Boring Meetings…

So yesterday I had a staff meeting.  We have them once a month, and I have to say that this month’s meeting was particularly boring.  Not sure what it was, but it was one of those meetings where the following things happened:

1.  At least 3 people were sleeping – which is distracting because I kept on looking at them wondering how long they were going to sleep.  One of them was my boss.  And he kept on tilting forward, so then I started thinking how funny it would be if he fell out of the chair.  I know – I’m really a very nice person, right?  Although I had to give him kudos for positioning his Blackberry to make it seem like he was reading it and not sleeping. 

2.  There was person reviewing a piece of policy – and going over the same thing to the point where I started hearing the Charlie Brown teacher voice instead of what she was saying.  What should have taken 10 minutes ended up taking 50.  Ouch.  No wonder people were sleeping.  Had I not been so busy watching the sleeping people, I may have slept myself.

3.  There were two total suck ups in the room asking ridiculous questions to keep the policy conversation going….”so what you are saying blah blah blah” and basically repeating what was just said – while looking at the senior manager like “Look, see?  This stuff is riveting – see what good questions I ask?”.

The meeting was so long that I actually could feel myself aging.  I couldn’t look out the window because poor planning on my part  – I sat with my back to it.  There was nothing other than just trying to get through it.    Painful, boring, long but eventually has to end.

I know – what does this have to do with knitting?



 This is exactly the same as the staff meeting at this point.  Really.  I knit a row and fall asleep.  I know that I go through this with shawls – but this one is really sucking the life out of me.  I am on repeat 8.  There are 9 repeats.  And I just can’t do it.  I looked on Ravelry and some people have stopped at 8 – and it looks big enough so I’ve made a decision.  In 19 more rows, I am done.   It is going to be a beautiful shawl – and the pattern is different and I enjoyed it for a long time.  But I’m done.  Now if I can just convince myself to actually work on it.  Or if I could stay awake long enough to finish it.

Happy Wednesday!


29 Responses to Boring Meetings…

  1. Andrew says:

    You felt yourself aging? Is that possible for old people to feel anything? And why am I never on this blog anymore?!?!?!?! I bought you a nice watch, nothing. I supply the humor, nothing. I burp for you because you think it is charming, nothing. I feel so unwanted.

  2. Awesome Mom says:

    It is pretty sad when your boss is sleeping in a meeting.

  3. It’s too bad you can’t knit on the shawl at your meeting. That would take care of two onerous tasks!

  4. Rachel says:

    Heeheee,,,, how much did you age during that meeting? 🙂

    I think you should start choosing lace with different motifs along the shawl/stole,,,, but,,,, this one will be a beauty, I can see it, yes I can!

  5. Denise says:

    At my last job, all the older men (older than me, anyway) fell asleep at all the meetings. They had no shame,just nodded right out after ten minutes. Sometimes I would whack my wedding ring down hard on the table when I couldn’t take the sleeping any more and they would all jump and one time, one yelled out: I’m NOT sleeping Gladys!

  6. kim says:

    That’s so weird. Do we work for the same company? Do you ever fear you will do something inappropriate like stand up and yell, “SHUT UP!”? Um, I do…

    The shawl is beautiful, but if you’ve had enough and it’s big enough, cast it off!

  7. Wanda says:

    the shawl looks great. it’s terrible when a meeting goes on and on and people are trying to suck up. I can’t believe that people were sleeping though.

  8. Christine says:

    I would get his Blackberry number and call him during those meetings from your cell and wake his arse up. But that’s just me (and that’s the polite starting point I would take –hee hee).

    The shawl is indeed gorgeous, and should be enjoyable to knit, so if you’ve had enough, then by all means cast off! Maybe give yourself a reward for each of those last 19 rows–like a chocolate or something.

  9. Kim says:

    That shawl is incredible! Love the color and am going to hunt down the pattern and yarn you’re using.

    During meetings like that one, I used to imagine that I would get up and do/say all the things I ever wanted but never dared. I have a very vivid imagination. I might have started sending messages to my bosses blackberry, too!

  10. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I love the Charlie Brown teacher voice- that cracks me up.

    Cliete is a huge shawl- cast off and go on to something else.

  11. donna lee says:

    We have those meetings, too. Must be the same presenter. I poke the sleeping people. I figure if I have to stay awake, so do they. I doodle to help pay attention.

  12. Missy says:

    ooh that is really beautiful.

    I would have laughed too if my boss would have fell out of his chair. (insert evil laugh) =)

  13. Opal says:

    I have projects like that and I couldn’t have described it with better humor! At least with the shawl we’ll have produced something gorgeous. 🙂

  14. chris says:

    I absolutely CAN NOT Stand staff meetings. Can. Not. I hates them.

    But the shawl is beautiful. Just beautiful. I don’t think I would have known you were ending it early if you hadn’t said so.

  15. misa says:

    Three people sleeping?!! Now that’s bad. It does sound horrible but I will not allow you to equate it with your gorgeous shawl.

  16. Lisa says:

    Hunh…I think we were in the same meeting. I would not be surprised if you had said they ended the meeting with a decision to meet again? To clarify things?

    lol…hang in – that shawl will totally be worth it when you are done.

    The meeting on the other hand…


  17. Christianne says:

    OMG – I just caught Andrews comments – LMAO!! How could you???

  18. Denise says:

    It does look beautiful, and if you think it’s long enough then I’d stop there too.

  19. Mar says:

    Maybe you can sneak your knitting into the meeting and that would keep you busy…between knitting and watching all the sleeping people should make for an excellent meeting.

    p.s. tell Andrew he is not deserving of you blogging about him…heehee 😀

  20. Rebekah says:

    Wow the color of that shawl is gorgeous.

    We’ve been having marathon meetings at work. AT least one meeting every day for ove ran hour, and on Monday we had 5 hours of meetings! I’m pretty sure that I could have knit 5 fair isles this month, if I could knit while in these meetings.

  21. I was so sure you were going to say that knitting got you through the meeting. I guess that wasn’t appropriate thought, huh?

    I’m nearly through my last repeat and then I have 13 rows of edging .. I feel your pain!

  22. Jennifer says:

    I’m sorry that your shawl is getting to be a boring knit. It is lovely though!

  23. tiennie says:

    I’m so glad we don’t have staff meetings! Love the shawl though!

  24. hakucho says:

    Maybe you should knit on your shawl at the next boring meeting…I doubt your boss would notice 😉

    The shawl’s color is awesome…you HAVE to finish it 🙂

  25. Robby says:

    Shawl… awesome. Staff meetings? My sympathy. I used to refer to Wed. as the Meeting of Death day as we had tech meetings from 9-noon every week. I knew nothing about this, never contributed and only got behind in my work by sitting there. I wrote grocery lists and planned entire parties while others thought I was taking notes. Sometimes I would ask for a bathroom break – so I could wake my bum up by walking. Really, terribly sorry for you. Maybe you can fantasize about your next knit project.

  26. QK says:

    I loved the shawl! I hope it is for me at Xmas!!!

  27. rhoda says:

    don’t we all hate staff meetings?? ugh..three people fell asleep?? I love it. at ours I’ve only found one person to fall asleep. I always envision the sleeping person to fall forward or something too so you’re not alone! 😉 food isn’t provided @ your staff meeting?? that helps pass the time along. well, if you’re done with the shawl (mentally) then you’re done!

  28. Ren says:

    don’t you just hate meetings (or classes!) like that?! i hope you finish up the shawl soon! : )

  29. jennygirl says:

    Your shawl is gorgeous. I love that color. You can do it Girl! You can finish it. Take a week or two off if you need to.

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