Montego Bay

Yesterday was the perfect winter day – it was cold, snowy, sleety – perfect for baking and knitting.  Cieara and I made cookies (Candy Cane and Chocolate Peppermint Drops – both very good), and then I spent the afternoon knitting.

And now I have another Christmas present done (I think its ok – my Mom doesn’t read my blog)….


Pattern:  Montego Bay, Interweave Knits, Summer ’07
Yarn:  Handmaiden Sea Silk, I think the colorway is Sangria
Started:  November 17, 2007
Finished:  December 2, 2007 

I used almost the entire skein of Sea Silk, I had a little left, but though it was long enough.  Cieara is about my mother’s height, and she had it wrapped around her neck once.   And I think that will be just fine.


I have to say that I really like this now – but knitting on it was a little boring.  And I was really sort of iffy while I was working on it – but once I finished it, shook it out – wow – its a great pattern in this yarn.  I decided to just fringe it, and not braid it like the pattern called for (I tried it but just didn’t like it).   It is a great pattern, though, for a gift scarf – I would have had this done a week ago had I not stopped to make other things.  I wonder how it would be in a nice handspun?    I think it would be a great pattern for those small skeins of handspun – it only took a little over 400 yards…well, ok maybe not a really small skein!

I wish I could take a picture of this yarn that really shows it – this picture is probably the closest to the actual color.  But the yarn is beautiful – I will be buying this again.  Once I’m off my yarn diet, of course!  I really like the Nova Scotia and Renaissance colorways…hmmm..


Did you notice that I did the fringe knots upside down?  I finished all of them before I realized….so now its a design feature!

OK, it is almost bedtime…have a great week!


17 Responses to Montego Bay

  1. adrienne says:

    Very nice! I love the color!

  2. Terri says:

    That’s how I would have done them. :o) The scarf is gorgeous. Lucky Mum. :o)

  3. probablyjane says:

    What a beautiful colour – and the stitch you chose shows it off perfectly. Looks like your perseverence paid off!

  4. chris says:

    Beautiful! I’m sure she’ll love it. Isn’t that the way knots are supposed to be??

  5. stitchdom says:

    Really pretty – I hope your mom loves it! And now I’m trying to think if I have that much handspun in mystash….

  6. Jeanne says:

    It’s beautiful! Your mom is going to love it!

  7. Carin says:

    Lovely!! You are a good daughter. I am always discovering new “design elements” too.

  8. Cookie says:

    That is beautiful. I like the fringe that way.

  9. Rebekah says:

    Absolutely stunning. I never would have made that pattern based on the picture in the magazine, yours is gorgeous though.

    I wish we had a good wintery day. We just have blah.

  10. lobstah says:

    That seriously looks like you bought it from a boutique! I love how slinky and drapey it is!

  11. Opal says:

    Oh it’s gorgeous! It looks so soft and expensive. Your mom is going to just love it.

  12. tiennie says:

    It’s beautiful! I didn’t really like the pattern before but yours turned out so lovely!

  13. Tracy says:

    This is breathtaking!! A perfect marriage of pattern and fiber. Your Mom is a VERY lucky lady.

    BTW, I think I gained 35 pounds just looking at that tort you made for Thanksgiving! Yummmmmmm

  14. Wanda says:

    Just gorgeous. I think that’s a beautiful scarf.

  15. hakucho says:

    Fabulous scarf. Gorgeous color. Your Mom will love it!!

    happy knitting 🙂

  16. Lauren says:

    I just frogged mine and will start again with 10 fewer stitches. Mine seemed to grow very wide and I knew it would take forever to finish. Plus, mine is for my mom who would think it was too bulky if it was wide!!!!! Yours is perfect and beautiful and FINISHED!

  17. susan says:

    Oh it turned out beautiful. I have the pattern and yarn for it but have not made it. Your gifts are looking mighty pretty!

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