Not going to make it

It is January 31….


and I just don’t think I’m going to finish my January socks in January.  I’m almost there, but I have to say that I have to force myself to knit these – its just such a slog project.  Do you have any of those?  I made the committment to do this, so I don’t want to give up, but I definitely found other things to do on my commute this week to avoid knitting.   Reading, blogging, sleeping, staring out the window….but not knitting. 


Larry suggested that to motivate myself to finish that I open the next bag and see what my February project is.  I don’t think that’s a good idea because if the February project bag has yarn or a pattern that I’m excited about, I know I’ll bail on these and shove them in the basket and start the next pair.  So I just need to finish these – I don’t have too much, right? Just the foot.  Just the eternal foot.  Sigh.

What is going to make it harder to finish is a new project….


I frogged the Adamas shawl this week – I just wasn’t loving it, and was already avoiding it – not a good sigh for a big lace project.  I’ll find something I am excited about with that yarn, but this wasn’t it.    But last night on the way home I was thinking about shawls, and wondering what shawl I could make.  I was wearing my Shetland Triangle (I’ve been wearing my shawls as scarves lately) and started thinking that a non-laceweight shawl would be nice.  I thought about the stash and something popped into my mind.  I checked Ravelry when I got home….and decided on the Wool Peddler’s Shawl from Folk Shawls.  This pattern has been in my queue for a long time – I was going to use Ultra Alpaca for it – but then I decided that it would be great in Brooks Farm Primeo which has been in my stash for a while…and so far, I really like it…


This is a great pattern for watching TV, being tired and not paying attention.  Pretty much garter stitch and yarn overs for a long time – and then a lace finish.  I’m really enjoy it, and love the feel of the yarn.  The color is a really deep red – not the pinkish color in the second picture.   I’m excited about it, and that’s the feeling that was missing on the Adamas shawl so I know I made the right decision to frog it.   

So this weekend will be split between forced knitting on the socks, and happy knitting on the shawl and Acer.   And making pumpernickel bread.  And watching football and eating bad for you things and drinking good beer.  Not a bad weekend at all!   Hope yours is wonderful too!

25 Responses to Not going to make it

  1. Jeannie says:

    The socks look pretty, I hope you can push through and finish them. I do know what it’s like to lose the love on a project. I have a few sitting around here. The love the color of the new shawl and looks like it will be very cosy.

  2. Rhonda says:

    Just think about that great feeling you get when a project is finished. You can do it!

  3. misa says:

    You’re almost done with the socks, grit your teeth and push on through. And they’re looking great. I like the edging on the wool peddler’s shawl.

  4. brokeknits says:

    Sounds like a good weekend to me! Good luck finishing up the slogging sock. The shawl looks so pretty already!

  5. Opal says:

    the socks are gorgeous! you can do it. stick in a a good movie and just go for it. that’s what i had to do with my last pair of socks.

    i love the new shawl. i love it much more then the adamas. 🙂

  6. Cookie says:

    Now you know why I didn’t join in on the sock club. I hate sloggy socks. I hope you can finish them quickly.

    I love the new shawl project. I wasn’t feeling Adamas, but this one is lovely.

    Lots of the same as you this weekend. Just minus the beer. :p

  7. That red is spectacular. Love it.

    And you can finish that sock; you just need something to occupy your higher brain while you do. I used The Tudors (showtime series, netflix) to get me through my second Leyburn. I was feeling the need to start something else, but NO! All done!

  8. Rachel says:

    You just need to turn the heel and than the foot will just fly off your needles!

    I am also knitting the wool Peddler’s shawl in Henry’s attic Prime Alpaca, I am just thinking it may be too heavy for my mother so I may leave it for me and start a lighter shawl for her.

  9. rhoda says:

    the socks look good. hope you’re able to finish them soon!

  10. Anna says:

    You can get that foot done! The new shawl looks really pretty – I love the mohair yarn. I know what you mean about not feeling the love at the start of a lace project – I’ve just restarted a shawl in a different yarn as the first one just wasn’t … calling to me.

  11. Isn’t that section of any sock sort of eternal? The colour in your new shawl is beautiful.

  12. Suzanne says:

    I love the socks! You can do it!

  13. Robby says:

    The socks are really beautiful, you can do it. I liked your DH’s idea, but then you give HIM the February project bag until you finish the other sock. ;^)

  14. Diane says:

    I love your socks! The yarn is beautiful. You asked what etsy store I got some yarn from and it’s “Hand Over The Wool”. The yarn is so nice.

  15. hakucho says:

    You can do it…finish those socks. They are begging to be finished…they really are beautiful and need to be finished!! Did you make the pumpernickel bread? Curious how it came out???

  16. Valerie says:

    I love the colour of the shawl yarn. So bright and beautiful!

  17. Wanda says:

    Too bad you didn’t make it, but you are so close. Bummer about the Adamas shawl, but sometimes the yarn wants to be something else.

  18. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- You know, if you don’t finish them, it’ll never happen.

    The foot goes super fast anyway- and they are really nice socks.

  19. Steven says:

    Know the feeling on the socks — but I’m late in catching up on blog reading. Perhaps you’ve finished them?

  20. Missy says:

    Your socks look great so far. I love the color of the new shawl. Can’t wait to see it finished.

  21. Kim says:

    You are so close with those socks. Keep knitting! But I know what you mean about the slog project. The primero is gorgeous! I have some in the stash tha I want to use for a shawl (forget the name but it’s from Knitter’s Book of Yarn)

  22. tiennie says:

    You can finish the socks! Then you can work on that beautiful shawl guilt free.

  23. Mrs MJW says:

    Beautiful socks and yarn. I just love the combination of colors. It makes me long for spring.

  24. donna lee says:

    I haven’t finished my January socks either and here it is the 3rd. I have finished a scarf for another project and I finished a pair of socks before these and I started a baby sweater and I’m working on some mittens…….I am going to finish the Jan socks so I can see what’s in the Feb bag! This brown bag thing is such a good idea.

  25. Ren says:

    i’m sure you can finish up the socks! : )

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