Summer Socks

June 27, 2008

It is officially summer, and I’ve joined Summer of Socks – and I’m pretty terrible at belonging to things like this  – I start off interested and strong – and then just stop paying attention (I am also in Socks from the Stash and I think I stopped doing this in March – didn’t stop making socks, but did stop posting to the group).  Anyway….

Although it is hot out, and I can’t wear these socks for a while, I think they are perfect for summer – aren’t these great summer colors? 


This is Socks that Rock – the colorway is from last year’s sock yarn club – I think it is Flower Power.  (Edited:  OK, it isn’t Flower Power- Weezalana had the right one – it is Firebird!  Thanks!) And as I knit with it, I am really reminded how much I like this yarn.  I’ve knit a couple of other socks with STR, but not for a long time – and I have to say – it is really nice yarn.  This is the first yarn I’ve actually used from last year’s club (which is why I didn’t sign up this year).    The pattern is Hedera – it has been on the queue for some time now, and it just seemed like time to do it.  I like it – I’m sure it looks very different in a solid, but I like how it breaks up the color on this yarn.  These will be the perfect socks next winter when it is dreary out and I need some color.


Mary Catherine tagged me for a meme a while ago, so I thought I’d finally do it…

1.  What was I doing 10 years ago.

Let’s see – 10 years ago – the kids were all pretty young, so I was probably going to baseball games, and arranging day care for the summer.  I was working – but not knitting (what did I do with all my free time!).  We hadn’t adopted Cieara yet, so we were probably just starting to talk about it.  I was working (of course) at a different company, and I think in a completely different field.

2.  What are 5 things on my to-do list for today?

Well, it is 5:00 here, so my day is winding down – so I’m not sure I have a lot on the to-do list at this point.    I’d like to get caught up on my blog reading, talk Larry into Chinese for dinner, talk Andrew into putting together a new bookcase, knit and start cleaning up the office/guest room for my step-son who will be here tomorrow.

3.  Snacks I enjoy.

Anything chocolate.  M&M’s.  Ice cream.  Potato chips.  If it is bad for me – I will probably enjoy it.

4.  Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

I’d quit my job immediately.  No winding down for me – I’d be out of there so fast they would wonder what the blur was.  I would pay off all my debt.  I would put money aside for the kids – not too much to make them slackers but enough so that they can get good educations, buy houses, etc.  I’d travel.  I’d open a yarn shop.  And of course, donate a lot of it.  I would also get my dream bathroom with a huge tub and unending hot water.

5.  Places I have lived.

Akron, Ohio.  Somerville, Dunellen, Bound Brook, Washington – all in New Jersey.  Buffalo, NY

6. Jobs I’ve had.

I was a secretary for a diving company in the middle of New Jersey – 60 miles away from the water.  I worked in a deli, was a babysitter.    I managed a IT helpdesk, and was a webmaster.  Project manager.  Developer.  Contracts manager. 

7.  People I want to know more about.

This one has been going around for a while, so I’ll tag anyone who wants to do it!  I want to know about you all!

OK, I’m off to get my to-do list started.  Have a great weekend! 


Silk shawl

June 23, 2008

I have to start by telling you that the comments about poor Maggie made me laugh – it wasn’t the conference call that made her look that way.  She has two looks – maniac dog and sad dog.  Sad dog usually gets her treats so she does the face all the time (maniac dog means its time for her to go out and run).  So no worries – she’s actually a happy, if not spoiled, dog.

You know it is summer when the first zucchini is picked. 


This one is really little – we seem to get either little ones or giant baseball bat zucchini.  I was really excited to see it, though – it means that soon we’ll have lots of good things to eat out of the garden.   I love having a garden – I actually don’t do anything in it – Larry does, but I get to eat it.  Perfect!

OK, knitting blog….

On Saturday, I cast on for the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style.  I used the laceweight silk from Sunnyside Ellen that Larry gave me for Mother’s Day.  Love the yarn – amazing color and sheen.  Just didn’t like it in the pattern…


OK, part of it is that the pattern calls for fingering weight and this is laceweight (the whole time I was knitting I was telling myself that it was almost fingering…and I didn’t realize it called for fingering until after I started it).  But it was on size 6 needles and just looked blah.  I couldn’t really see the pattern, and I knew that its days were numbered when I kept on stopping and looking at it and trying to find the pattern.  Rip.

I looked through my Ravelry queue – the skein had 660 yards so most of the laceweight shawls in my queue were out.  But then I found it – Swallowtail Shawl (Ravelry link) – I have plenty of yarn, and it is just so pretty – a much better fit for the yarn…


What do you think?  I think it looks much nicer – smaller needles, smaller pattern.  I can’t remember what repeat I’m on (always a good sign!) but the 6 row repeat is perfect train knitting….I took this on Sunday, but it is probably double the size now….


It is amazing what the right pattern does for yarn, isn’t it?  I’m looking forward to the nupps section!

OK, off to knit – have a great week! 


June 20, 2008

I know this is a little late, but today was Take Your Dog to Work Day – I couldn’t take the dogs on the train, but Maggie joined Larry at work  –  he works at home, but he took Maggie up to the office and put her to work….

She did a little computer work….


A little filing…


Then Larry had her cover a conference call….


I don’t think she was impressed with the working life.  Larry said that after all that work, Maggie ran downstairs and wouldn’t budge from the couch all afternoon.  Poor dog! 

Thanks for all the nice comments on Icarus.  I wore it to work today – and it was really nice – very squishy and soft and warm – I was very happy to wear it as it was a little chilly.  I haven’t started the next shawl, but the yarn is wound and the pattern is copied and I’ll probably start it this weekend.

I did finish something other than Icarus this week –

Yarn:  Handspun, Crown Mountain Fiber superwash roving, Say a Little Prayer colorway
Weight: no idea – didn’t really do the WPI on this yarn – think it is around a sport weight/DK
Started:  May 30, 2008
Finished:  June 17, 2008
Pattern:  Baby Cable Rib, Sensational Knitted Socks

I actually finished these the same day as Icarus, so I had Cieara model both – her feet are smaller than mine so they are a little baggy, but I love them.  Isn’t it funny how different the two colors are?  One looks like a washed out version of the other – but I do like them, and I’m so happy I finally made something with my handspun.


It was such a long week – I am really ready for the weekend.  Not a lot of plans, but hopefully some down time with Larry.    I got a nice package in the mail today, and started another train project…but I’ll show you that next time.  Now it is time for my Friday night routine….have a great one!



June 17, 2008

I hope you don’t mind if I gush a little and post just a few pictures…but I’m just so pleased with how it turned out….


I blocked it the other night, and tonight I finally weaved in all the ends.  And it is done. 

Pattern:  Icarus (Ravelry link)
Yarn:  Yarn Chef Buttercream, Meadow Pond colorway
Started:  April 18, 2008
Finished:  June 17, 2008

I didn’t realize it took me two months to make this (no wonder I was getting bored!). 


I am always just blown away by what blocking does to lace.  I thought the shawl was nice unblocked – but seeing it blocked – wow.  What an amazing pattern!  I really did enjoy knitting this (for all my whining and complaining) and I think it would make a good shawl for a beginning lace knitter.    And now that I’m done and see how nice it is – I want to make another one.


What can I say about the yarn?  It is simply beautiful.  I wish you could see this in person because the colors are actually a little deeper.  And you can’t beat the yardage and price – I bought two skeins (each 880 yards) probably have 700 or so yards left of the second skein (totally unscientific guess – but I added in the second skeins around chart 3, so I didn’t use much).  The yarn is so soft and it is just so pretty.  I love Yarn Chef yarn, and would recommend it.


I am so glad to be done with this project, and I love it.  I’m very tempted to start a new lace project – and I just might.  I need train knitting – but I also think I need to finish at least one of the projects that has been hanging around in the basket.    But those are a little big for the train…so maybe a nice silk shawl….what do you think?

Just in case you are tired of all the lace pictures, I thought I’d show you Nipper who has a drinking problem (and yes, I know – its terrible that I let her do this long enough so I could take a picture!).    Just in case you are concerned – it is milk in the cup, not coffee or a drink.


Have a good rest of the week!


June 15, 2008

Helleliuh!  I have something soaking in my sink….


That’s right – tonight, right before dinner, I cast off the last stitch of Icarus!  I was so excited – it was definitely time for me to be done with this project.  I thought that I was done last night when I did the last row of chart 4 – but the designer was sneaky and added four edging rows.  I was so bummed – but I finished them today, and its now socking in its bath waiting for me to block it.  I’m going to block it on the bed in the office – hopefully Larry will keep the cats off it tomorrow – and I’ll be able to unpin it after work.

I don’t want to be boring with a lot of unblocked shots, but I’ll give you a little hint of how it looks…


(is it me or does it look really crooked?  I hope its how I threw it on the chair!).  I really enjoyed this project – right up to the point where I hated it and it became a chore!  I think I’m going to love wearing it though – and I’m very pleased with it.  More details when I have blocked pictures.

I had a really great weekend – just in case you were curious, golf with Andrew was a lot of fun – and he only beat me by two strokes.  Two.  For all his trash talking, he couldn’t do better than that.  We did bet on the game, so I lost – but I think next time I just might get my money back.  I really played well – my best game ever – so perhaps the competition helps my game (Larry was rolling his eyes the whole time reminding me that I do this for fun, not to “crush” my kids….)!  But we had a really nice time, and Cieara joined us for dinner on the deck and it just was a great start to the weekend. 

Saturday was WWKIP day – and of course, I stayed home – and the knitting group came to my house!  I knit in public everyday so no big deal and we had a really nice time.  I got to spin and it was really nice to spend time outside.  I bought a little more roving this weekend – Lisa opened an Etsy shop!  I was so excited – I had to buy the roving I was drooling over.  She does beautiful colorways – go check it out!

Today was Father’s day  – a little running around, a little cooking, but enough time for a end of school year celebration pedicure with Cieara, and of course, time to finish Icarus.   


Dan came for dinner, and it was nice to have the whole family together for a meal.  They all scampered away right after dinner – as always – but it was just good to have them all back at my table.  It doesn’t seem to happen too often lately – I’m going to have to see if I can change that. 

Larry loves blueberries, so I made him a Blueberry Sour Cream Coffee Cake – I love this recipe  – it is so good – I highly recommend it.    I’ve made this type of coffee cake before, but this recipe is different – just amazing (I really need to get back to going to the gym on a regular basis now!). 

OK, time to go pin out Icarus.  I’ll post pictures of it later this week….have a great one!





June 13, 2008

I am working from home today – so instead of waking up at 4:30, I woke up at 6:45…ahhhh…   I probably could have slept a little longer, but I like to get started early   – I have a ton to do today – but rather than logging in, I decided to sit and watch the news for a few minutes and drink my coffee.  And then I started reading blogs….now its 7:30 and I decided that maybe I can take a few minutes and blog myself….so much for getting started early!

Last night, Larry and I went to NJPAC to see Movin Out – it was so good.  The dancing was amazing – I didn’t actually know anything about this other than it was based on Billy Joel’s music, so the whole thing was a surprise (yes, I know that some people do actually research things they go to see before they see them!).  It really was very good – if you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend.  Before the show, we went to dinner at a restaurant in the Ironbound section – very good food – Larry had paella, I had shrimp and it was delicous (the martinis were very good too!)  All in all, a really nice night out.  

Chris and I were IM’ing earlier this week, and somehow she convinced me to order roving from The Loopy Ewe (she’s evil like that).  I had never ordered from Loopy Ewe before but what a great experience!  I couldn’t believe how fast I got the order – and the whole thing was just so easy that I’m sure I’ll be ordering from them again.  

Anyway, back to the roving – this is from The Dyeing Arts – it is 100% superwash merino and the colorway is Goth Chick duo – this is two different colorways (2 oz each) that go together.  I love it and can’t wait to spin it up. 


There were so many pretty rovings that I had a hard time deciding – so Larry picked this one out.  it is from Sakina Needles, and it is BFL in the Popsicles colorway.   Gorgeous and just so soft…


I really was trying hard not to pick anything blue – I have a lot of blue everything and I am trying to branch out.     But….did you see Lisa’s gorgeous roving that she hand-dyed (check out her Flickr slide show  – gorgeous!)?   I love this one particularly – I am always drawn to shades of blue and green.  Sigh.  Lisa is dyeing this all up for a local show, so if you are lucky enough to be in the area, you should go and check it out! 

I have 6 more rows of Icarus to go – I think I’ve said 4000 times that I’m going to finish “this weekend” but I’m actually hoping that I really can finish it.  I have knitting group tomorrow, so that will give me lots of time.  Cross your fingers for me – this thing needs to be done!

OK, I guess I should actually go work since “working from home” should probably involve work, don’t you think?  The good news is I’m actually taking a half day.  Andrew came home from college last weekend, so we are going to play golf this afternoon.  This is the first time I’ve played with him – and I’m a little nervous.  Andrew is VERY SERIOUS about golf and super competitive.  I’m not very serious about it at all, and although I’m normally pretty competitive – I suck at golf so bad that I can’t really do anything other than laugh (and cheat!).  But I’m looking forward to it – it is a beautiful day and being out in the sun is better than being in an office building! 

Have a great Friday!



June 8, 2008

It was unbelievably hot here on the East Coast this weekend – and there was nothing else to do but stay inside in the AC, and do inside stuff.  Yesterday Cieara and I cleaned out her room (fun!), and today we all went to the mall and did a little shopping.  But I also had lots of time for fiber stuff – I’m half way done with chart four on Icarus (See Lisa I haven’t stopped on it and am still going on it!), and I even did a few rows on the Ballet Cami.  And I did a little coloring too…


I know its a bit blurry – but it was the only picture I took of this yarn that actually got the color right – every other picture made it look pink.  I used Kool-Aid and Knitty to dye this – and I think its really nice – sort of a coral.  I’m thinking that I may use this to make Ene’s Scarf (Ravelry link) – wouldn’t that be nice?

I also did some sock yarn – I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this – I obviously didn’t squeeze the dye through all the way and there is a lot of white still…


But I sort of like it, and think even with the white it looks nice.  But I thought that perhaps I should overdye it with another color – or with yellow.  What do you think?

I obviously shouldn’t quit my day job and become a full time dyer though, eh?  I really enjoyed myself though, and think I may try this again with “real dyes“.  There is something about the creative process of putting colors together and changing basic white yarn to something that you only saw in your mind (and apparently I saw popsicles in my mind!).

I also did a little more coloring today….


Yep, dyed my hair (aren’t you glad I didn’t use Kool-Aid?).  I usually go somewhere to have this done, but decided to see if I could do it at home.  And I sort of like it – even when I really didn’t brush my hair well!

OK, I’m off to knit a little more on Icarus….have a good week!