Bag envy

One of the things that I just am not good at is having cute little knitting bags.  I tend to stuff my knitting in my purse or briefcase – and when I need a separate bag I use shopping bags from yarn stores.   I see knitters with the cutest bags all the time – most of my knitting group members have very nice bags in all sizes, shapes, colors.  I show up with plastic bags from the grocery store.  OK, not that bad – but close.  And I see cute ones online all the time and I’ve been so envious of all of them….

So I decided to look around and find a cute bag of my own.   And where better to look than Etsy?

I found this at Stilleto – you can’t begin to see how cute it is from this picture – its adorable!  A small messenger bag – perfect for a small project, wallet, cell – everything you need!


This is the inside – yarn, Monkey sock…and still room!  Notice the pockets on the side?  The front also has another pocket…. 


Dave also threw in this cute little matching pouch – I think it was a special promotion…


I can’t wait to use it – I think I’m going to go out to dinner just so I can bring it with me (and knit while I’m waiting – that will totally embarrass the kids…).  I sent Dave an email and asked if he would custom make a larger one for larger projects – I’ll let you know what he says.  But check out his site – I can’t believe how nice this is, and how well-made – and very reasonably priced!

I had knitting group today – again, just had the best time.  Isn’t it just lovely to be with friends and share a laugh (and a knit?)?  I love so much about knitting – but I really love that its allowed me to make new friends  – both in person and online!

By the way – did you know Knit Picks is having a book sale?  40% off!  I have to admit – I got a couple…!


15 Responses to Bag envy

  1. Laurie says:

    That’s such a great bag! I’m going to have to go and have a look see. You did NOT use a plastic bag today. And thanks for the cell phone.

    Gee, 40%? I didn’t know that. Why didn’t you tell us at group? 😀

  2. Sherry says:

    Cute!! I wish I could stop buying bags for my knitting! I have a bag for all of my 50 wips and then some! Well, slight exaggeration, but I definitely have a purse addiction!!

  3. Rita says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for the nice comment about my shawl on KR.
    Most of the shawls I have made are my original designs, and so is this one.

  4. knitxcore says:


  5. Opal says:

    Gorgeous bag! The colours are so vibrant. I’ve been waiting a few months for a Haiku bag to be restocked over at Scout’s Swag. I’m about ready to give up though.

    I think it’s hilarious that you’re going out to dinner just to show off the bag. That’s so something I would do. 😀

  6. kitkatknit says:

    That is bag OMG cute!

  7. stitch-dom says:

    Whoa! Cute! I tend to stick mine in my briefcase (well…not really – softer sides) along with my lunch, a book, wallet, cell phone, car keys, Blackberry and just other stuff.

    I totally saw – and talked myself out of shopping – the KnitPicks sale. They always do something like this just when I’ve ordered a ton of stuff from them. I think its a plot they have with VISA.

  8. tiennie says:

    That is very cute! I tried to have a separate knitting bag but it was too much so I just tuck my knitting in my purse which is as big as a tote so it works.

  9. rhoda says:

    very cute bag. I, too, don’t have any cute bags to throw my knitting into. usually, whatever project I’m working on @ the moment that is going to travel with me gets thrown into a ziploc and the entire project gets it’s very own bag! 40% on books @ knitpicks? Been there, done that. lol.

  10. Terri says:

    Aaaggghhhh, I’m such a follower, but this time I’m determined to stay away from that book sale and etsy. Love the bag though. It’s so cute and so …. fun!

  11. Rebekah says:

    cute bag! you are evil for mentioning the book sale, that is the last thing I needed to know!

  12. That’s a flippin awesome bag! And I can’t hear you. Something like you’re going sailing? You’re reading a book?

  13. Rita says:

    Hi again Jeanne.
    I am not very good at writing crochet patterns yet because i usually write my patterns in italian. I’m trying to learn the abbreviations and the english crochet terms so that in the future I will be able to publish my original patterns. Thank you for asking.

  14. JL says:

    Love the bag, and the purse too.

  15. susan says:

    Nice bag! I have the opposite problem. A closet full of “knitting bags” in all sizes and shapes and yet I still want more.

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