Just in case…

Just a quick post tonight – not much to show you other than the eternal Hypoteneuse.  Remember when I loved this project, couldn’t wait to knit it?  Now I’m to the “ugh..when is this going to be done” stage.    I’m on the 8th repeat – need to do 9 more.  Sigh…


Don’t you wish the “I love this and love knitting it” stage lasted just a little longer?  I do!  I’m trying to take turns between this and the throw – which I still do love.  I’m on the third repeat of that (4 more to go!).   So I sort of view knitting on the throw as a reward for getting another repeat of Hypoteneuse done….but I will say that I think its going to be beautiful when its done.  It is a good pattern – its just that I have so many other things I want to start soon (did you see the Spring Knitty?)

We had our St. Patrick’s dinner today instead of tomorrow..so I made some Irish Soda bread….


It was very good – I love homemade soda bread.  I also made Corned Beef – awesome recipe.  Just in case, you are looking for a new recipe – I highly recommend it.  It was amazing.  It was a little spicy so I think next time I’ll reduce the cayenne in the final glaze, but it was just amazing.  Everyone really liked it and I think it was the best corned beef I’ve ever have.    I love this magazine – we have always had very good luck with the recipes. 

OK, time to go get ready for the week.  Tomorrow is a very special day in our house, so I may just have another post.  Happy Monday!


12 Responses to Just in case…

  1. If you ever find the magic pill that makes “I love this and love knitting it” stay around for a while please let me know. That stage usually ends somewhere after the second repeat of any pattern for me. I love your “reward” system, very smart.

  2. Karen says:

    Your Hypoteneuse looks beautiful. Keep plugging along…it’s worth it.

  3. Well, keep plugging away on it – it is going to be gorgeous. MMMM, the soda bread looks great – I would make it except for the RAISINS in it – bleech.


    Happy Gotcha Day!!!!!

  4. Lorraine says:

    Yeah, I wish the excitement would last a little longer too.

    Mmmmmmmmmmmm-that corned beef looks amazing- and the bread. Yummy.

  5. weezalana says:

    Yeah, I’m at the snoooooze stage in my Raspy sweater. I told myself I would knit just 10 rows a night, after knitting on my socks. It…uh…hasn’t quite worked out that way, though.

    That soda bread looks really. really. good.

  6. stitch-dom says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if every time you pick up a wip you felt the same excitement as casting it on? I think that’s why I like dyeing my own sock yarn – particularly stripes – just to see how it looks at every stage.

    Oh and Jeanne? I can’t believe you Kinnear’d that guy’s socks!!! Very cool of you.

  7. Opal says:

    I know how you feel about the Hypotenuse. I’m at that stage with one of my shawls. All that looms before me are endless repeats of the same ol’ same ol’… Doesn’t it make patterns like the Laminaria(Spring Knitty) look absolutely delicious?

  8. lilypily says:

    I empathize re: the knitting. I’m forcing myself through my second Pomatomus sock and not enjoying it any more at all. The bread looks great! Bet it smelt delicious too. :o)

  9. Jeanne says:

    Hmmm….I’ve never tried to make corned beef. I should be genetically predisposed….

  10. tiennie says:

    Happy St. Patty’s! Lovely hypotenuse.

  11. Rachel says:

    I knitted 2 Hypoteneuses and found the pattern quite soothing, maybe it was the “mantrish” way I was having with it, kind of a semi counting all the time, weird me. Or, it may have been the yarn colours that kept me entertained both mine were done in variegated yarns. I also knitted the throw and liked it and the Gust – I love the edging you added to it, it looks gorgeous. And the end result of the Hypoteneuse is really beautiful, and only one and some repeats are nothing.

  12. hakucho says:

    That’s the problem with large projects, you do get tired of them after a while. ( I think that’s the main reason I love kntting dishcloths);I know I get sleepy sometimes and then I start making mistakes. Good luck finishing it…It will be beautiful; and so worth it 🙂

    happy knitting 🙂

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