Holy Fuzz, Batman

As I mentioned last time, I did have some knitting time on vacation, so in addition to the socks I finished, I also finished the Ribby Shell.


Yarn:  Misti Cotton (83 % Pima Cotton & 17 % Silk)
Started:  June 22, 2007
Finished:  July 19, 2007

Its very cute, and I love the yarn.   The pattern is also great – very well written, and I really enjoyed it.  I think I may make another one (I can’t imagine doing the ribbing all the way around but it is cute!). 

But, in finishing this, and wearing it for the first time, I discovered something about myself.  I apparently have an endless capacity for self-delusion.   I bought this yarn at Rosie’s Yarn Cellar in Philadelphia when my knitting group when on a yarn crawl.  I distinctly remember buying this yarn because after I carried it around the store, it was called to my attention that I had pink fuzz all over my shirt.  Apparently the yarn was shedding.  Wonderful.    But then again, maybe it was just the shirt I was wearing – maybe it had some sort of static, mystical powers over the yarn and drew out the fuzz.   So I bought the yarn, and “forgot” the fuzz issue.

I really love this yarn – its so soft.  I enjoyed working with it, and couldn’t believe it was cotton.  So silky.  I knit and thought about buying more to make a cardigan for me, pullover for Larry – maybe sweaters for the whole family.  This was going to be MY YARN.  I would use it for everything. 

I decided to wear the shell to work over a shirt (it seemed cold the other morning  – self-delusion #2 – its freaking July! – no matter how cold the morning is, its going to be warm in the afternoon).   But I liked it – it looked cute, casual…(ok, this picture was at the end of a very long  day if you are thinking “that’s not cute or casual”).


My day was long because my ability to ignore facts immediately bit me on the ass, and kept on biting me on the ass all day.  So all that shedding at the yarn store?  Actually worse when you wear it over a cotton shirt. 


This is under my arm – yep, all day I was like a freaking giant pink gorilla, shedding long pink strands wherever I went.  I can’t tell you how “good” it looked.  I thought about taking off the damn thing, but the entire surface of my shirt was covered in pink fuzz.  So I just spent half of my day trying to pick it off, and hoping that it wasn’t noticeable.  I mean look at that – you wouldn’t notice that would you?  And I couldn’t leave because….of course I had a really important meeting with VP’s.  I think it helped though – obviously I was insane so they just agreed to what I wanted.

(I think the best thing about being a blogger was that no matter how embarrassed I felt during the day, the thought of blogging this actually made me feel better – even when people would look at my shirt and immediately look away with that look people get when they either think you are crazy or when they think you are just weird).   

I’m going to wash the shell (I was too excited to do it before I wore it) – but its hand wash and dry so its not like I can toss it in the dryer to try and get some of the fuzz out.    But I’m hoping that the mere act of getting it wet will magically prevent this from happening again (on a really nice note – apparently the fuzz was all over my chair, and I didn’t notice before sitting down this morning in my BLACK shirt.  Oh, and there was pink fuzz on the train this morning.  I swear – on the freaking train.  I think I’m going to have pink fuzz in my life for years).

So recap – pattern good.  Yarn – jury is still out!  I’ll let you know – but if you are in NJ, and you see pink fuzz – you know I’ve been there!


12 Responses to Holy Fuzz, Batman

  1. tiennie says:

    It’s so pretty! What a pain about the fuzzing! Do you think it might stop after awhile?

  2. rhoda says:

    oh no….here’s to hoping that washing the shell will @ least decrease the amount of pink fuzz you find when you decide to wear it over something again. 😦

  3. Cathy-Cate says:

    Wow, that’s a serious amount of fuzz!
    Maybe if you wash it inside out, on the handwash setting of your washer if you have it, that’ll help. (I wouldn’t worry about doing that with a mostly cotton cotton/silk blend.) You could even put it in the dryer on air only to see if that helps defuzz. Supposedly once things get de-pilled, they stop pilling, so maybe that will be the case with the fuzz too.
    The top is really lovely, though!

  4. Jen says:

    yeah I was wondering about the heat-free dryer setting as well.

    If it makes you feel any better…

    1) I think it looks great on you. It *is* cute and casual.

    2) I have store bought sweaters that do that too. I wear them with impunity. 🙂

    I say wear it proud!

  5. Sherry says:

    HeHe!! Well at least it looked good! It’s a very pretty top!

  6. knitxcore says:

    wow! that’s fuzzy! good luck w/ the washing.

  7. stitch-dom says:

    Has your cat hasn’t started coughing up pink furballs yet? That’s when you know that the fuzz is going to stay for a while.

    It is a very cute top – and I like it with the white top too.

    I’m going to hold off on buying any Misti cotton though.

  8. Opal says:

    It does look really good on you. I hope you find a solution to the shedding problem.

  9. Laurie says:

    Yes. I can see why the jury is out on the yarn. I mean, Pink is the new black, right? So everyone around you will be IN. Guffaw.

    On the up-side, you did a great job with the knitting…..oh….wait…I see pink fuzz in my back yard. Must be a wind from the west tonight. 🙂

    But it IS a cute sweater. Really.

  10. Heh heh. Sorry, I know I’m not supposed to laugh at your misfortune but that’s just funny. It kind of reminds me of my problem with dog hair. I only go home for maybe two weeks out of the year during which time I will admit to spending an inordinate amount of time rolling around of the floor with my dog. Then during the other 50 weeks of the year I am constantly picking dog hair of things I a) didn’t take to England, or b) didn’t even OWN when I went to England. Yarn fuzz and dog hair, it would seem, are members of the same devilish family….

  11. Terri says:

    Oh dear, that’s good blogging material though. I really really hate that when that happens. :o)

  12. victoria says:

    That is adorable! What pattern is it? It looks so cute on you!
    If washing doesn’t help with the fuzzing, there is something that might help: The Sweater Stone. Their website is http://www.sweaterstone.com and I use mine all the time to remove pills and excess fuzz.
    Still love that vest, though, even with the shedding!

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