Rowing and spinning…


On Friday, we went to Philadelphia to see Andrew race.  This was the first time we’ve been able to go to one of his races, so we were pretty excited.   We got there around 1:30 – his race was at 3:30.  And we sat in the rain, cold, wind.  It was pretty miserable – poor Cieara was shivering the whole time (and now has a cold).  We finally found seats in the grandstand section with a roof, but it was the last row, so we kept on getting rained on.  But that was ok – what’s a little cold/wet?  That’s Andrew’s boat in the top picture during his race – and he is the first one on the right.    They didn’t win their race, but it was exciting, and great to watch.    And afterwards we found him and I got a picture of Cieara and Andrew – very rare that Andrew will allow a picture, so he must have been in a good mood!  He had his head shaved as crew novice initiation thing and it was the first time we had seen him since they did it – it was startling!  (And its actually grown out a bit already!)


We took Andrew out to dinner and had a great time with him and Cieara.  It was so nice to see him, and I’m glad that we took the day off to go to his race.  

Before we left on Friday, I sat at the spinning wheel for the first time in a long time – and I finished spinning up some roving that I have been spinning forever.  And yesterday, I plied it. 


I can’t say that this is the best yarn I’ve ever done – I think its pretty obvious that I haven’t spun in some time.    I spun this from Corriedale roving that I bought from an Etsy store last year (looks like she switched to selling hand knits now).  I thought that Corriedale was supposed to be pretty soft (or is that Cormo?), but this is pretty scratchy/wooly feeling. 


The colors are beautiful though – purples, white, blues…very nice.  But I’m not too happy with how this came out – do you see the blurby parts in the picture above?  Sigh.  I really need to start spinning again a little more regularly.    I was spinning a more consistent yarn when I was spinning every week – I think I’m going to start putting one day aside a week to spin.  I forgot how much I enjoy it, and how relaxing it is.  I wish there was a spinning group or guild in the area that I could join – there is a guild, actually, but they meet on a weekday during the day, so I can’t go.   It would be great, though, to have some spinners to spin with. 


I’m fighting the urge to ball this up, though, and make a scarf.  I’m on the last repeat of the boring stockinette section of Icarus, and I’ve been told, and have read, that this is the hardest part to get through – and I can believe it.  I’m so freaking bored with this that I’m starting to look through my Ravelry queue for a small project.  But I’m trying really hard not to – I really want to finish the projects I have going before I start more  – and I do have a scarf going already.  But wouldn’t it be nice to make something with my handspun? 

Today I’m going to be lazy and knit this morning and let Larry and Cieara make me breakfast.  Then we are golfing this afternoon.  And I think I may spin a little.  And knit.  Andrew gave me presents for mother’s day when I saw him on Friday – thanks Andrew!  And Dan called me this morning – he is in West Virginia at his girlfriend’s graduation.  It was nice to hear from him – thanks Dan! 

I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day, and that you get some time to enjoy the things and people you love! 


15 Responses to Rowing and spinning…

  1. Opal says:

    Andrew looks great! Poor Cieara. I hope she feels better soon.

    Your yarn looks fabulous! It’s so consistently spun. Can’t wait to see it knit up!

  2. Kim says:

    The colors in your handspun are beautiful and I think it will look lovely knitted up. As for Icarus, the stockinette is boring, but the chart that follows isn’t. Hang in there and drudge through, you will be so happy you did.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  3. As a non-spinner I love your yarn… funny how we can always see things in our own work that others can’t. Good luck with finishing Icarus before the stockinette drives you crazy.

  4. Awesome Mom says:

    That is an awesome scarf pattern! I have some handspun that I bought and have been waiting for a great pattern to use with it. I think that this may be it!

  5. hakucho says:

    That is great you were there for Andrew, despite the awful weather!!

    Your hand spun yarn looks perfect to me….it must be so much fun to spin 🙂

    Sounds like you had a very nice Mother’s Day!

  6. Christianne says:

    Cool beans – sounds exciting if cold. Yarn looks beauteous – I’m sure it will soften up for you. It will look lovely in that pattern, too!

  7. Wanda says:

    It’s good you were able to see Andrew’s race. Sounds like a good trip. Hope your Mother’s Day was happy.

  8. Lauren says:

    Love the yarn- especially the blurbs!

  9. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Your children are lovely- he looks great with the buzz cut.

    Part of the beauty of handspun is the imperfections- it is unique and special.

    I’m done my Icarus- just have to block.

  10. weezalana says:

    I always wonder who it is who’s sitting out in the inclement weather during sporting events. Turns out it’s the parents and siblings! 😉

    It would be nice to make something with your handspun! Such gorgeous colors. And it would help inspire you to get through the Icarus stockinette. Inspiration is good. hehehehe…

  11. stitch-dom says:

    Proud mom! I don’t think I’ve seen any pics of Andrew before! It may have been a rotten day but I’m sure he was really glad you were there to cheer him on.

    My handspun looks about the same – the months away from the wheel haven’t been kind. If anyone asks you can say you were going for a more “organic look” and the blurbs are a “design feature.”

    As for Icarus – I’m on Row 10 of Chart 4…so close and yet at 450-plus stitches per row it is really really hard to stay motivated. I promise though that with every row being different it feels like it is going quickly.

  12. Shea says:

    The colors are fabulous in that yarn! Your bad day of spinning is far superior to my good days of spinning. 🙂

  13. tiennie says:

    How fun! Happy belated mother’s day!!

  14. Peggy says:

    The rowing race sounds fun, except for the misery part.

    I love the yarn you spun, the colors are great. Even if the spinning isn’t as even as you’d like – it’s just personality!

    Happy late Mother’s day!

  15. Ren says:

    happy (belated) mother’s day! i really like the yarn you spun up… especially the colors!

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