Let me start by apologizing.  No, hold on – let me start by thanking everyone for the very nice comments on my last post.  Very nice – and I really do appreciate all of them.  Ok, back to apologizing.  You probably have updated your blog this week, and I probably haven’t commented.  Sorry.  But I have been busy.  Terribly, obsessively busy.  

I found a pattern – I saw it on Maglia! (so its possible that I commented on blogs up to those starting with M) – and I just thought it was so cute…next thing you know, I’m rummaging through the stash, tossing yarn all over.  And then I found the nicest yarn I had forgotten about and that was it – I cast on. 


This is just the cutest pattern – oh, sorry – you want details?  It is Shrug This by Toni Kayser Weiner (Ravelry link).  Looks like it is a freebie from the book One Skein Wonders.  It really is a cute, clever pattern (the whole arm thing – just amazing!).  I would have finished it in a day had I not messed up a YO and had to rip it back (I did try to drop the stitches down and just pick it up but couldn’t do it with two YO’s).  As it was, Larry was dragging me kicking and screaming to bed as I kept on saying “but I only have 5 more rows” (I’m sort of thankful he did – 4:30 a.m. comes really early!).  So I couldn’t wait to get home tonight, and do my 5 rows.    OK, details:

Pattern:  Shrug This
Yarn:  Angora
Needle:  US 10.5
Started:  March 18, 2008
Finished:  March 19, 2008


 I can’t tell you how clever the pattern is – and it doesn’t take much yarn.     I bought this Angora at Maryland Sheep and Wool (or maybe Rhinebeck) a few years ago – it may even been handspun.  It is so soft, and so pretty.  I think there were 200 yards  – and I honestly have probably 25% of it left (just judging by eye).    But this is the perfect use of it – it looks so cute in person (and Cieara and Larry were reminded repeatedly not to throw this in the laundry!)


I think this would be a perfect project for handspun.  The only not gushing comment is that it is fairly small – so you may have to tweak it to fit someone a little larger than Cieara who wears an XS (or maybe stretchier yarn?  Bigger needles?).  But I really think you should go to your stash, find some yarn, and try it.  Just so much fun! (I’m fighting the urge to make another one right away).  And honestly – isn’t it nice to finish something this fast?

OK, off to watch a little TV and maybe knit on one of my other projects (or start another shrug)….have a good rest of the week !


19 Responses to Must…knit….shrug…

  1. weezalana says:

    Now that’s what I call a great one-night stand! 😉 Very cute!

  2. Awesome Mom says:

    Cute! I love the bright pink. I think that is my favorite pink ever.

  3. Josiane says:

    Very pretty, and a perfect fit on Cieara!

  4. Wanda says:

    Oh, it’s very cute!

  5. Ren says:

    what a great looking shrug! sometimes i just love it when the knitting bug strikes and you feel like you can accomplish anything. : )

  6. Opal says:

    What a cute shrug and it looks perfect on Cieara!

  7. Karen says:

    That is adorable…may have to try it for my DIL.

  8. Necia says:

    Your shrug is so cute, and Ciera is really wearing it. it. It looks absolutely fabulous on her!

  9. Jean says:

    Great job! That is wonderful yarn for that adorable shrug and an excellent color for Cieara. BTW, I think you did the right thing ripping back to the missed YO. Since a YO adds more yarn to the project, even if you could have dropped the stitches back, the resulting added YO probably would have looked kind of small and wonky.

  10. Jeanne says:

    The shrug looks fabulous. I can see why it would be hard to put down. It looks great on a super skinny person like Cieara.

  11. Cookie says:

    That is so cute and Cieara looks wonderful in it. Well done!

  12. Terri says:

    Hey, don’t worry. I’ve been too busy to blog for ages, so don’t feel bad. :o) That shrug is very cute. It looks lovely on Cieara, but then she is so beautiful, it would be hard to find something that looked awful on her!

  13. hakucho says:

    The shrug looks so cute on Cieara and it’s the perfect color for her 🙂 Stunning !!

  14. Jacqui says:

    That’s beautiful! I have a weakness for shrugs–especially top-down raglan-increase-sleeves ones!

  15. Jennifer says:

    So cute, and you’re right! It would be perfect with some handspun. Hmmm….

  16. Jenny Girl says:

    How cute! Love the color and the model did a fantastic job too! Great splash of color and warmth 🙂

  17. catsmum says:

    oh sooooooo cute

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