I’ve been knitting on Ishbel this week – and I must say – what a great pattern!  Its very similar to the Wool Peddlar’s shawl that I haven’t finished (or touched in months) but there is something different about it that just is holding my interest, and makes me pick this up in the morning, at night and on the train.  Maybe it is the increases in every row?  Maybe its the amazing yarn (Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace)?  I don’t know what it was, but I got past the stockinette part fairly quickly, and I’m now done with two charts…with 3 plus the edging to go.


This is a really hard color to photograph – its either washed out completely, or looks like a 1970’s appliance.  It really isn’t as, um, pea green as the above picture indicates   – its more of a spring-ish green – but not pastel.  Hard to describe, but very pretty.   Anyway, I’m making good progress on the shawl, and as I said – only 3 more charts plus edging to go.  Just one problem…


That’s how much yarn I have left – that’s a peach next to it (and not one of those huge peaches we get in the summer).  I’m a little worried that I’m going to run out of yarn.  The pattern calls for 330 yards for the small, and the alpaca lace has 437 yards.  So I should be fine.  I know rationally that I’ll be fine.  But everytime I pick up this little ball of yarn, I start to wonder if its going to make it.   Each of the charts has 16 rows (including the WS rows), and the edging is only one row.  So that’s 49 rows.  Of 250+ stitches.   Its hard for me to rationally understand that there is more than enough yarn in the ball when what I see visually is telling me something else.    So every couple of rows, I stop, pick up the ball, worry, put it back down and start knitting while thinking that a) its going to be fine or b) I’m going to run out on the last row.  Do you do this too?  Disregard the rational, and embrace irrationality when it comes to how much yarn is left?

I’m also working on the second diagonal lace sock, and I’m just turning the heel – so I hope to have this one done in the next week.  I’m back on track with my personal sock club, and July’s pick is just a couple of weeks away.     Not having access to my laptop at night is really helping my knitting – I’m getting a lot more done! 

Ruby has also lilkes that I’m not on the laptop all the time – she’s getting a lot more play time in….which leads to her finally being tired…she’s just zonked out here…


OK, time for work – have a great rest of the week!


19 Responses to Irrational

  1. Rachel says:

    I tend to weigh the yarn and than decide it is not enough,,, sometimes I am right too,,, 🙂

  2. chris says:

    It looks so pretty! I do that too….but it’s probably more yarn then it looks like – right?

  3. weezalana says:

    I think we all do that! But with an extra buffer of 100 yards, I’m sure you’ll be just fine. And even though it looks like a little ball (hehehehehehehehe), it’s laceweight, so there’s a lot of yardage in there!

  4. donna lee says:

    I get the same way when I’m working on something and intellectually I know I have enough but my eyes tell me I should panic. Can you get more if you need it?

  5. Steven says:

    Ruby looks so sweet — and exhausted!

  6. I had exactly the same feelings about my Malabrigo Sock Ishbel. I was either going to run out, or not. And I did run out! But Ravelry is a great resource, at least for Malabrigo. I got a small leftover ball from another Malabrigo Junkie, and all was well.

    Here’s a tool that may or may not help you: Rose-Kim Knits has a shawl percentage calculator to see how far you are and if you’ll make it. Scroll down the right side and you’ll find it.

  7. katie m. says:

    Good luck out-running your yarn! I hope it all works out as it should.

  8. TheBon says:

    Each chart has 8 rows. Except for C which has 6. And E which as you said is only 1. The wrongside rows are included in the charts. In the small size you work a, b, a, c, d, e. So, there are only 39 rows of lace patterning total. I used 281 yards of mal sock yarn for my small ishbel.

  9. Robby says:

    I think if you just knit faster you should come out just dandy on the amount of yarn. Right? That’s how it works, isn’t it? Been there.

  10. Rebekah says:

    OH its very nice, and the second picture we can really see the color.

    I understand those irrational fears, hopefully you’ll be fine.

  11. Oiyi says:

    I went through the same thing that you are going through right now! I knit Ishbel with 395 yards of handspun. I knit the Large Stockinette and Small Lace. I was rows away from the bind off part and kept worrying that there isn’t enough yarn. I almost wanted to cut out part of the chart and just bind off. I took it to my knitting group one night and a friend suggested I put in a life line. I was able to finish it with plenty of yarn to spare. But without that life line, I would have let it sit around for a while debating whether there was enough yarn.

    I really think you have enough.

  12. Jacqui says:

    See, Ishbel really is a fun, quick pattern! I am sure you will have enough yarn! Based on my finished Ishbels and how much yarn I have left over, I think 330 yards is a pretty generous estimation of the yarn requirements.

  13. tiennie says:

    Such a gorgeous color for Ishbel!!

  14. Shea says:

    This is the point in the project where my face turns blue from holding my breath while I’m hoping and praying that I’ll have enough yarn to finish. Looking great already!

  15. You’ll make it… it just takes a little bit of faith. Or if like me you’re low on faith you could obsessively weigh your yarn after every row.

  16. Opal says:

    i’ve got my fingers crossed that you’ll have enough yarn! it looks like you do to me.

    ruby is such a darling!

  17. Valerie says:

    I am constantly over estimating my yarn… I inherited a HUGE stash of yarn (mostly acrylic) from my great Aunt… but nothing has labels. She balled everything up into giant round balls, and I’m left looking at everything going… oh there should be enough for that project…

    But I have found (from winding and skeining) that there is a lot of yardage in a tiny ball of lace weight… it just doesn’t seem like it because I’m so use to working with dk or heavier

    If you take your photos in natural light, with no flash, you should be able to get a more accurate colour… the flash tends to distort it

  18. rhoda says:

    lol. you and i are going through the same thing with regards to ishbel. i keep thinking i need to get more yarn. though i’m doing the larger size on smaller needles. i always think irrationally when it comes to yarn! 😉

  19. Wanda says:

    Isn’t it crazy, even when you know you should have enough, it still tricks you into thinking it’s not enough.

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