As I mentioned, we are staying home for vacation this year (please don’t say I’m having a staycation – I’m really tired of hearing this).    We have been trying to find some different things to do – so the other night, we went to see a minor league baseball game.  And we had a great time!  I’ve never been to a baseball game other than the kids little league games, and I had no idea how much fun they could be – and the food!  Every kind of junk food you can imagine.  Gotta love that!  The game was good,and the night ended with spectacular fireworks.  We had such a good time we just may do it again….

We’ve also been golfing (well, Larry has been golfing – I’ve been swearing and losing balls), and swimming, and napping….and relaxing and I’m very glad I’m off work this week.

I’ve also been doing a little vacation spinning …


This is BFL from SakinaNeedles – the colorway is Popsicles.   It is about 190 yards of sportweight….I really enjoyed spinning this, but I had the worst time plying it – it broke several times, and I have to admit to knotting it.  I plied it from a center pull ball, and I think I just couldn’t get the tension right.  But I’m pleased with it, and love the colors – very summer-y.  Perfect for vacation!


Now that this is off the wheel, I can start working on the roving I bought from Lisa…I think I’ll work on Dandelion first…(I need to stop looking at Lisa’s Etsy store – isn’t Cherry Sundae gorgeous?

I am almost done with Swallowtail!  I finished the charts with nupps – and I have to say that looking back at it, I sort of enjoyed them.  In a really sick twisted way, I know.  But I love the way they look.  I have about a chart and a half (or 20 rows) to go – I should finish that in a day or two.  And now that I’m near the end of it, I’m starting to think about what next….maybe Flower Basket Shawl?  Or Honeybee Stole?

Tomorrow I’m going to go to lunch and Down Cellar with Chris (just to look at the new store – no yarn buying!  Well, not a lot of yarn buying…).  Chris has been on a real vacation, and I’m looking forward to seeing her.  I’m also getting my hair cut – which I’m really excited about – it is definitely overdue. 

OK, off to knit – have a great Wednesday!


10 Responses to Vacation

  1. chris says:

    Bob and I have talked about doing that too! I’m glad you had such a good time – and it’s pretty closeby. The handspun looks wonderful. Looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. raz11 says:

    I love this color! Have a great rest of the vacation 🙂

  3. tiennie says:

    Pretty color!

    We hardly ever go anywhere in the summers – it’s the best time around here and we don’t want to miss a thing.

  4. Opal says:

    I’ve never been to a live baseball game and I really want to. The junk food sounds so alluring.

    I love your handspun! The color is gorgeous and I think you did a fantastic plying job.

    I secretly like nupps too. Well.. I guess it’s no longer a secret. 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    I LOVE minor league baseball!

    Your yarn is fabulous and the color incredible. I’m not gutsy enough to take that close up shot of mine…

  6. Lisa says:

    Isn’t minor baseball great? Its inexpensive, the players are good, there is that sort of small town feel to it too.

    I’ve been spinning loads too – Tour de Fleece is keeping me motivated. I love the colours in your handspun – it looks great!

  7. weezalana says:

    Staycation, LOL! Baseball is so boring for me when you watch it on TV, but live games are so much fun. It’s the camaraderie, the sun, the feel of summer. And the hot dogs. Can’t forget the hot dogs. 😉

  8. madalyn says:

    I love the color! It’s so fun!

  9. hakucho says:

    Love the Popsicle colorway…looks almost good enough to eat!!

  10. Jennygirl says:

    Beautiful color! Why do people always feel compelled to come up with a name (ie staycation).
    Who cares! Sounds like you had a wonderful and relaxing time.

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