you.

    Abner and Django also wanted me to tell you that old lady dogs should be spoiled rotten and given lots and lots of goodies they weren’t allowed when they were puppies.

  10. You’ve caught up to where I am on Ishbel! I like looking at your macro shot of the lace. It’s interesting to me that I see the solid parts as the figure, and the holey parts as the ground, whereas on mine I see it the other way.

    I hope you can keep Maggie comfortable.

    And I’m not joining any more knit alongs for a while! Except for the STR one…

  11. Oiyi says:

    Poor Maggie. I am rooting for her.

    I want to knit Ulmus, too. I recently enhanced my stash and can’t decide what colors to use.

  12. Opal says:

    Best of wishes, of luck, of hope to Maggie. I know how tough it is with our older fur babies.

    Yay for Team Crankypants! I’ve got plenty to be cranky about today so I’m off to roast some babies. ;-P

  13. vickiknit says:

    One more thing to add to my “wish” list – your shawl is beautiful! Good luck with Maggie, I understand what you’re going through. {hugs}

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