The good and the bad

Let’s start with the bad, shall we?  Do you remember these? 


These are my February Sock of the Month – Pomatomus in Wollmeise.  Perfect, right?  Well, right now they look like this…


I had a really bad knitting week.  Really bad.  I don’t know what was going on, but I dropped more stitches on these socks than I have since I started knitting.  Then I realized that I was knitting one DPN on one row of the pattern, and the other two on completely different rows.  Then I pulled out the needles by accident twice.  After I got it back on the needle, tinked back and took a look, I realized it just looked terrible.  Definitely not something I’d be happy with.  So I frogged them.  And now I think that I’m going to skip the February sock since its the 21st and there is no way I can finish a pair in a week at this point. 

I’ve also been having problems with my On the Vine scarf – I actually frogged it too –  I did one and a half repeats and just couldn’t get a row right.  I tried, and tried.  And then I got mad and frogged it.  And then I realized that I had been including the edging stitches in the repeat.  Sigh.  No need to frog.  Damn my impulsive frogging!  I restarted it and its clipping along.  Love the Malabrigo Lace!

So that’s all the bad.  No bigggie – I’ll eventually restart the Wollmeise socks.  But really – what a bad knitting week. 

How about we get to the good?


This has been such a bad winter here in the Northeast US – too much rain, snow and ice.  Our driveway is a long hill – not really super steep but enough that my car just couldn’t make it up most of the time when it snowed or was icy without pushing, cursing, and all that.  And there is nothing worse than worrying about missing my train when my car is sliding backwards down the driveway.  I know that the winter is almost over, but we’ve been looking for the last couple of weeks for a new something – gotta help stimluate the economy, right?  And today I picked up my new car…


I bought a VW Tiguan.  And I absolutely love it.  It is all wheel drive so I’ll zip out of the driveway, and I don’t have to worry about the snow or ice.  And its just so nice and fun to drive.   And for the first time in years, I didn’t buy a silver car – isn’t the blue pretty (looks like the Wollmeise!)?  I just want to get in it and drive.  We are supposed to get a little weather here tomorrow – yea! 

How about one more happy thing to finish this off?  I’ve been watching my comments….I was getting close to a major milestone on the blog, and I kept on watching and waiting and finally, it happened yesterday.  My 5000th comment!  Can you believe that?  I really enjoy all the comments I get – and I really enjoy all the friends I’ve made in the three years since I started the blog.   And 5000 comments – wow!  I wanted to mark this occasion and thought of sending a prize to the person that made the comment – but then I thought about it – and maybe its just me, but I really like picking out my own yarn, so I think I’ll go with a gift certficiate to the Loopy Ewe instead.  Ok, so who was my 5000th commenter (did you get that I like saying that?)?  It was Lynne from I Was Knit Together In My Mother’s Womb.  Congrats, Lynne – and thanks for reading and commenting! 

OK, I’m off to catch up on blogs – this week was really busy with work and frogging and I’ve gotten behind.  I hope you have a great weekend, and if you are in the area, come on over and take a ride with me in my pretty blue VW!


26 Responses to The good and the bad

  1. Chris says:

    Sorry you had such a bad knitting week – but oh! What a pretty new car! Enjoy it!

  2. Mrs MJW says:

    I HATE dropped stitches. I feel for ya….beautiful yarn though. 🙂

  3. Too bad on the sock; the yarn is so beautiful. Worth another try, later.

    Congrats to Lynne!

  4. Suzanne says:

    OMG!! I love your new car!! Its beautiful! I know what you mean about driving in bad weather. I have a Subaru. I think its the most popular car in Alaska. There is nothing worse than sliding uncontrollably down a hill.

    Sorry you had a bad knitting week. Next week will be better! And congrats on all the comments. I love your blog!

  5. Rhonda says:

    I think you need some pretty blue socks to go with that pretty new car!

  6. tiennie says:

    Bummer about the socks but yay for a fun new car!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Wow, 5000 comments! Congrats! Definitely a milestone.

    I’m really sorry to hear that the knitting hasn’t been working out, especially the socks. I kind of feel like I jinxed you by saying it seemed harder than toe-up socks. So so sorry about that! I hope your next pair of socks goes much better!

  8. Sorry about the knitting problems – I know your pain.
    But a new car can always make things better, that VW blue is great!

  9. Kim says:

    LOVE your new ride and Congrats on all of those comments.

  10. Rachel says:

    I think it is something in the air, I have knitting issues too, starting, frogging, starting, etc.,,,
    Oh well, it will pass soon 🙂

    Nice looking new car, enjoy!

  11. Pixie says:

    I suggest giving the socks another go some other time; I’m on sock #2 of this same pattern and ripped #1 out twice before I got into the groove with the pattern.

    Congrats on the new VW. I love (1) my Passat with 4Motion in the Colorado snow!

  12. weezalana says:

    Well now that’s the way to cheer yourself up from abad knitting week – buy a new car! Love the blue!

  13. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I bought a Rabbit in July and I totally love it-
    Volkswagons rock!

  14. Ren says:

    whoo-hoo! what a beautiful car! the blue IS a really nice color. : )

  15. madalyn says:

    Ack! We all have those bad knitting weeks. Hopefully things will go better for you now with the start of a new week.

    And the new car is beautiful!

  16. Steven says:

    Had to laugh about the frogging jag — I’ve had my share of those. I can also tell that you’re still enamored with that Wollmeise, comparing it to YOUR NEW CAR! It’s beautiful. Save journeys up and down the driveway!

  17. lorent says:

    Sorry about the knitting woes 😦 Been there and done that. It’s no fun knitting on a pattern that’s giving you fits. The right one will come.

    Great car! I like the Tiguans and the other newish VW midsize SUV (blanking on the name now, though). I got a new car this summer, my first post- minivan car, and it’s a blast!

    Also, congrats on the 5000 comments. I’ve never counted mine, but I’m sure I’m nowhere near there.

  18. Kim says:

    Congrats on the 5,000 comments! That’ s huge! Your new car is gorgeous (and matches the Wollmeise). Sorry to hear that your knitting mojo is off.

  19. Cookie says:

    I’m sorry about the bad knitting week. I hope this week is easier on you.

    Very cute car!

  20. misa says:

    Lovely car. You are strong for being able to do so much ripping, I’m sure your mojo will be back. Meanwhile, just go for a drive!

  21. donna lee says:

    I’m having the same trouble with the pulling the needle out of the stitches thing this time around. My Feb socks are not even halfway done and it’s the 24th! There has been other knitting but I’m plugging away on these socks.

  22. Valerie says:

    Those are the weeks when its best to put down the needles and walk away… I’ve had lots of them. Hope the next week is better!

  23. hakucho says:

    Sorry about your knitting woes…but happy for you getting a B E A U T I F U L new car!! Lucky you and lots of good luck 🙂 Love the color!!

  24. rhoda says:

    sigh…that’s horrible that your pomotamus had to get frogged..and your on the vine. but nice shiny new car. 🙂 i love vw’s!

  25. Opal says:

    i’m so sorry about the bad knitting week! thankfully you do have that shiny new toy to make up for it. 😉

  26. Jennygirl says:

    Congrats on the new car. Nice blue color!

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