Monday, Monday

Today I had to go to Trenton for a meeting in the morning.  It was a nice way to start the week – I got to sleep in a bit, and I left the house around 8, so it was a nice leisurely morning (unlike most work mornings where I am flying out of the house at 6:15 a.m.).  Had a bit of a drive there, but it was a nice pretty drive – past farms, fields….on a beautiful (although horribly hot) summer morning.    Really a wonderful way to start my week….and what made it a little nicer was that I had to drive right by The Wooly Lamb.

Since they were open, and since I happened to be right there….I had to stop.  OK, I planned it….but I needed this yarn:


Cascade 220 – for my master knitter swatches (I also got a pair of size 7 needles just for the swatches!).  The instructions say to use a light color – and this white was just so pretty….I’m not sure how much yarn I’ll need – I started with 3 skeins – but I think getting more is easier since white won’t have different dye lots.

I also was looking for a nice cotton worsted weight….


This is Plymouth Jeannee (how could I resist with that name?) – worsted weight, cotton blend.  I thought I’d make a tank for Cieara.  I found the Lillian tank pattern and she likes it…and it just seems like a Cieara kind of thing.  So once I finish my Ribby Shell (just about done the back!), I’ll start this.  Pretty yarn, eh?

So I just have this week to go – and then we are off on vacation to Maine!  I’m hoping to work summer hours this week so I can take a half day on Friday – lots of things to do like physical therapy, pedicure…lunch…knitting…maybe a nap….oh, right…and packing.  I hope the rest of my week goes as nicely as this Monday did!


10 Responses to Monday, Monday

  1. knitxcore says:

    Master knitter swatches?
    I’ve decided that I love Plymouth yarn. It’s not bad quality and it’s affordable enough to make big projects out of.

  2. Well, you didn’t have a choice – you had to stop and get that yarn! How many skeins did you bring back for my swatches???? HMmmm???

  3. Laurie says:

    It would have been a crime if you hadn’t gone into the Lamb. You didn’t want to anger the knitting police.

    That’s a really cute top. She’s going to love it.

  4. That is a gorgeous pattern! I’ve added it to my favourites for later contmplation…..

  5. Opal says:

    I really like that tank pattern. Now if only I had the figure to wear it. 😉 And really, that yarn was obviously meant to come home with you with a name like that!

  6. tiennie says:

    I can’t wait to see all your swatches. Have a great vacation!

  7. Asa says:

    Gorgeous yarn! Wow, holiday. I should think about that before it’s too late and the rain returns. Have a great time in Maine, sounds like you have your itinerary planned out just right.

  8. JL says:

    The green is very beatiful.

  9. victoria says:

    Love your new knitting bag! And what a great combination: new yarn and an impending vacation! Enjoy yourself and have a great time!

  10. rhoda says:

    ooh, great pattern! I’ve seen that one before but knew I couldn’t do it justice! I can’t wait to see the one you start for Cieara. 🙂 Have fun swatching! Hope you have a wonderful time in Maine.

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