Ready for summer!

I think the happy look on my ca’s face says it all…it really is just a very nice day here in NJ – and there is nothing better than a nap on the deck on a beautiful day.


Yesterday was a day for errands, napping and fun.  We went to the movies with Dan last night to see Indiana Jones and then out to dinner – had a great time – its always so nice to spend time with Dan.  Cieara has been busy with friends all weekend, so it was just the three of us (which is not creepy, Dan!).    The movie was good – typical Indiana Jones.  There was a story this morning on the news about Karen Allen, and how she is a fiber artist.  Very cool – now I want to go check out her store!  I brought Hypoteneuse with me to the movies – it was perfect – the theaters are always cold, and for the first time I was perfectly comfortable watching a movie. 

Today was all about getting ready for summer – we went to the plant store and bought all the veggies for the garden – tomatos, peppers, lettuce, cukes and all that.  And we bought plants for the deck – because I love sitting out on the deck surrounded by flowers….


I have no idea what these are, but thought they were pretty.  But my favorites are always marigolds…


I love them, and have them every year (I love the way they smell).  I also have two rail boxes of herbs, so I’m set for cooking all summer.    The deck looks so pretty now – can’t wait to sit outside and knit.

Speaking of knitting….finished chart 2!


I’m living dangerously now –  I didn’t move the lifeline.  I thought about putting a new one after chart two, but was too lazy to run upstairs to get the laceweight I used for the first lifeline.  I am loving this shawl though – I think its going to be perfect to wear this summer. 

OK, time to go eat – hope you are having a wonderful weekend too!


13 Responses to Ready for summer!

  1. Lisa says:

    I think you’ll be fine without a lifeline – chart three is really just more of the same as Chart 2!

    Can’t wait to see it done!

  2. Jeanne says:

    Looks like a wonder fun weekend. I’ve been debating if the new Indiana Jones movie is a “must see in the movie theater” movie or not. I think it might be.

  3. Opal says:

    Congratulations on finishing chart 2!! Sounds like you’re having a fabulous weekend. I hope the rest of it is just as great. 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Beautiful work on the planting and knitting!

  5. Christianne says:

    It was a great day in NJ! We did pretty much the same thing. Icarus is looking really good!

  6. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Let’s hope the weather stays nice and warm for a few days.
    Looks like you have the perfect place to sit and work on your Icarus- you’re at the fun part.

    ….if you can get Tom to make some room.

  7. Kim says:

    Your flowers are so pretty! I love to sit outside and knit too. It is so relaxing.

  8. weezalana says:

    Such pretty flowers! And a reminder that I need to de-weed the front patches of dirt and perhaps plant some flowers to kill. 😛

  9. Hoc Age says:

    What a lovely place to take nap… or knit.
    Hope the good weather continues for you.

  10. kitkatknit says:

    Is that basil I smell in the top picture? I love basil! It and rhubarb spell summer for me. I heard that Karen Allen does (local only) workshops on her knitting techniques.

  11. Jennifer says:

    That is a very relaxed and happy cat!

    Love the flower pics.

  12. hakucho says:

    Beautiful flowers…and congrats on finishing chart 2… without the lifeline…yay 🙂

  13. jennygirl says:

    I saw that piece on Karen Allen too. How cool is she?
    Shawl is looking good so far.

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