Starting something

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time, you know that I’ve been trying very hard to not start a lot of projects – that I’m trying to focus on finishing things.  And I think I’ve been doing pretty well – my WIPs are a manageable number, and I know that I’ll get them done this year.  But the other night, I was just overcome with the urge to start something.


I know – sort of hard to tell from this, but this is the first two shells from the Swing Shawl.  I saw this made up the last time I went to Down Cellar, and it was so nice that I impulsively bought the yarn.  And the bag holding it has been hanging on my spinning chair ever since…and the other night I just couldn’t resist it any longer.   The yarn is Louse Harding Mulberry – and I have to admit- love the color, love the softness – but its a little slippery and splitty.  Its silk though, so I can’t complain too much.  The pattern knits up fast so I’m hoping that I can finish it quickly and get back to Nefertiti. 

But then again…


I bought this on Ravelry – 8 skeins and a pretty good deal.  Perfect for a summer sweater.  Maybe the summer sweater that I’ve been wanting to make for a long time?  Maybe CeCe from ChicKnits?  I’m thinking about it…maybe after I finish the Swing Shawl.  Or maybe sooner.  It is sort of fun to start projects…and I’ve sort of missed that.  So hard to balance the fun of starting projects with the satisfaction of finishing them, isn’t it?

Its so freaking cold here today – I’m in long pants, long sleeves and wearing a shawl.  And really wishing we had dry wood so I could light a fire.  But its raining and cold.  I am actually thinking of turning on the heat – in June.  This weather has been crazy this year!

I’m just about done first the first diagonal lace sock – I really am enjoying the pattern and doing toe up.  But I’m afraid the startitis that I’m having is bleeding into my commute knitting too – I’m so tempted to start a different pair of socks just to make another toe up pattern.    Its so fun….any ideas on a good toe up pattern? 

OK, time to go catch up on my blogs….have a good rest of the week!

19 Responses to Starting something

  1. weezalana says:

    Do you have Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways book? I’m working on a pair in the Riverbed Master pattern and so far, I am loving this construction!

    Turtlegirl’s Red Dwarf sock were super fun toe-ups, too.

  2. Robby says:

    Well, you’re certainly NOT helping me keep my number of WIPs in line. Nosirreee. Looking forward to seeing your latest shawl.

  3. katie m. says:

    The shawl looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more of it.

  4. I’m having a little plan-itis, which is the precursor to start-itis. You’re not helping! That shawl looks really nice.

  5. Steven says:

    “Summer sweater” — heh, that concept still baffles me. Down here in Texas, I AM the summer sweater!

  6. If you never go on a starting binge you’ll never have anything to finish – I can justify just about anything, it just takes the right perspective 🙂 Your shawl is going to be beautiful!

  7. Lynne says:

    oooooo…I like the shawl. IN fact, I’d like that sort of a lacy treatment as a yoke on a dress…thinking, thinking…

  8. Rachel says:

    Love the colors of your Swing Shawl!

  9. Stacy says:

    It’s way too easy to get seduced by new yarn isn’t it? The swing shawl looks fantastic.

  10. theresa8888 says:

    Can’t wait to see the swing shawl. Love the color. The weather is crazy. I can’t believe it is June. I guess I can hold off knitting shells and keep on thinking sweaters.

  11. tiennie says:

    Can’t wait to see more of the shawl! We’ve been in the 90s here so it’s much nicer to be back to the low 70s today.

  12. Opal says:

    i just adore the way your swing shawl is coming along. i look forward to seeing more of it!

  13. kim says:

    Oh, I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I love the pink tones, and the pattern looks so fun! That Jo Sharp is such a pretty color; definitely a great choice. Have a great weekend!

  14. Chris says:

    Really pretty shawl – I like the way it’s knitting up. Nice score on the yarn, too!

  15. Robin says:

    Very pretty color!

  16. Anna says:

    That’s a pretty shawl – I can see why you couldn’t resist! Look forward to seeing more of your progress on it!

  17. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I am trying so desperately not to start any new projects or go to Etsy, but you’re not helping my cause. 😉

  18. rebekahsyarn says:

    I think every now and then we have to break our own little rules, just so we remember they are our rules and we are allowed to wiggle every now and then.

    Can’t wait to see more. Love what I see so far.

  19. rhoda says:

    ooh, the jo sharp is pretty! how’s the swing shawl coming along?

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