Hedera Socks

OK, these have been on the blog several times, but I finished them so I thought I’d do the official post..


Pattern:  Hedera
Yarn:  Socks that Rock, Firebird
Started:  June 22, 2008
Finished:  July 23, 2008

I was very happy to finish these up this weekend – it really felt like I had been working on them forever.  A month to finish socks – the downside of knitting multiple projects.  But I suppose a month isn’t too bad, and although I’d love to get through projects quickly, I’ve never been able to stick to just knitting one project at a time.


I really do love the yarn – this is one of the colorways from the Socks that Rock club from last year – and it is the first one I used (which is why I didn’t sign up for the club this year).    But I really do like the colors in this, and I know it will be a bright, cheery pair of socks to wear this winter.  The yarn is so nice to knit with as well – I think STR is in my top favorites for sock yarn (I think I say this about just about all sock yarn I knit with!).


I did enjoy the pattern as well, and think that perhaps I’ll make it again in a solid so you can see the pattern more clearly.  It is one of those patterns that makes it seem like you are knitting fast – I also like that!

I’ve been working on Cleite – and am just about done with the 3rd repeat.  I was pretty happy because I thought the pattern only called for 5 repeats of the first chart.  I checked the pattern yesterday – 9 repeats of the first pattern.  Nine!  Sigh…I don’t know where I got 5 – I hate when that happens!  I’ve put it aside for a quick project, but will get back to it and would love to finish it up by the time I go back to work.

I cleaned out my knitting basket yesterday and put every project in bags – the cat/dog fur around here gets a little much.  At the bottom of the basket, I found random balls of yarn from either old projects, or projects I thought I’d make, stitch markers, ball bands, M&M’s and a book (non-knitting).  I organized everything, and now I feel much better. 

As I’ve mentioned, we have so many tomatoes from the garden and have been finding ways to use them up… the other night I made roasted tomatoes – it took about four hours for them to finish, but they are amazing…


We made some from plum tomatoes and a whole tray of roasted cherry tomatoes – both were so good.  We froze them all so we can have a little bit of summer next winter.

I decided to put my stash up on Ravelry – I think it will make it easier for me to find yarn for new projects, and also keep me from buying yarn I don’t need – if I see what I have, I won’t be tempted to buy similar yarn (like all the blue laceweight!).  So far I have done my laceweight stash – I must say, I enjoyed going through it and seeing what I have – I had forgotten some of it, and it was like having new yarn!

Today I’m spending the day with Cieara – gym, shopping, lunch and pedicures.  And knitting.  And spinning.

Have a great day!


17 Responses to Hedera Socks

  1. Kim says:

    Your Hedera socks are gorgeous! What a great use of the Firebird.

  2. Lisa says:

    Well done! I love that you found M&Ms in your knitting basket, I keep chocolate in there too. Its as important as stitch markers!

  3. I know I keep commenting on the food, but those tomatoes look wonderful. Your socks are so vibrant and fun looking.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- The socks and everything look great- I’m off to check out your lace stash…..

  5. Opal says:

    The socks are magnificent! And those tomatoes look so scrumptious.

  6. Rhonda says:

    Your yarn basket sounds like mine. The Hedera’s look great in the varigated. I did mine in pink for my daughter but I think I’ll do another a pair varigated. P. S.: You don’t want to see my stash, too much to go through.

  7. nvrenough says:

    The Hedera’s look great! Tomatoes look delicious. Off to check your stash.

  8. hakucho says:

    Your socks ROCK !! I couldn’t resist 🙂

    Wonderful tomatoes…I think I can smell them right through my computer…yum 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

  9. weezalana says:

    Pretty pretty!

    Putting my stash up on Rav hasn’t kept me from buying yarn. But it has slowed me down! Er, a little.

  10. Terri says:

    Your socks are lovely. Very pretty stitches too. Sounds like you and Cieara are going to have a great day. Enjoy 🙂

  11. Arleta says:

    Pretty socks! I’ve been taking quite a while to finish anything lately, because I have so many projects going. When I finished a couple the other day, I casted on another instead of working on the WIPs.

    Those tomatoes look delicious!

  12. Sourire11 says:

    Love the socks!

    Those tomatoes look so good… I have a whole bunch of romas about to ripen…hmmmmm…

  13. Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous Hederas!

    I’m drooling over those tomatoes.

  14. Rebecca says:

    Love your Hedera socks, especially the colors! I have wanted to knit those Cookie A. socks for a while……seeing yours is inspiring me 🙂

  15. tiennie says:

    Beautiful Hederas using the Firebirds!!

  16. rhoda says:

    yay, they’re finished and they’re beautiful as we knew they would be. 🙂

  17. Wanda says:

    I love those socks, what a great colorway. Congrats on finishing them.

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