Peer Presure

I haven’t been knitting a lot this week – I am not sure why other than I’m wrapping up at the current job, and I’ve been a little stressed.   And just distracted.  I’ve knit a little on the train – but mostly I’ve been reading or sleeping.   But the week has gotten better each day, and today I left work early, and here I am  – home about 2 hours before I normally get home (yep, I really left early).  And tomorrow I have the day off because  we are going to a concert tomorrow night and it just seemed like a good idea to take the day off.  Anyway, so back to not knitting – so everything was sitting in the basket, getting dusty.  And I was starting to wonder that maybe I am bored with knitting…

Until Chris totally peer pressured me about Cobblestone (told me that I should be working on it since she was).  And sent me on a huge guilt trip about it (said she was making hers for her anniversary as a gift for her husband).  And then sparked my competitive spirit (reminded me that she started hers after I started mine and that she was on the sleeves already).  So guess what I did on the train this morning?


Sleeve #1 – sure, I haven’t actually finished the body, but that’s a minor point.  What is important is that now I’m winning….

So tonight is pizza, tomorrow I’m off, and Friday is my last day.  Then a whole week off.  And I plan on finishing this sweater – way ahead of Chris.  Life is good.


9 Responses to Peer Presure

  1. That’s just Crazy Talk and Fibbing. There was fibbing in that post. I’m not going to say which part, but you know it, I know it and yellow dog knows it.

    But……….if you do finish before me, I’ll gladly drop my sleeves off for you to finish up for me – whilst I’m eating the scones you are making for me.

    Life IS good. Scones ARE better. You knitting my sleeves for me? PRICELESS!!!!!

  2. that is just beautiful color!!!

    show us pics when you are finished.K?

  3. tiennie says:

    I love it – a knitting race! Have fun at the concert!

  4. Opal says:

    I don’t know who to root for in this race. I’m torn! I know what. You make me scones and I’ll be your cheerleader. *hee*

    I do love the color of your Cobblestone. So pretty!

  5. Cookie says:

    Sweater guilt. Who knew?

    Gorgeous yarn!

  6. Laurie says:

    It’s not whether you win or lose, what matters is….aw HELL, you KNOW that winning is #1!

    Enjoy the heck out of the concert. Toss a kiss to Phil and Mike for me, will ya?

  7. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- I prefer the color of your Cobblestone to the one in IK.

    Life is great- time off, great knitting- it doesn’t get much better.

  8. rhoda says:

    good luck in the knitting race! enjoy your week off!

  9. […] 29th, 2007 by dropstitchknitter  I think that was the sound of Jeanne saying “Bring it On”.   Seems like she’s trying to get out of making me my […]

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