Test knitting

You will be glad to know that Cieara made it to Grandma’s just fine – her flight was delayed for an hour (Newark Airport – just love it!), but other than that, it went smoothly. We are enjoying the relatively kid free house (Andrew is still here but we don’t see him a lot). We had lunch with Dan yesterday, and then went to Petco to buy a Furminator. I know – don’t I have the most exciting life? But really – the Furminator is amazing. Maggie is a giant furball, and we have to vacuum everyday but we got recommendations on the Furminator (I love the name, can you tell?) so we bought it yesterday and so far so good – seems like it is going to help – we took enough fur off of her to make a new dog. 

Anyway, you didn’t come here to discuss pet grooming products, so how about a little knitting..

Chris sent me a pattern earlier this week to try…it is her Good Luck cowl


It took a little longer than expected, but only because I didn’t knit anything from Tuesday to Thursday.  Otherwise, this would have been a very fast knit!  It is really cute, and I think it will be very nice this winter when I’m going to work. Or to the store. Or anywhere.

I used Kraemer’s Sterling – the colorway is Red Carpet (ignore the first picture – this isn’t pink it is a real red).   This is fingering weight yarn, and is a blend of merino, silk, nylon – and silver.   So that’s not cat fur all over it in the picture but silver slivers.  It really is nice yarn – I saw a sweater made from it at Kraemer’s shop, and I think it would also make a great shawl.

I did nine repeats  – the pattern called for 10, but I miscounted.  But I think it is plenty big….enough to keep my nose warm on very cold mornings!


All in all, this took me just a few days of not-straight knitting – and it is a really nice pattern, so if you like cowls, give it a try.  Great job, Chris!

Last night I made a peach crisp, and this morning I made blueberry muffins.  I love the summertime fruits and baking.  I can’t believe that summer is almost over – I’m just not ready for fall! 

I’m off – I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!


18 Responses to Test knitting

  1. Christianne says:

    Oh, yes, the Furminator is awesome – just gave my dogs a brushing with it and I cannot believe how much more hair I relieved them of.

    Thanks for knitting the cowl! I love it in that yarn!

  2. Cookie says:

    I love that cowl. No matter what color it is. ;^) I printed the pattern yesterday. Must find the right yarn…

    I am so jealous. We have the fruit, but it’s been way too hot to bake.

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Awesome Mom says:

    It looks nice! It really looks like 9 repeats is more than plenty.

    I am glad she made it safely.

  4. TheBon says:

    We have the purple “cat” furminator and it has been totally worth the money, when we can get the cat to sit for brushing that is!

  5. melanie says:

    I love that colour and pattern – wonderful!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- The amount of pet fur I sweep up on a daily basis is staggering- I need one of those.

    It’s good for kids to travel on their own, albeit nervewracking.

    And I can’t wait for the cold weather!

  7. weezalana says:

    Cowls seem to be all the rage these days!

    Isn’t there a book called spinning with dog hair?…

  8. weezalana says:

    Oops! I meant to also say your cowl is lovely!

  9. Terri says:

    I’ve always thought it makes more sense to vacuum the dog (or cat) than the floor. 🙂 Not that I do that I hasten to add, but it would be simpler, don’t you think? (g)
    Glad Cieara made it safely and the cowl is great. Very pretty yarn. 🙂

  10. nvrenough says:

    Glad to hear Cieara arrived safely. Very nice cowl and I like the yarn too.

  11. donnalee says:

    That looks perfect for sticking inside a winter coat. Warm without the bulk of a scarf. I’m not a fan of the metalic bits but they really make the color of the yarn outstanding. I guess I’ll have to check out the pattern and make my first cowl.

  12. Shea says:

    I love the furminator! Of course, mine would work so much better if I would just pick it up and use it on the furries once in a while…

  13. tiennie says:

    Glad Ciera made it safely! That is a great cowl pattern!

  14. rhoda says:

    glad to hear Cieara made it safely. hopefully there won’t be anymore flight delays! love the design of the cowl. i just might need to jump on that cowl bandwagon now that i’ve seen one i like! 😉 i was wondering what those little flecks were, turns out it was silver!

  15. Opal says:

    The cowl came out beautifully. That Furminator looks intriguing. Luckily, my boys don’t shed that much!

  16. hakucho says:

    Will you spin all that fur? I know silly question, but I had to ask 😉

    Glad Cieara arrived safely…such a relief 🙂

    Love the cowl…very pretty and will be so warm this winter!

  17. Jennygirl says:

    So that’s wht you are supposed to with a cowl. Keeps the nose and mouth warm. Got it!
    Very nice stitch pattern.

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