You know this whole focusing on one project thing really is a good idea.  Do you see what’s missing in this picture?


No needles!  I mean it – it is amazing what spending time on one project can do!  So after I cast off, wove in the ends, I let it soak for a bit…..


And now its upstairs, all blocked out – and I’ve checked it twice already to see if its dry yet (and its not)…


I will say – it is pretty big.  I only did 13 repeats and I’m so glad I didn’t do the full 17 – it would just be too long.    I can’t wait to unpin it though and see how it really came out.

So I was thinking today – Mother’s Day is on May 11.  Today is April 11.  Do you think its enough time to make a Forest Canopy shawl and mail it to California?  If I use big yarn (and my mother is small so I don’t need to make a huge one) I think I just might make it.  I was thinking that it would be really nice in the Manos silk blend I bought.  What do you think?  Inspired or crazy?

I’m so glad its Friday – this week has just been killer at work.  I’m off Monday and Tuesday because Larry’s birthday is Tuesday (and what’s the point of working on Monday if you are off Tuesday?) so I’m so happy.  Nothing like a long weekend, eh?

OK, off to finish up working.  I should have a dry Hypoteneuse to show you later this weekend – and maybe even a new shawl….or is that crazy?


14 Responses to Almost…

  1. Kim says:

    Inspired! Go for it. Also, your Hypotenuse looks fantastic

  2. Opal says:

    Yay for the FO! I don’t think the idea of a finished Forest Canopy by Mother’s Day is crazy. And it’ll look so gorgeous in that Manos.

  3. Ren says:

    oooh, fabulous! i don’t really know much about hypotenuse, but it looks like you’ve been knitting like crazy, so it sure seems possible! : )

  4. Rachel says:

    I think the mother’s day project is doable and I like the yarn choice! The Hypoteneuse looks really promising, I am waiting to see the final photos.

  5. hakucho says:

    One word…BEAUTIFUL 🙂

    Yes, I think you can do it by May 11…that is if you say focused 🙂 You mother will love it!!

  6. Josiane says:

    Well, if you stick to that one project at a time thing, I guess you can make it. And you’ve got a long weekend to get a good start! Enjoy this little break!

  7. Cookie says:

    Not crazy! You can totally do it!

  8. Robby says:

    Forest Canopy should be spectacular in that yarn. In fact, so nice Mum should forgive you if it’s a day or so late I would think. Now put this little holiday to use and get started!

  9. Your staying power is increddible. If you can keep it up I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t make Mother’s day. She’ll be one lucky mother!

  10. Ooh, how I love enabling other knitters .. go for it!!!

  11. Lisa says:

    I think you can do it. You might as well try! 🙂 Good luck. I’ll be cheering for you.

  12. lucette says:

    It is great to finish a project and enjoy its beauty. Good for you. The shawl is just lovely. Looking forward to the new shawl.

  13. Carolyn says:

    You got some beautiful projects there.

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