I know you are probably really tired of seeing these socks…but I finished them and just had to show them off one more time.


Pattern:  Gusset Heel Basic Socks from Socks from the Toe Up
Yarn:  Regia Silk 6 Ply, Colorway Fir
Started :  May 13, 2009
Finished:  May 21, 2009

I probably would have finished these earlier, but I didn’t knit a couple of days this week (more on that later).  I really do think that toe up is faster – these just seemed to fly off the needles.  I actually ended up having more than enough yarn to make these, and didn’t need the extra yarn I bought.   I used the sewn cast off for the bind off because I wanted to make sure they weren’t tight at the top – I don’t mind doing this cast off, but I will say it seems to take forver to do it.  I may have to check out some other loose cast offs….I hate to have just one option.

I really did love this pattern – the book really is good – very clear, and I had no problem with these from the start to finish…and just look at these heels!


I think that these are the most comfortable socks I’ve made – I don’t know if its something about how its done, but I just thought that the fit was better.  Too bad they aren’t mine.  But Larry said the same thing, and he’s happy with his new socks.  So I’m glad I got the book for Mother’s Day, and I’m very glad I tried them.  OK, enough gushing about toe-ups!

I asked Dan to pick a new bag for my Sock of the Month last night (I know, I should wait until June but couldn’t).  One of the bags has yarn to make him socks, and he’s been complaining that it was never his turn.  So I had him pick the bag (this way he can’t complain).  I was really happy with his choice….but he wasn’t because its not his yarn!


Gorgeous!  This is Perchance to Knit, and the colorway is Black Rainbow.  I’ve had this in the stash for a long time, and I’m very happy to use it.


Very happy!  I’m making the Lacy Rib socks from Wendy’s book.  I’m loving the yarn, and loving the pattern.  And the colors are just perfect – nice and bright for summertime!

Its been a rough week – I went back to work on Monday, and by Wednesday was feeling like crap – my boss was nice enough to let me work from home the rest of the week, and the doctor thinks I was just doing too much.  I hate this – I’m ready to be back to normal.  But I am starting to feel better and hope that by next week I’ll be doing my normal things. 

We also have been having a rough time with our dogs – Maggie and Duncan are having health problems and we’ve been at the vet several times this week for tests, meds and all that.   Duncan needs surgery, and Maggie needs more tests, more meds.  Its very hard to know what the right decisions are – they are both getting old (Maggie is 13, Ducan is 11).   And damn!  Vets are expensive!  But its hard to see them sick, unhappy and in pain.  And its hard to know what we should do.  We are still in the process of getting information – all I did this week was read about surgery, recovery and what they think Maggie has.    So much information, so hard to know what to do – there are so many options.

On a more positive note, I got an email from Andrew today – he got a 4.0 this semester!  We are really proud of him – he’s worked really hard.  He’s staying in Maryland for the summer this year, and its already hard – I miss having him around!  But he’s happy so I’m happy. 

I’m trying to declutter the house – we have a very ambitous plan to go through each room and get rid of those things we don’t really need.  Simplify!  I’m destashing some books and magazines on Ravelry if you are interested – I’ll be adding more this weekend.  I think I’m also going to start putting my books up on Paperback Swap.   I have books everywhere and its just time to get back to a more simple life. 

OK, my lunch hour is really over, and I should get back to work.   Have a great weekend!


22 Responses to Toe-ups

  1. Chris says:

    Larry’s Socks look wonderful – and Dan’s socks are so colorful! Sorry you had such a rough week – I hope you find the answers you need for the dogs. I’m all for decluttering and need to do it again – I used to follow the Flylady site for tips. I should get back to it…….Have a restful weekend! And congrats Andrew!

  2. Lucette says:

    Decluttering. what a great idea. I have slowing been clearing out things too, and though it is not an exciting task it does feel good to let go. good luck.

  3. Valerie says:

    Can’t wait to see those rainbow socks all knit up.. I hope both you and the dogs feel better.

  4. weezalana says:

    Nice job on the toe-ups! I’m generally more inclined towards cuff-downs, but I’m working on a pair of toe-ups from New Pathways now and it’s starting to win me over more!

    I’m so sorry about the dogs, that can’t be an easy decision. Hope you all feel better soon!

  5. Cookie says:

    Congratulations, Andrew!

    Good lookin’ socks! I don’t blame you for wanting to get started on the next pair early. Who are we to question the mojo?

    I know it’s frustrating, but it takes time for your body to heal. You’ll get back to where you were. Just give yourself a bit more time.

    I’m so sorry about the doggies. It’s so hard when they get older and you have to start making those grown up decisions. Trust yourself on what you feel is best for them. In a lot of ways, I think that’s all you can do.


  6. kim says:

    No, you should be proud. They look so neat and tidy. Great job. Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  7. Robby says:

    Lovely job on those socks. So sorry to hear about your furry family members. It is very hard to know what to do. But then, it wouldn’t be if we didn’t love them so. Be sure to rest up this long weekend.

  8. Larry’s socks are great and the new yarn looks lovely too. I hope both you and your dogs start feeling better soon!

  9. Black Rainbow is wild! Congrats on your toe ups. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend; take it easy!

  10. Denise says:

    Here’s a good cast off that is loose yet looks good: knit 2 together, then slip the knitted stitch back on the left needle. Then knit two together, put that stitch back on the left needle, and continue on like that until it’s done. It takes a little time but it is done.

    About getting back to feeling your old self: its crazy how in our minds we are still around thirty- something, but our bodies are on some other freaking crazy slow planet. You will feel better soon. Indulge yourself in unfettered knitting for a bit more in the meantime!

  11. Rhonda says:

    I just got the same book this week. You and I are on the same wave length. Although I’m still deciding which ones to make.

  12. Rachel says:

    Nice socks! and I love your sock of the month yarn 🙂

  13. Steven says:

    Yes, those toe-up socks deserved another airing — you did such a great job. I tried tubular bind-off on a pair of toe-ups once, but although the pattern said it would be stretchy, it wasn’t. I fell back to the sewn bind-off. It works great, but I wish I could find a stretchy bind-off that leaves a smooth edge.

    That rainbow yarn is awesome! I love the black mixed in with all the other colors.

    I’ll be thinking healing and happy thoughts about your dogs. Pet health issues can be so stressful. Here’s hoping for good news and sound decisions.

  14. Anna says:

    Take care of yourself, Jeanne. It might be frustrating going slower than you would like, but you are bound to get better quicker if you allow yourself enough time to rest. I’m sorry to hear about your dogs as well, I hope they both recover soon. x

  15. Stephanie says:

    Ohhhh the new socks are so colorful! I love colorful socks. Perchance to Knit huh? Hmm…

    Take care of yourself! I feel so bad for you, dealing with your own health and your dogs’ at the same time. I hope everything gets sorted out with them soon!

  16. Suzanne says:

    I love the socks!!

  17. katie m. says:

    The socks look great! Congrats on mastering a new technique.

    So sorry to hear about the troubles with your dogs. It’s so hard to know what to do sometimes. Good luck.

    I hope this week you’re feeling even better!

  18. Oiyi says:

    Great socks! The heel looks so nice.

    I am so sorry to hear about your dogs. I have two of my own and I know it will break my heart when the time comes. Yeah, the vet bills can be crazy. Napoleon had a small issue a few months ago and they wanted $500. I am sure you both will make a good decision.

  19. Kim says:

    Love the socks and yarn! Especially wanted to just drop by and say ‘hello’. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  20. tiennie says:

    I think the socks turned out great! Yay for Andrew! Wow!

  21. Opal says:

    Best wishes to your two dogs. I know how hard it is to see our furry ones age.

    I think the socks look fabulous, btw. 🙂

  22. Wanda says:

    I like how the socks turned out. I need to get the book and just try toe-up for the heck of it. The new sock yarn is great and can’t wait to see how those socks turn out as well.

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