Isn’t this nice?


Last weekend, I just had to start a new project.  I had started the second sleeve on Cobblestone, and also have been working on the shawl  – but I just needed a new project to be excited about.  And what better than a cowl – quick, easy and a great way to use some stash yarn.

This is Malabrigo – so gorgeous, so soft, so much fun to work with.  And that’s where the problem started…I just love this yarn!  I couldn’t stop knitting it, squeezing it, making anyone around me say how soft it is (“come on, feel it – feel how soft it is…isn’t it soft?”). 

The problem was compounded by the patten.  This is the Sherbrooke cowl (Ravelry link).  Great pattern – I love it.  The combo of the pattern and yarn?  Well…not so much. 

And that was the problem.  It didn’t matter – I just kept on knitting.  Because I loved the yarn, loved the pattern.  And although I kept on looking at it, and knew that it just wasn’t right – I kept on going.  Until I finally forced myself to really look at it.


Skinny, eh?  This just isn’t going to work.  I think this cowl would choke the person that is going to be the receipient.  And no matter how I pull or push – it just isn’t wide enough.  This is like half of the length its supposed to be – and I imagine that it will look and feel just to tight, to bunchy.  So I need to frog it. 

But I’m having a hard time doing that.  Because I love the yarn, love the pattern.  OK, I really love the yarn.  This is the second thing I’ve tried to make with the yarn – I have four skeins of it total – about 850 yards.  I initially was making Sharfik – but it just didn’t work with the yarn.    So I put it back in the stash and occasionally tried to find something to make with it.  Because I love this yarn.


I mean – look at that – gorgeous!  I want to make a sweater from Malabrigo – maybe several.  It is so soft, so nice.  Come on, feel it – isn’t it soft?

But as far as the cowl, I’ll be frogging it tonight.  And putting the yarn back in the stash.  Maybe next time it will finally work.

And now its time to get back to work on Cobblestone…have a great rest of the week!


22 Responses to mmmmm…..Malabrigo

  1. Stacy says:

    I’m totally with you…. I think Malabrigo is a little bit of heaven on earth. But, now you get to knit with it again!!

  2. Yes, Stacy is right; it just means you get another chance to fondle it!

    Does it hold up well to frogging and wear? It looks like a single, not plied, so that’s something to consider, too, when you think about the next project.

  3. Leigh says:

    Love, love, love. Thanks for the tip about plying! I was so worried about it not twisting back on itself as I was plying, I didn’t even look to see if it twisted post-skeining. Good news – straight loop! 😀 Anywho, love the Malabrigo, and I’ll catch you soon.

  4. Sherri says:

    I highly recommend the Birthday Cowl ( as it’s made for Mal. I’ve done 5 of them now – both in worsted and in silky. It’s beautiful when done up.

  5. weezalana says:

    Ah, the magic that is Malabrigo. I’m convinced they spin some crack into the yarn to get us all hooked.

  6. dawn says:

    I’m with everyone here – you get to knit with it again. I love Malabrigo, all weights. I’m hoping that my knitting pal brings her Malabrigo wip with her tonight so I can get to see it again (mine’s all stashed and is sock or laceweight)

  7. nvrenough says:

    Yummy. Enough said.

  8. Kim says:

    Malabrigo plus cowl equals knitting heaven. I love malabrigo and hoard it like a crazy woman. Yeah, that cowl is a bit skinny. Can you cast on more stitches to do it over again?

  9. donna lee says:

    I have yet to see this marvelous stuff in person. I have to take the word of everyone on how it’s soft and fluffy. I like the underspun look of it.

  10. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I really like Malabrigo, and that color is yummy. You’ll find another use for it.

  11. Oiyi says:

    Yes, it’s so beautiful!

  12. rhoda says:

    that is pretty! what number is that colorway?? i think one of my sp’s might love a skein of that! sorry to hear the pattern didn’t work out.

  13. Missy says:

    That is beautiful!!!

  14. Suzanne says:

    I love, love, love Malabrigo!!! I am totally addicted to Malabrigo!

  15. Kim says:

    Agree – Malabrigo is yummy. You will come up with something great for it.

  16. hakucho says:

    Maybe this gorgeous yarn would like to be a scarf instead?

  17. chris says:

    I’m sure the perfect project will come along – or you can create your own!

  18. Ren says:

    what yummy yarn! i hope you find the right project for it! : )

  19. tiennie says:

    mmmmm…..Malabrigo is right!

  20. Opal says:

    You’re absolutely right. That yarn is mmm mmm good!

  21. jennygirl says:

    Someone once said malabrigo is like crack. One use and you’re hooked.
    Enough said. That color is so me too!

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