Good thing…


I’m convinced that the knitting god(s) are watching over me lately.    Although honestly I would have argued this point about 30 minutes ago when I frogged the Totally Autumn throw for the third, and final, time.  In fact had anyone mentioned to me that it was a good thing that I was frogging, I probably would have strangled the person with the yarn.

Chris had mentioned that in order to get the throw going, she had to sit by herself in a quiet place and concentrate.  I did that and finally got it going.  I was on row 7 of the pattern when I started looking at it – ack!  Somewhere I had made a mistake and the whole thing was off.  Plus  – it looked just not right in the yarn.  I think Manos in this colorway is just too much for the pattern.  I thought about just continuing on, but I knew it would drive me crazy.  So I frogged it.    And for now, I’m giving up on this pattern.  I don’t know if its me (obviously its the pattern and not me, right?)…but I think that perhaps I need a time out from it. 

But I was determined to make a throw with the yarn – I really do love the colors and the feel of the yarn.  So out came the pattern books –  I finally decided on the Old Shale pattern – nice and easy but I think it will look ok with the varigation.  I can use easy after being beat by the other pattern for the last week.  I came downstairs all happy and ready to start.  I pulled up the Totally Autumn pattern to see what the cast on was – I wanted this throw to be similar in size.  By chance – I took at look at the yarn requirement.  Hmm….it was a little more than I thought.  I flipped to my yarn database and realized that I didn’t have enough yarn to make the throw in the size I was making – I would need 3 skeins more.  That would have been a bit of a rude awakening, eh?  So there you go – all for the best.   The knitting god(s) were watching out for me, in a way.  I think I’ll hold off on another throw since I just don’t have the yarn – or maybe I’ll pick up a few more skeins of the Manos the next time I see it…..and then try again. 

I had a very nice weekend – we went to NYC yesterday to see Spamalot – I bought tickets for Larry for Christmas.  We really enjoyed it – I’m so glad I bought it for him as we’ve been wanting to see if since it first started.  Today we put away all the Christmas stuff (I was really ready for it to go away) and then took the dogs for a really long walk.    Now the house is peaceful because they are all sleeping – nothing like a little exercise to get me a quiet afternoon with the dogs!

OK, off to work on Cobblestone – hope you have a good week!


10 Responses to Good thing…

  1. chris says:

    ACK!!! Good thing you ended up ripping it now – instead of later! Sounds like you had a nice weekend anyway!

  2. Opal says:

    The knitting gods really were watching out for you even though you had to go through such a painful path. Glad you had such a nice weekend!

  3. hakucho says:

    Good thing you didn’t put more work into it only to find out you didn’t have enough yarn! There are some yarns I’ve found that have minds of their own.
    No use fighting it…after all you should be having fun, right?

    happy knitting 🙂

  4. Jean says:

    Yeah, sometimes it really is just best to pull the plug on a project. You can always go back to it, but clearly now was not the time.

  5. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- So Spamalot was good?

    If you’re not “feeling the love” then give it up. It wasn’t meant to be.

  6. Jeanne says:

    Wow…I’ve never heard of the knitting god(s) being quite so obvious before. Spamalot had a brief run here, but you couldn’t get tickets for it. or at least, not if you are a normal person with special ties to somebody. Needless to say, I didn’t get to see it.

  7. weezalana says:

    Well of *course* it’s the pattern! It’s never us. 😉 Good work on the part of the knitting gods!

  8. tiennie says:

    Glad you had a great weekend! Yay for the knitting gods looking out for us!

  9. deborah says:

    sounds like my adventures with sock knitting. I’m on my 4th set of jaywalkers. I’m determined to do them over and over until I master it.

  10. Peggy says:

    You seem to be getting in touch with your inner yarn-whisperer. 🙂 It’s beautiful stuff whatever you make!

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