Another ornament

I get new ornaments for my Christmas tree every year…this year I bought one at the yarn store I went to with my mother.   This is one of those ornaments that always makes me think “oh, I could do that myself” – and then I buy it because I know I never would….


Isn’t it cute?  So simple (a brighter p;icture of it here).  I think I have 4 knitting ornaments now – obsessive much, eh?

I am just about finished with the tidal wave socks – which is a good thing since they are a Christmas gift.  I just have to do the foot, and I think I’ll be done with that this week.  Then I have to ship them off.  I was thinking of making something else for someone for Christmas – and then I smacked myself and put the thought out of my head.  Christmas is so close and I don’t want to stress of it.  But I do like these socks – great pattern and the Socks that Rock is so nice to work with.  


I thought I’d finally show the Malabrigo Silky that I bought at Thanksgiving – the yarn store had a really nice shawl pattern for it.  The color is green grey – not blue but close enough that I really need to bring a note to myself when buying yarn to “not buy blue!” – I have so much of it now in the stash.    I put away my light studio until after the holiday, so you get crappy yarn shots until then!  The color is close, but the light from the door washes this out a bit.


We went to the mall yesterday – Cieara asked for a shopping day for her birthday.  I haven’t been at a big mall at Christmas-time in a couple of years, and as soon as we pulled into it, I remembered why.  Ugh. People.  It took a while to find parking, and then we went in.   It is hard to believe the news people that are reporting recession, economic downtown and all that when you are standing in lines for 30 minutes to pay for things, and battling your way through crowds just to get through the mall.  But we did notice that the stores were really discounting all of their product, and there were a lot of people that didn’t have a lot of bags (I saw more people with bags at Rhinebeck!).  We didn’t do any Christmas shopping, and all three of us were very glad to get out of there by mid-afternoon.    We have decided to really cut back this year on Christmas spending – I think we got a little off track and out of hand so we are bring it back to something more appropriate for the times we live in – and to focus a bit more on spending time with each other and not shopping and stressing about it all.  

Last night we decorated the tree, and today we need to finish decorating the rest of the house.  And maybe I’ll have a chance to make some Christmas cookies  – I have to work today, and need to do my Christmas shopping ( fortunately, all of mine can be done online) and I want to go for a walk too – so much to do in a weekend, and time just seems to fly, doesn’t it?

Well, I suppose I’ll get more done if I actually start doing it.  Have a great weekend!


20 Responses to Another ornament

  1. Stacy says:

    First off, the ornament is so cute! I love it!

    Second, you get 100,000 points for being a Terp fan! When I worked at UMD they converted me.

    Third, that blue yarn looks absolutely wonderful. I love the color!

  2. I love the blues in the Tidal Wave sock. I’m a big fan of blue, like you.

    I have a red yarn ball ornament with needles; you just reminded me! But I didn’t see it when I pulled 16 ornaments for my mini-tree. There were a lot of ornaments, so I just took out the first 16 that I really liked. Maybe next year; I put the big box away.

  3. Oiyi says:

    Great ornament! I am knitting a few for the tree.

    I love all the blue yarn. I have been on a green kick recently, so I understand.

  4. Beth says:

    great ornament, and totally not obsessive until you have enough to fill a whole tree. 🙂

  5. lorent says:

    That Tidal Wave sock is really nice. It looks soothing.

    We were at our Big Mall last night, too. We were looking for boots for picky son to wear to walk to school in the snow and ended up only getting a couple of sweaters for the boys to wear and some puzzles to do. It was crowded, but like you said, not a lot of people were carrying too many packages. We did run into at least three people we know, though.

    I have done almost no holiday shopping yet, so I’m in trouble!

  6. That’s a great ornament!

    The last time I went to the mall I was so overwhelmed I needed to leave almost right away.

  7. Jennygirl says:

    There are a lot of crazies out there this year isn’t there? Sounds like you have the right idea for Christmas anyway….making memories with family and spending quality time together.

  8. Lauren says:

    Socks are beautiful! Haven’t had to brave to mall yet…

  9. kim says:

    You think you’re obsessive? I’ve been knitting bird ornaments all weekend. I may never leave the house again. My mom and sister asked if I wanted to go to the mall with them today? I’d rather drill my own teeth! Hmmm…. Do you suppose that there is a personality profile for knitters? Obsessive mall haters?

  10. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I love the ornament- I collect sheep ones but someone made me a set of miniature knitted shawls and stuff that is extra special.

    You were lucky to get a parking spot without getting beaten up- which is why I totally avoid the malls, and I love internet shopping.

  11. donna lee says:

    I have the same response “I could make that” and then I end up buying it. I finished all the things I planned to knit for Christmas and had the thought that I could make just one more and had to put a stop to it. I don’t need the stress.

  12. Missy says:

    ooh I love those socks and the color is great. I hate shopping in malls too. I’d buy every thing on-line if I could.

  13. Rebecca says:

    Well, I think that is just the cutest knitting ornament. My first thought was to make it, too. But then….where would you find minature knitting needles like that? You did the right thing by buying it!

  14. tiennie says:

    Cute ornament! I love all the blue!!

  15. weezalana says:

    What a cute ornament! And those socks looks fantastic! And now I have to go put on a sweater, because it appears to be snowing on your blog…

  16. misa says:

    I haven’t fallen for knitting ornaments yet, am I not obsessive enough? Tidal Wave is looking gorgeous, I hope the recipient is worthy. I’m with you on the mall thing, every year around xmas I have a dark moment at the mall. shudder.

  17. Lynne says:

    I really try to stay away from the malls at this time of year. I used to love it, but a few years back, it became so disturbing to me that there was so much stuff and so many people, and more stuff, and more people. I don’t want to be bah-humbug about it, but we’re in the same place as you are….making Christmas less about all the gifts and more about each other. It feels good, doesn’t it?

  18. Opal says:

    i love your tidal wave socks. the colors are so gorgeous.

    malls? eh. i try to avoid them year round. i just can’t stand them! it’s like lynne says, there’s too much stuff!

  19. Elise says:

    Yeah – you have to buy or it never gets made! I’m avoiding malls too. But I do need some last minute gifts and might end up shopping. Maybe TJ Max or something!

  20. rhoda says:

    lots of blue in this post! cute new ornament. i still need to take pics of the ones i made! 😮 love the socks. 🙂 I was relieved for you that it did finally start snowing!

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