Almost spring!

It was a beautiful weekend here in NJ…temperatures were in the high 60’s, and it really felt like springtime. So what have I been working on?


Nice, dark, winter looking socks – but I really like them.  I wanted to show how the Old Flame colorway is knitting up – it really does look like a fire….and I love this yarn.  The pattern (Retro Rib) is nice and easy to knit -but I do think these are a little big.  Had I known how it was going to knit up, I probably would have reduced the cast on a bit.  But Larry doesn’t mind loose socks, so I’m just going to leave them as is – no frogging this month.  The yarn obscures the pattern a bit  – you can see it a bit better in person – so I think I’ll have to try this pattern again with a solid or semi-solid yarn. 

Yesterday, I met Chris and Lauren (blogless) for lunch at a restaurant in a small town nearby – it was gorgeous out and we sat outside.   It was so nice to be outside, and spend time with friends – definitely relaxing and a lot of fun.    After lunch we headed over to Angel Fire Studios, which was having its five year annisversary celebration  – 20% off!  She really has the nicest yarns and it was hard to resist some of them.  There was a February Lady sweater sample – it was so pretty and I almost gave in and bought the yarn for it.  But I resisted  – I do want to finish Acer before I start anything else.   And although it is not summer yet, I’m not sure I’m in the mood to start a heavy sweater – I think that I’m going to be ready to start some summer projects soon. 

I did do a little stash enhancement though…


Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Maple Grove.  I love this sock yarn, and just couldn’t resist the colors. 


Handmaiden Seasilk – I have no idea what the colorway is – but its gold, coppper, silver and rose – very pretty.  I made the Montego Bay scarf for my mother from this yarn, and have wanted to use it again to make me something.  I just love the colorway, and I’m leaning towards the Pear and Trellis scarf but still have to think about it.  There are so many nice patterns out there -so hard to pick sometimes.

We walked the dogs today – it really is so nice to be able to be outside and not be all bundled up.  And the dogs were so happy to be out walking in the woods.  But tomorrow, its getting cold again.  That’s ok…I got a little bit of springtime and it made me so happy that I think I can face another couple of weeks of cold now. 

Andrew is coming home on Thursday for spring break – he’s getting his wisdom teeth pulled so he has to stick around all week after he has it done.  I’m happy he’s coming home, but sorry that he has to spend his spring break doing this – hopefully he’ll feel better fast and we can do something fun with him.

OK, off to knit – have a great week!


20 Responses to Almost spring!

  1. Chris says:

    It was a beautiful day yesterday – and even better to spend it with friends! Have a Great Week!

  2. Steven says:

    You can’t go wrong with the Lorna’s Laces. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that colorway before. Nice!

  3. Lucette says:

    Sounds like you are enjoying the great spring weather, and I am envious that you don’t have to bundle up. That golden skein is out of this world.

  4. Kim says:

    So happy you had a nice Spring day to enjoy. Love your seasilk – it will be lovely no matter what you decide to make with it.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I wouldn’t have resisted either- amazing yarn.

    Wisdom teeth- poor guy. Hopefully he will heal quickly.

  6. misa says:

    The seasilk is a gorgeous color, subtle and nice. I have a thing for the golden tones. We had nice weather over the weekend too, but now it’s snowing again. gah.

  7. Kim says:

    Oh lordy I absolutely love the new yarn! I gasped when I saw the Lorna’s and Seasilk.

  8. Your Lorna’s Laces is beautiful! Wisdom teeth seem to come out more easily now – none of my siblings or friends have had problems in the last little while – hopefully he has a easy time of it.

  9. Diane says:

    Ohhhh, I love your new yarns, so pretty! The sock looks great too.

    Wisdom teeth pulling, ughhhh. My daughter had all 4 out a few years ago. The first couple days are the ickiest, then it’s OK. She loved the pain meds, lol!

    You asked about some yarn on my blog. It’s Plymouth Yarn, sock yarn, 192 yards. There is no name for the color. It was $6.50 at a local yarn store.

  10. Opal says:

    i love the flaming socks! too cool. i’m also drooling all over your sea silk. seriously gorgeous stuff.

  11. tiennie says:

    The sea silk is gorgeous!

    We are in the midst of another crazy snowfall so it’s OK with me to see your dark scarf. 🙂

  12. tiennie says:

    I meant to say your dark socks. Ack.

  13. Robin says:

    What interesting patterning in the scarf. I like the color – unusual.

  14. kim says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. I was gifted two skeins of seasilk for Christmas, and I’ve been too afraid to use it. You know, waiting for the “perfect” pattern to emerge. That color is amazing. Of course, all of their colors are amazing….

  15. Mrs MJW says:

    Love all that yummy golden goodness! Thanks for the congrats! 🙂

  16. lilypily says:

    Oh gorgeous yarn. Great choices there. I love the Maple Grove colour too and Seasilk, well it is just scrumptious. Enjoy your warmer weather!!

  17. Lisa says:

    I need to borrow some of your optimism – that little bit of spring has made me feel REALLY resentful about the cold being back. I really tried to keep positive all winter but come March I kind of run out of steam.

    Hmm…maybe I need some pretty handmaiden to cheer me up too!

  18. katie m. says:

    Gorgeous yarn! Lucky you … and the socks are looking good, too.

  19. justine says:

    hi there,
    thank you for the compliment on the yarns- good to see you on my anniversary! For your records- the sea silk is colorway “Bronze”.. -justine

  20. rhoda says:

    wow, it does look like there are mini fires all around the sock! cool. 🙂 love the sea silk you picked up. good for you for resisting the urge to make the feb. lady sweater. 🙂

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