Tag – you’re it!

I saw this on Craftlily’s blog, and since I can’t show anything I’m knitting, I thought I’d play….

Ornament tag!  Here is how you play

  1. Take a picture of your ornament and put it on your blog telling everyone about it.
  2. Post a link to the person on whom’s blog you found out about Ornament Tag.
  3. Post the rules.

OK, here is my knitting related ornament


I just got this one this year – unfortunately, it is night time here and I can’t get a good picture.  But she’s wearing the cutest sweater and is carrying a basket of yarn and needles.  Gotta love Hallmark!  It has a little tag that says “Are you knotty or nice” – which I find irritating.   Just too cheesy.

I have other knitting ornaments – and if I don’t finish this Christmas knitting soon and start something I can show, I’m going to play this again!  But don’t worry  – I’m almost there….I think I should have it done by Sunday at the latest!

How about a more Christmas mood shot?



9 Responses to Tag – you’re it!

  1. Ina says:

    Cute deer! I’m a sucker for bad puns, too.

  2. hakucho says:

    That something I don’t have ( or don’t think I have) a knitting related Christmas orrnament…got to work on that 😉

    Very cute ornament!

    happy holidays 🙂

  3. Jeanne says:

    Hmmm….I don’t have any knitting ornaments either. Must do something about that. Yours is very cute, but I agree the tag is a bit over the top.

  4. Opal says:

    Cute ornament! Im such a scrooge. I don’t put up a tree. I do have a wreath on my wall though. 🙂

    As for the tag, it’d be kinda cute if it said “Have you been knitty or nice?” I’m a sucker for cheesy things like that.

  5. weezalana says:

    What a cute ornament! I’d find the cheese annoying, too. Is the tag something you can cut off?

  6. Lauren says:

    My friend just sent me a t-shirt that reads ‘Knitters are Knotty’ with a provocative image of a women in a hat and scarf. I love it. Does that make me suck?

  7. deborah says:

    Wait, before I can play, I guess I’ve got to go out and buy a tree! Aw man am I behind!

  8. Lisa says:

    I was thinking about knitting some of those wee Berrocco sweaters – but I don’t need to add miniature WIPs on top of all the regular sized ones!

    And since I didn’t get to comment before…there’s a QUIVIUT STORE IN NY???? That.Is.So.Cool!

  9. Love it! Who doesn’t need a knitty ornament???

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