This and that….

Is it just me, or has this week been at least 3 months long?  I know it’s Thursday, and we had Monday off for Labor Day – but damn – I can’t even remember Monday!  And I could swear that summer was at least 6 months ago.  I can’t believe I have one more day to go before another weekend.  At least I’m working from home tomorrow, so it won’t be as bad as the rest of the days were this week.  I passed out on the train this morning AND tonight – so obviously I’m tired.  So here is to sleeping in just a little longer, and not having to deal with my co-workers.

OK, so I don’t have a lot of stuff to talk about tonight – just a little of this and that.  First up….Opal sent me an email and mentioned the Second Wave KAL for Clapotis.  I’ve always wanted to make this pattern – and maybe this is the excuse…um, push….I need.  I have hesitated because I just don’t get the whole “drop the stitches at the end” thing.  I haven’t read the pattern closely – more of a scan, but it seems confusing.  But maybe I’ll join this.  I just don’t have the yarn.  And I really don’t want to buy any (oh, did I mention – total yarn diet.  I am boycotting it – and considering doing that until next year’s Maryland Sheep and Wool).  So not sure I can.  So I thought I’d mention it.  Because Opal is a very bad influence (and go tell her that her Flower Basket Shawl isn’t hideous!).

I read a book review on Carol’s blog and I had to get the book


So I did.  It came tonight.  And I really like it – gorgeous patterns!  I already have marked at least 5 that I want to make – I really like the Ski Jacket.  Maybe once I’m done with all of my current projects.  But it is a good review of the book – see if it doesn’t tempt you to buy the book.

I don’t have any pictures to update you on where I am on my UFO’s.  I just turned the heel on the Child’s First sock – no pictures because a) its boring and b) I don’t have batteries for the camera.  Almost finished with the first ball of Malabrigo for Sharfik.  I bought two more balls – but the person on eBay hasn’t sent them and I had to open a dispute.  Sigh.  I’m clipping along on Cobblestone. 

 Did you notice the progress bars on the right?  Free WordPress doesn’t allow you to have scripts or anything cool like that.  So I’ve been without them on my projects since I moved from Blogger.  Until now.  Until I found a solution on Knitting Sutra – who pointed me to Yarn Tomato – ingenious!  Now I’m happy to be able to show you the pathetic progress I’m making!

I had lunch with co-workers today – and one of them kept on making fun of me for knitting.  All the cliche knitter comments – I don’t have the patience for that.  It is a waste of time.  Don’t grannies do that?  It was really irritating.  What makes it worse?  She is the one I’m knitting Sharfik for!  With Malabrigo! I’m considering whether or not I should be petty and just not give it to her.  Because I think I’m a little bit hesitant to give this beautiful, soft scarf to someone who sat there and made fun of me for making it!  What do you think?

OK, I’m off to finish my glass of wine and start knitting on Cobblestone again.  Have a great Friday – and let’s hope this week wraps up fast!


13 Responses to This and that….

  1. Connie says:

    I put that book on my list too! It looks great. About the scarf – do Not give it to her, she won’t appreciate the time and thought. Its not being petty, its defending your self worth. Sorry for the strong opinion but I hate to see a fellow knitter get undervalued.

  2. Opal says:

    You know that yarn is calling. You know that Clapotis is calling. How can you resist a double siren call? Thanks for the shout out. *heehee*

    As for the co-worker? I would finish the scarf and see how you feel after some time has passed. Cool down a bit before you make any decisions. Personally, I’m not impressed with those type of comments and I feel that people like those are undeserving of precious handknits. You might feel differntly though.

  3. chris says:

    The Clapotis is fun to knit – give it a try! I’m not sure I would give that scarf to that particular person – based on her comments, she probably won’t appreciate the gift so I would reserve it for someone who would. I don’t think that is being petty – perhaps you can find something else that she would appreciate that is better suited to her likes.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Jeanne- Looks like a great book. And yes, summer was about 6 months ago.
    As for the co-worker, tell her to keep her comments to herself. She’s probably intimidated by your talent- that’s usually what it is.

  5. Jeannie says:

    Clapotis isn’t that complicated. Once you get past the increase section, it gets easy and you’ll probably not need to look at the pattern.

    I saw that book review and have been very tempted to buy that book. I’m trying to be good though.

    I wouldn’t give a scarf to someone that made comments like that. One comment, I would have let slide, but to repeatedly do it. No. No scarf for her. 😉

  6. Cookie says:

    I hate people who do that. No scarf for her. Although, I think you should wear it and when she comments on liking it, tell her that it was going to be hers until she insulted you, knitting in general and that scarf. Teach her!

    Happy Weekend!

  7. stitch-dom says:

    The Clapotis is fun to knit – go for it! And there is a bit of thrill everytime you drop the stitch and then encourage it to ladder right down.

    That Véronik Avery book is stunning – I spotted it at our local bookstore and couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen any hype out on the net about it. There are at least 4 things in there that I would knit and her sizing is plus-positive too so that makes it even more appealing.

    Your co-worker has made herself undeserving of knitwear. I happily volunteer to become the gifted recipient, would never chide you for knitting, think you are very cool for doing it and applaud your every stitch. (of course I may be undeserving because I am clearly a shameless suck-up…but you can’t blame a girl in a malabrigo induced haze can you?)

  8. lobstah says:

    My passive-aggressive vindictive streak would make me “forget” to give it to her (and just tell her you haven’t had time to finish it).

  9. tiennie says:

    You have a great weekend too! Thanks for the suggestion on the book and the mention of Second Wave – I’ve always wanted to knit that too!

  10. Nikki says:

    Can I offer you some moral support for your strict yarn diet (and your Jenny Craig one – I’m STILL struggling with the last 15 lbs)? Now that my husband has finished work I have gone on a strict yarn diet too – NO new yarn until he gets a job again. Resist, resist, resist – there are hundreds of great patterns out there that we can knit using our Stash Yarn!

  11. Jen says:

    Yay! We can make pathetic progress in public together. 🙂

  12. […] have one (for now) and it is not stuffed in a project bag.  I want to thank Jeanne who’s blog pointed to some sites on how to do it for […]

  13. Carin says:

    I want to thank for the info about creating progress bars. I now have some on my site. A glass of wine sounds pretty good right now… Cheers!

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