Monkeying Around

First, I’d like to say thanks for all the thoughtful comments to my last post.  I appreciate both the support, and the acknowledgement that I’m not the only one that feels this way.   I do want to comment that I realize that I’m very lucky – and I know it.  I didn’t intend for that to sound whiny or complain-y about my life.  My family is wonderful (except for being teenagers/young adults!), and I’m fortunate in my job/house/yarn stash.  Its just that I really want something more – I want to feel like I’ve contributed something.    Or done something that makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.  But really – it really helped to know that I’m not alone. 

Speaking of accomplishing something…


Monkey is the first sock pattern that I’ve done more than once.  Its just such a great pattern – interesting and yet I really clip along on it – I’m just about to the heel.  Loving the pattern, loving the yarn – colorway is Earth Birth – nice, eh?    If you are looking for sock yarn – go buy!  Its really wonderful.

And as far as changing my life….I made a very small step to the future that I want (in 3-5 years)….I received this today.  I started reading it and I can’t wait to get started.    It will help me get where I really want to be….can you guess?


12 Responses to Monkeying Around

  1. elanknits says:

    Master Knitter? I’m working my way through the first level.

  2. Opal says:

    Oooh! Master Knitter! So cool! Your new Monkeys are looking fabulous. I must get me some Lisa Souza yarn. If only I could decide on which colour to get first!

  3. Laurie says:

    That’s great. Now we can all come to you with knitting questions.

    Monkeys are looking good. Nothing wrong with enjoying a pattern.

  4. Cyn says:

    You know – I’m 25, and have that same feeling of wanting to contribute/accomplish something, and feel like I ought to have done so by now. And I looked at your last entry, and you said that it has been 20 years since you were 25, and you know, I don’t consider 45 to be old. So it was like this “dur, I’ve got lots of time – you’ve got lots of time too” moment.

    Knitting is art, and art is a contribution. It’s funny, I am a math/science geek and yet I realized recently that what people remember, and respond to on a visceral level, is art, not great scientific discoveries blahblah.

    Aaaaanyway! I came to reply to your comment on my blog – thanks for the reassurance that Misti Cotton is as nice as it looks! I can’t wait to start knitting with it – still working out a tank design in my head.

  5. Ann K says:

    Great Monekys!!

    I too am working on the Master Knitter program, Level One.. YIKES!! 🙂 I have a few links you might be interested in and I’m starting a Master Knitter Along — I’m just fine tuning the blog now. Le me know if you’d like to partake!

  6. tiennie says:

    I didn’t think you sounded whiny – I hope I didn’t make you feel like you were. Just wishing the best for you!

  7. rhoda says:

    your monkey looks pretty! 🙂 I meant to comment on your last post but wanted to say something profound…obviously it didn’t happen. BUT, you read my mind about taking small steps towards your goals (that’s the one point I really did want to get across!). it’ll come to you–everything that you want to accomplish.

  8. Larjmarj says:

    I have heard really good things about the monkey socks, I have yet to make them though. So many patterns so little time. As for the masters program! Very Cool! Go for it!!

  9. Terri says:

    I’m 45 too and have felt the same way as you described in your last post, but feel now that I’m really beginning to get my act together at last. I’m excited by the next 45 (and yes, I will live until at LEAST 90) – it just keeps getting better. It’s just a matter of perspective. I felt like you did about the kids when they were leaving home, but let me tell you it doesn’t take long to revel in your new sense of freedom and independence. I have great relationships with my girls now – we’re as much friends as mother and daughters. All I can say, is give it a bit of time, be kind to yourself and don’t stop exercising!!!! :o) Oh and I’m so envious of those Monkey socks. Haven’t managed to start a pair yet. Master Knitter hey? Good for you. I’ll watch your progress with interest and admiration. :o)

  10. Hey!!! I go away for 5 seconds – and the “I don’t know “turned into look what I’m doing?????? HOly Moly!!! So I’m guessing when I ask you if I should do it, your answer is going to be yes?

  11. emmms says:

    Those look awesome! I love that colourway, too. It just makes them look so alive!

  12. Rerdesydram says:

    He put his eye to the hole. He just managed to spy some people sitting in deckchairs chanting, before a finger came out of nowhere and poked him in the eye. As he staggered back, the people started chanting, “Fourteen, fourteen, fourteen…”

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