July 5, 2008

I think one of the nicest, and most dangerous things, about being around other knitters is being able to see their projects.  At the last knitting group, Jacqui had on the most amazing scarf.  It was just gorgeous and I started obsessing about it immediately.  When I came home, I went online and started shopping – first I bought the pattern and then I started looking for yarn (yes, yes, maybe I should have looked in my stash but…).  Jacqui made hers with bamboo yarn, and the pattern called for yarn made of soy.  I loved the drape and sheen of Jacqui’s so I started looking for bamboo yarn.

Theresa and Jacqui both had mentioned that they have bought yarn from people on Ravelry – so I looked and found some! (This is very dangerous and I’ve been fighting the urge ever since to look to see what people are destashing)  I bought SWTC Bamboo and got a great deal.  The yarn and pattern came a few days later, and I know that I have a lot of projects, but I had to cast on.  I just had to.


I am loving this yarn.  It is so soft and squishy and the sheen…sigh…just gorgeous.  And I’m really happy with the colors – very outside my normal palette, but I think it is perfect for the summer.  The pattern is the perfect mindless “i’m tired” or “i’m watching a movie” or “sure, I’ll have a martini” project – just knitting, no thinking.  I actually find it hard to put it down!


Isn’t it great how it stripes?  The pattern is so cool and I can’t wait to start dropping the stitches. 

I finished the budding lace chart on Swallowtail, and now I’m on the Lily of the Valley border – this is the section with the nupps.  I read all about it, and didn’t get why these were such a big deal.  Very easy to do – until I started purling back.  The p5tog – pure evil.  There was much cursing and even thoughts of just ripping out the whole thing and making something else.  But I decided to go back online and I came across a great tip (other than the usual “knit them VERY loosely!”)….someone on Ravelry said that she knit them from the cable on her Knit Picks needles – I tried that and it works.  It still is a bitch, but it works.  Evil things.    I finished one row of them and went back to the soothing mindlessness of the Phairo scarf…I do want to finish the shawl this week, so I’m going to have to get over my nupp issues and just get through it.

We had a really nice Fourth yesterday – we went golfing and I had a great game (always nice!).  Last night I made ribs ( great recipe – totally recommend it) and we watched movies.  Very low key and relaxing and just the perfect way to kick off vacation.    We are still trying to plan what we are going to do this week, but I do want a some downtime to relax, spin and knit the dreaded nupps.

Have a great weekend!