Summer Socks

It is officially summer, and I’ve joined Summer of Socks – and I’m pretty terrible at belonging to things like this  – I start off interested and strong – and then just stop paying attention (I am also in Socks from the Stash and I think I stopped doing this in March – didn’t stop making socks, but did stop posting to the group).  Anyway….

Although it is hot out, and I can’t wear these socks for a while, I think they are perfect for summer – aren’t these great summer colors? 


This is Socks that Rock – the colorway is from last year’s sock yarn club – I think it is Flower Power.  (Edited:  OK, it isn’t Flower Power- Weezalana had the right one – it is Firebird!  Thanks!) And as I knit with it, I am really reminded how much I like this yarn.  I’ve knit a couple of other socks with STR, but not for a long time – and I have to say – it is really nice yarn.  This is the first yarn I’ve actually used from last year’s club (which is why I didn’t sign up this year).    The pattern is Hedera – it has been on the queue for some time now, and it just seemed like time to do it.  I like it – I’m sure it looks very different in a solid, but I like how it breaks up the color on this yarn.  These will be the perfect socks next winter when it is dreary out and I need some color.


Mary Catherine tagged me for a meme a while ago, so I thought I’d finally do it…

1.  What was I doing 10 years ago.

Let’s see – 10 years ago – the kids were all pretty young, so I was probably going to baseball games, and arranging day care for the summer.  I was working – but not knitting (what did I do with all my free time!).  We hadn’t adopted Cieara yet, so we were probably just starting to talk about it.  I was working (of course) at a different company, and I think in a completely different field.

2.  What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

Well, it is 5:00 here, so my day is winding down – so I’m not sure I have a lot on the to-do list at this point.    I’d like to get caught up on my blog reading, talk Larry into Chinese for dinner, talk Andrew into putting together a new bookcase, knit and start cleaning up the office/guest room for my step-son who will be here tomorrow.

3.  Snacks I enjoy.

Anything chocolate.  M&M’s.  Ice cream.  Potato chips.  If it is bad for me – I will probably enjoy it.

4.  Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

I’d quit my job immediately.  No winding down for me – I’d be out of there so fast they would wonder what the blur was.  I would pay off all my debt.  I would put money aside for the kids – not too much to make them slackers but enough so that they can get good educations, buy houses, etc.  I’d travel.  I’d open a yarn shop.  And of course, donate a lot of it.  I would also get my dream bathroom with a huge tub and unending hot water.

5.  Places I have lived.

Akron, Ohio.  Somerville, Dunellen, Bound Brook, Washington – all in New Jersey.  Buffalo, NY

6. Jobs I’ve had.

I was a secretary for a diving company in the middle of New Jersey – 60 miles away from the water.  I worked in a deli, was a babysitter.    I managed a IT helpdesk, and was a webmaster.  Project manager.  Developer.  Contracts manager. 

7.  People I want to know more about.

This one has been going around for a while, so I’ll tag anyone who wants to do it!  I want to know about you all!

OK, I’m off to get my to-do list started.  Have a great weekend! 


19 Responses to Summer Socks

  1. weezalana says:

    Ooo! Pretty sock! It actually looks like Firebird. (I wasn’t in the STR club *sob*, I just remember coveting that colorway.)

  2. raz11 says:

    Lovely sock! I have this yarn in my stash too, I managed to knit the first sock of the club and that was it,,,, I didn’t join this year either 🙂
    Oh and I am glad to see you will quit your job immediately when you will get your billions!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hoc Age says:

    Wow! Where are my sunglasses?
    That’s a lot colour packed in that sock yarn. I like the lace detail in the Hedera design.
    When you get the yarn store, let me know and I’ll send you an order.

  4. Oiyi says:

    That is definitely a great summer color. It looks so juicy.

  5. lobstah says:

    That really is a super-fun color.
    Totally agree with you on the billionaire question–I would quit my job so fast! I never understood those people who keep working when they don’t need to. Guess that is why I’m not rich, lol!

  6. Lisa says:

    Oh, wow. I need that yarn. Need, i say. And now I *have* to knit that pattern. Such pretty socks!

  7. Jeanne says:

    Firebird was one of my favorites from last year. Hmmm….I might have to cast on something with that next. STR is my favorite sock yarn. It seems to wear really well and produces a fabric I really like.

  8. tiennie says:

    Pretty pretty! Those are great summer colors.

  9. hakucho says:

    Love your socks! Very pretty colorway 🙂

  10. jenny girl says:

    Those socks are right up my alley. I tend to gravitate to those colors. They will certainly brighten your day in January, you know when it’s bitter cold, with possible snow on the ground.

    Interesting jobs by the way 🙂

  11. That colourway is beautiful! Thanks for humoring me and participating 🙂

  12. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- We’re living in a parallel universe, because I’m doing a pair of Embossed Leaves in Pop Rocks.

    I have a crapload of sock yarn, so I figured it was time.

    Let me know what we’re doing next! 😉

  13. Sourire11 says:

    Oooh great summer colors!!!

  14. Lisa says:

    Very pretty! I never thought about knitting that pattern – the pictures on Knitty kinda creeped me out. I’ll wait to see yours and then decide if I should queue it or not!

  15. Love the way that pattern works with the variegated yarn. Might have to add Hedera to my own queue….

  16. Opal says:

    I love that Flower Power colorway! I joined SoS too, but I seem to lose interest in alongs before they even start. How pathetic is that? 😀

  17. lilypily says:

    That colourway is wonderful and it looks great in that pattern too. Yes, I agree, perfect for summer sock knitting. :o) It’s also great for this winter bound Aussie to look at too. Nothing like a burst of colour to brighten a day. :o)

  18. jackie says:

    Nice colour sock yarn, bet is going to be a beautiful pair of sock.

  19. rhoda says:

    your hederas look great in the variegated yarn!

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