If you were anywhere near NJ yesterday afternoon about 4:30 you probably heard something.  It may have sounded like a scream.  Maybe the sound of knitting hitting the wall.  Followed by cursing.  Serious cursing.  Because yesterday I finally finished the body of Cobblestone and took it off the needles.   I know – most people actually do that before they start the sleeves, but I was trying to psych out someone that I was further along than I was, so I actually finished the sleeves before finishing the last inch or so of the body. 

I was pretty excited – ready to attach the sleeves.  But when I shook out the body I realized something….it was freaking huge!  No, really.  I tried it on, and I was huge on me – and Larry is much skinnier than I am.  ARRGGGH!  But maybe it was just the whole loose comfy sweater thing.  There was really no way this could be so off – I measured him.  I checked gauge.  So I sat there, impatiently tapping my foot waiting for him to get home. 


Um….hmm….well, it sort of looks a little big on him….


Um….frickfrickfrickfrick.  I just couldn’t believe it – even for a nice loose comfy sweater, it was a little big, don’t you think?  But that the hell happened?  I checked gauge – it was fine.  Then I measured Larry….


Um….oh.  Hmm.  Ahem.  So apparently when I measured him  – I forgot to actually remember his size.  So I was making him the 47.5″ chest.  FRICKFRICKFRICKFRICK.  Apparently between the time I measured him, and the time I cast on – I totally forgot his measurement  (he looks like a large!). 

So where is Cobblestone now?


I just couldn’t bring myself to cast on for it again last night.  So after a restorative glass of wine, I worked on socks.  All the while cursing under my breath.    And frankly, I think I’m going to have to skein this and wash it to get all the bumps out before I can use it again – right? 

I’m heading to the Wooly Lamb today to spend my 20% off birthday coupon – and I was thinking that perhaps I’d pick up some Cascade 220 to remake this for Larry.  Because wouldn’t it just be easier for me to blame the yarn?  And punish it by not using it for a while?

The good thing about this is at least he’s a smaller size – so hopefully the second time will go much faster.

So, Chris – what kind of scones would you like?

Happy Friday!


23 Responses to FrickFrickFrickFrickFrickFrick

  1. Jeannie says:

    😦 Ouch! I would blame the yarn and then do some retail therapy.

  2. Beth says:

    Oh dear!!!!, Ouch!….Yes take a step back and take a deep breath. Enjoy your day out with Chris…..Happy Birthday Early.

  3. l3ahkn1ts says:

    oh poo. I’m running into the same problem but backwards. I tried the body on my sweetie last night and it’s a little snugger than i’d like it to be. I think I can stretch mine out a bit. Sorry for your frogging

  4. Cookie says:

    At least, you found out before you had finished the whole thing. Punish the yarn and enjoy your birthday shopping.

  5. Aaaacckkkk, oh no!! Wish I’d known, it might have fit my husband as it was. 🙂

    I’m impressed that it’s already frogged and back in balls like it never happened. You’ll feel better once the new one is cast on .. and the scones are delivered….

  6. Carin says:

    Only ONE restorative glass of wine? I would have had to have a VERY big glass. I have been considering a sweater lately, and this is why I very nervous about starting one. Good luck with the smaller version. So when’s your birthday?

  7. Aaaacckkkk, oh no!! Wish I’d known, it might have fit my husband as it was. 🙂

    I’m impressed that it’s already frogged and back in balls like it never happened. You’ll feel better once the new one is cast on .. and the scones are delivered….

  8. preita says:

    Been there, done that. Only top down sweaters for me now! My husband is a really big guy but there was like 10 inches of extra fabric. Thankfully I have learned to measure as I go now 🙂

  9. tiennie says:

    Oh no! That really bites!

  10. chris says:

    This sucks mightily. I cannot take scones due to technical difficulties. If I didn’t have a deadline for mine – I would totally take a break till you got going again.

    Bad, Bad, yarn. Bad. Very Bad. Not Coolio at all.

  11. Jeanne says:

    That is disheartening. I’ve reused yarn in a similar situation before. You just have to be sure to block it thoroughly when it finally succumbs to your will.

  12. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- That would have called for an entire case of wine. I feel your pain.
    But better now than when the whole thing was finished. I know that isn’t much consolation.

  13. aww dang!

    Well, at least the second version will go faster?

  14. Laurie says:


    I can’t believe that stupid yarn fouled you up. You poor thing! How about you just start feeding Larry until it fits. Well…it would have worked if you had waited to frog. 🙂

    Are you going to go golfing on your birthday?

  15. Opal says:

    I could hear your agonized screams over AIM’s airwaves. Maybe you need some macadamia nuts? Punish the yarn. It’s *bad* yarn. No.. it’s *evil* yarn.

  16. dur, you already said that.

    ok, I’ll say the other thing I thought, but didn’t want to come across as to darn bright-sidey. At least you actually did get the gauge you thought you would and don’t have to figure out why not!

  17. Ina says:

    Oh noooooo! My condolences.

  18. Terri says:

    I would have said something a lot less polite. The yarn might be ok to reknit as is without having to wash it first. I reknit my navy vest (for the third time and the last after sitting half knitted for about 2 years) and the yarn was really crinkly, but after blocking the finished pieces, they look fine. I don’t think you can tell the difference now between the pieces knit with re-used yarn and the piece finished with fresh yarn. Sorry about your dive in the frog pond. Better to be strong about it though than live in De Nile like I do. :o)

  19. Lisa says:

    I don’t know exactly what to say but clearly at some point either the yarn or the tape measure LIED.

    I’m sending you the delicious scone recipe now!

  20. Suzanne says:

    OMG! That is big! Sorry!!

  21. hakucho says:

    Oh, no…I am trying to catch up on all your posts…I’m so sorry about cobblestone. That’s is totally something I would have done…remember what I said earlier about sweaters and me. Sure hope the next time around it will be perfect. Looked fabulous before you frogged. It looks like it would have fit my husband what size what the original one?

    happy knitting 🙂

  22. Wanda says:

    Dang girl, that’s awful. I thought I’d added you in bloglines, but I didn’t, so now i’m catching up. Oh, that’s so awful. That sweater sure was beautiful, but definitely too big for your hubby.

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