Jitterbug Anklets

OK, you are all pretty bad on helping me keep my resolve to not buy yarn.  I think every single person that commented told me to buy the laceweight!  But I didn’t.  I’m still putting it in the cart – everyday – but I haven’t ordered it yet.  Trying to be strong.  Sigh….

I woke up this morning at 5:45 a.m.  On a Saturday.  Sigh.  But although I was a little tired, I also had a chance to finish up the Jitterbug anklets for Cieara.


Pattern:  My own
Yarn:  Colinette Jitterbug, colorway Jewel
Needles:  US 1
Started:  9/17/07
Finished:  9/22/07

I love anklets!  These were very fast – and very mindless.  I took my basic sock pattern – did a 60 stitch cast on, 10 rows of K1P1 ribbing, then 10 rows of stockinette before I did the heel flap. 

I really do think Jitterbug is great yarn – it is really unfortunate that it just doesn’t have the yardage.  I know that people have made full pairs of socks with one skein, but judging from what I had left over, I wouldn’t have enough for a pair for me (I have big feet!) unless I buy two skeins.    I have two other single skeins in the stash, so Cieara will be getting more of these!

I took off work yesterday – it was a very long week.  Things are not going well at work, and there is a lot of negativity being displayed towards me, so it has been difficult to be there.  It was really touch and go whether I’d go back next week, but I do want to do this the right way.  So I’ll go back – but I’ve decided that if it continues or gets worse, I’ll just end it.  I don’t know why people have to be like this – I’ve never had this happen before when I’ve left a job, and it is really ugly.     But I had planned on taking yesterday off, so I did – and had a good day with Larry which made up for the crappy week.  We went golfing, had dinner out – very nice day, and very relaxing. 

Today I have a golf lesson, and need to do some shopping for my Knit One, Tea Too swap patner.  No other plans than that, so I am really looking forward to relaxing and spending time with Larry and Cieara.   It is going to be a beautiful weekend here in the Northeast – more summer than fall.  Tomorrow we are planning on golfing (what else?) – and I should have another FO for you by Monday!

Have a great weekend!


12 Responses to Jitterbug Anklets

  1. I guess I’ll be knitting anklets too! Those are too cute. And I’m so sorry about how this job is ending – I know you want to do the right thing and you should – but not at the expense of being treated badly. You probably should let someone higher up know what he’s doing. Sending you a big hug and if you need a can of whoop ass – let me know – I’m close by.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Ina says:

    Sorry things are so negative at work. I hope you can get some good decompression time between the old job and the new one.

    The anklets are cheerful – it’s great to be able to make some feet happy!

  3. Laurie says:

    I’ll bet Cieara is very happy about that!

    Sometimes people can be very petty. You just have to take the high road. But there’s no reason for you to get yourself sick over it. 😛 to them!

    Enjoy the weekend. Hit ’em long!

  4. Opal says:

    Gorgeous anklets. Terrible co-workers. Thank goodness they will soon be your ex-co-workers. (Lotsa hyphens there.) Whatever you decide to do in the coming week, I’ll be pulling for you and cheering for you and doing handstands if you so desire. Well… the handstands? Not so much.

  5. knitxcore says:

    wow! you’re the queen of sock knitting!!!!! how goes that cobblestone? I love the color you chose.

  6. Jeannie says:

    Very pretty anklets for Cieara! And with such a yummy yarn too. I’m sorry that things are rough at work. It’s too bad that some people have to be like that. I hope you have a great and relaxing day at golf tomorrow.

  7. Anne says:

    Ooh very cute – I do think Jitterbug has some gorgeous yarn and colorways!

  8. tiennie says:

    Cute anklets! Sorry about all the probs at work – bummer.

  9. rhoda says:

    great anklets! I didn’t know jitterbug didn’t have enough yardage for a pair of socks-good to know! sorry to hear that for some reason they are making things hard on you at work. That’s so petty.

  10. hakucho says:

    Those jitterbug anklets are fabulous. I just love the yarn’s colors. So fun. I bet Cieara love them 🙂

  11. weezalana says:

    What fabulous anklets! I love the colorway!

  12. holly says:

    I love these anklet socks. I would love to try and make these for my first pair. Can you email me the whole pattern of what you did? I don’t even know how to do a heel flap. Those socks are what I am looking for to make to wear with my scrubs. Thanks.

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