Same project, different day

Thanks for all the advice and support on the yarn issue with Ishbel – lots of ideas, and it made me feel better.   I felt better until I sat down on Wednesday night to work on it, reached into my knitting basket and pulled it out.  I felt better until I felt a tug, and realized that one of the needles had caught on something in the basket, and I had just yanked half of the shawl off the needle.    When I looked at it, most of it was ok, but there was a section of about 10 stitches that not only had come off, but had run down as well.  I tried to get it all back on the needles – I can save stockinette or a basic pattern usually – but saving lace is something else.  And in the end, I was unhappy with how it looked.  So I frogged it back to the stockinette.  And then I frogged it back a little more..and changed it just a little.


While I was frogging, I thought about the lace pattern – I think it would have been better in a slightly smaller needle.  I like a little more definition – so then I started thinking about the rest of the shawl, and realized that I think, for me, I’d like it better if I had used a smaller needle.  I used a US 6 for it, and maybe a 5 would have been better.  So I frogged the entire thing.    I went to Ravelry to check what needles people had used for theirs, and got sidetracked when I saw what yarn they were using – quite a bit used fingering weight yarn.  And not just any fingering weight, but Wollmeise.  Which I have in the stash because Lorraine is a really nice person, and sold me some.   Since I have such total focus and project dedication….of course, I immediately went upstairs, found the Wollmeise and cast on for Ishbel again.


Again, hard to get the exact color – both pictures are in natural light, but the actual yarn is a little darker.    I just finished the stockinette part and am ready to start Chart A for the first time.  I think this version will be a great little shawl to have in the cold weather, and I think the lace pattern will be more effective in this yarn than the alpaca lace.  I really like the colors of the yarn, but I’m not sure I’m loving the base – its soft, but I’m just not sure I like it as much as I do the yarns that have a heavier twisted base.  I can’t explain it – I just know I’m not thrilled with the feel of it as I’m knitting with it.   I do love the colors of Wollmeise, and I’m waiting for the hype to die down so I can buy more (although it doesn’t really seem to die down, does it?).  I’m not a wait online till all hours fighting to get something in my cart kind of yarn buyer.  I don’t have the focus for it –  I get distracted by other yarn too easily.  But I think eventually a new yarn will come along that people will go nuts over, and then the Wollmeise will be easier.

I have to admit to being very crabby right now.  I started by being crabby last night – a co-worker made a comment to me that was really mean right as I was leaving for the day, and kicked off my weekend the wrong way.  I think I kept the crabbiness going all night with crabby dreams.    I hate that!  I don’t think it helps that its supposed to rain here today and tomorrow….we’ve had nothing but rain and clouds for the last week (we did have a bit of sun yesterday but I was at work and missed it).    And it doesn’t help that our oldest dog is starting to do badly, and its time for us to make the decision I really don’t want to make.   The problem with having aging pets is that they all start having problems at the same time, and its been constant for the last couple of months.  We’ve known that this day was coming, but now that its here, it is really hard. 

OK, I’m going to go before I bum you out completely.   I have a busy weekend in front of me – its father’s day here in the US, so I have shopping to do, desserts to make, dinners to plan.  Since its going to rain, no golf for Larry but I’m hoping that we can go have some fun anyway.  I hope you have a wondeful weekend!


19 Responses to Same project, different day

  1. Cookie says:

    Isn’t the hype for that yarn amazing? Talk about a good business strategy.

    I’m sorry about the pets, sweetie. It’s never easy or fun, but it’s part of the job.

    I’m also sorry that you’re feeling crabby. I hope you kick that co-worker on Monday so they can have a crabby week.


  2. Sorry you’re having a crabby day… if it’s any consolation so am I and for no good reason. Hopefully the rest of your weekend is easier.

    The fingering weight Ishbels seem a bit more cozy to me. Your Wollmeise version is going to be fantastic.

  3. Opal says:

    i’m so in love with your wollmeise ishbel.

    i hope the crabby mood dissipates soon.


  4. brokeknits says:

    Good luck with the new Ishbel! I hope it works out better this time around. Maybe the bright colors will help lift the crabby mood?

    I’m sorry to hear about your ailing pets. It’s so hard when they get older.

  5. Valerie says:

    The shawl looks lovely… I haven’ t knit with Wollmeise (I’m not a stay up all night chasing yarn kind of knitter either.) butmy mom has several skeins (she’s trained the dog to wake her up at 3 am) and it feels lovely.
    Sorry to here about the bad day and the pets. It’s never easy but hopefully things will work out

  6. donna lee says:

    I have never seen Wollmeise. I guess I’m not a celebrity yarn kind of person. My daugher is making the wool peddler’s shawl, too. She is slogging through the plain part and can’t wait to get to the lace part.

    I hope you are feeling less crabby. I hate when those feelings carry through to my dreams and then the rest of my weekend.

  7. Wanda says:

    I like the fingering weight version in Wollmeise better. I hope to start an Ishbel soon. I’m currently working on Girasole and love it!

  8. lucette says:

    There are those days when you can’t win for trying. And then every so often you have a Felix Felicis kind of day. It will happen as it is written in the stars.

    The shawl looks lovely. I have not seen woolmeise either, so to me you are quite a lucky knitter.

  9. Steven says:

    My heart breaks at the whole major-life-decisions for pets thing. I know you’ll do what’s right when you need to. I loved reading how your thoughts spun around re-thinking the shawl. Nice to know that other knitters do the same thing!

  10. Sorry about the pets and the yucky co-worker. Don’t let the clowns get you down!

    The new Ishbel is looking lovely. I had a hard time controlling my tension when I started the lace on both of mine. It gets better. Thank goodness.

  11. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Oh dear, I understand about crabbiness. I hope you had a nice Father’s day in spite of all the crap.

    The Ishbel is lovely.

  12. weezalana says:

    Sometimes a frog is fated! It looks lovely in the Wollmeise. I knit a pair of socks in that yarn once and had the same impression as you – wonderfully saturated color, but the feel was just meh. I gave the socks away (they ended up being too big) and had no burning desire to stash more. I don’t quite understand the hype!

    Hope the crabbiness disappeared! Try picturing yourself kicking the other person’s ass. It helps. 😉

  13. Elysbeth says:

    I think the re-incarnation is lovely. Hope you are feeling less ground down by life.

  14. Anna says:

    Oh, I’m so sorry to hear about your dog. I don’t even like to think about ours getting old. And the knitting sounds a little frustrating at the moment. I hope you find something that you really love making soon!

  15. Rebekah says:

    1) I’m so sorry about your puppy. That is the hardest decision one can make. Hang in there.

    2) Sorry about the shawl, but sounds like you’ll be much happier with the new edition.

    3) Sorry about being crabby, I’m having a total crabby day right now and can relate. I’m madder then a hatter. Whatever tha tmeans, and I don’t even really know why.

    Sigh, tomorrow is always better, one can hope.

  16. rhoda says:

    something is telling me that maybe the wollmeise isn’t gonna make it. i did the same thing too–i looked @ the needle size everyone else was using and then I considered the needles recommended for the yarn I picked and I stuck with that as my gauge-not what everybody else was doing. i think it helped. maybe you need to a heavier base? the color is gorgeous though. sorry to hear about your oldest dog. 😦 goodness, hope your weekend improved.

  17. Robby says:

    Interesting to read about your thoughts on the mythical W yarn. I totally understand about the pet issues – they are such a precious part of the family. I live in this area where we are not pet ‘owners’, but ‘guardians’. I thought that was a pretty stupid idea when it came up. When it came time for those hard decisions, the concept helped me deal better with my responability to my dear kitties. YMMV, but maybe that helps, a teensy bit?

  18. misa says:

    This weather is enough to make any person feel crabby. I don’t think I would recognize a nice day at this point if it hit me between the eyes.

    Amazing stick-to-it-ness with Ishbel, I might have been preparing the funeral pyre when I saw the big run.

  19. tiennie says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. I hate it when people feel the need to rain on my sunshine.

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