Prize package!

OK, I was going to post tonight  – and I think it would have been a little whiny.  I was going to tell you that I think (but I’m not sure) that I messed up Mr. Greenjeans – I think I’m off on increases and stich counts, but you know I’m dreading actually finding out for sure so I haven’t figured it out yet.  But I will tonight.  And I knew I’d be whiny.  How fun for all of you, eh?  But good news – something happened to sidetrack me and the blog, so you won’t have to hear me whine tonight (but you probably will later this week).  So you are saved!

I got home tonight to find a package in the mail.  Earlier this month, Mary-Catherine had a contest on her blog.  I commented and didn’t think anything else about it.  And then she emailed me that I won!  Wow – I don’t think I’ve ever actually won anything!    And you should see what she sent me…


Fleece Artist Sea Wool – if you haven’t ever felt this, you need to go find some.  Its just amazing.  Just gorgeous.   I have two pairs of socks going right now (sigh…so much for keeping control over projects) but I am so tempted to start a new pair.  The colors are so nice.  And it comes with a free pattern (Ravelry link)- gotta love that!


Mary-Catherine’s second prize is a book – it was one of the entries in the Canada Reads contest – Not Wanted on the Voyage.  It looks great – I almost can’t wait to go to work tomorrow morning so I can read it on the train.  And I’m looking forward to looking at the other entries in this contest – very cool!

I really can’t believe how nice this prize is – totally made my day – even with the “issues” with Mr. Greenjeans and my eye that for some reason looks like I got punched (stupid contacts), I’m sitting here happy and smiling. 

Thanks, Mary-Catherine!

OK, I guess I’ll go count the stitches on Mr. Greenjeans….no…maybe I’ll start a pair of socks!


20 Responses to Prize package!

  1. Rachel says:

    Lovely yarn!
    According to my experience with Fleece Artist sock yarns, the colour variations change as you knit the skein so if having 2 identical socks is important to you, maybe you want to divide the skein to 2 and alternate or something like this. I don’t mind so I just happily knit (the colors make it a fun knit) and call it socks in progress instead of a pair! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Those Twisted Flower socks I made last year were out of the FA Sea Wool, it was great to work with. I think you’ll enjoy it 🙂 Congrats on the wins, great prizes!

  3. Yay for prizes – and those are some really nice ones. I hope the counts work out for you – and I hope you’re eye is better! Maybe you’re getting dry eye????????????

  4. Awesome Mom says:

    I love winning yarn! I will have to have a yarn contest sometime after the move. I hope all works out with Mr Greenjeans.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Very nice prize package!

    That books looks interesting. I think I’ll go look it up on Amazon.

  6. I’m so glad the package finally showed up and that you like the yarn. When I first saw it I fell in love with the colourway. Good luck with Mr Greenjeans, my current sweater is way off but my midnight shift brain is to stupid to deal with it.

  7. Opal says:

    Beautiful yarn! Best of luck with Mr. Greenjeans.

  8. Josiane says:

    Don’t fear Mr. Greenjeans! I’m sure that if something is messed up, you’ll be able to fix it up and get back to where you were in no time flat!
    This is an awesome prize package!
    Oh, that’s funny: I followed your link over to Mary-Catherine’s blog to have a quick look at it, and I saw that you mentioned in your winning entry to her contest that you wanted to visit Montreal… well, this is where I live! You are welcome over here any time you want! It would be great to meet you and to show you around a little bit!

  9. Karen says:

    Mr. Greenjeans is on my list of projects to start…sorry to hear you’re having problems. that makes me nervous to start mine.

  10. hakucho says:

    Great prize!! Good luck figuring out whats going on with Mr. Greenjeans. Hope it can be worked out easily 🙂

  11. Lorraine says:

    Wow- what a great prize.

    And you can get whiney anytime you want.

  12. Irie says:

    Lovely yarn from Fleece Artist! Beautiful colors too 🙂

  13. weezalana says:

    Ah, yes, yarn makes everything better. 😉

  14. Jeanne says:

    I’m knitting with Sea Wool now. Yes, it’s very lovely. I hope your Greenjeans problem is something you can fudge. I’ve had to train myself to count very often when knitting a raglan top down.

  15. stitch-dom says:

    Gorgeous yarn AND a good book!

    I didn’t know you wanted to go to Montreal! Give me a call – I’m right down the road.

    (do you need a bribe?)

  16. Susan says:

    I have some FA seawool but haven’t tried it out yet. Looking forward to see what your socks look like. It is very nice yarn.

  17. lilypily says:

    Lucky you! Well done. :o) That yarn looks delicious. I’ve not tried it before, but have heard lots of lovely things about it. Goodluck with the greenjeans situation!!

  18. tiennie says:

    Enjoy your prizes!!! Hope greenjeans isn’t too hard to figure out.

  19. Jenny Girl says:

    Yeah prizes! I love getting surprises in the mail. I can’t believe this is your first win. Congrats!

  20. Rebekah says:

    ITs alwasy so nice to have a little surprise int he mail. What a lovely surprise it was too!

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